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"Secrets only live in shadows. And there are no shadows in the light."
―Frank Dean[src]

Frank Dean is a former movie actor and a member of the Church of Gibborim. He is the husband of Leslie Dean and the legal father of Karolina Dean. Dean was also a member of PRIDE until he discovered that Leslie had an affair with Jonah. He had his memories of PRIDE erased with a serum developed by Dale and Stacey Yorkes. When Jonah returned, Dean started to remember his lost memories. He ends up joining with Jonah when he was promised the leadership of the Church of Gibborim.


Film career

"There was a moment there where your poster was on the wall of every teenaged girl across the whole country."

Frank Dean had a movie professional career as an actor. He hired Phil as a film agent, becoming one of his first clients. Dean was extremely popular with the female teenage audience at the height of his career.[1] He also made some action movies for the Chinese market, having trained martial arts for this job.[2]

Joining the Church of Gibborim

Dean married Leslie Ellerh, the daughter of the religious David Ellerh. When Ellerh died, Leslie took over the leadership of the Church of Gibborim. Dean became a member of the church and his celebrity helped the organization to gain notoriety, with him being the the face of the Church's public face. However, Dean's dedication to his wife's church has also made his movie career begin to decrease.[1]

Brainwashed by PRIDE

Frank joined PRIDE, a group lead by Leslie Dean to sacrifice individuals for Jonah.[2] When Leslie gave birth to a daughter named Karolina, Frank raised her as his own, unaware that she actually was Jonah's biological daughter.[3]

When Dean witnessed Leslie and Jonah having sex in the meditation room at the Church of Gibborim Executive Offices, his memories of Jonah and PRIDE were erased by a serum created by Dale and Stacey Yorkes, one of the couples who were part of the group. This happened before the first human sacrifice of PRIDE.[4]

In 2007, Dean attended the funeral of Gene and Alice Hernandez along with Leslie and Karolina.[5]

End of an Acting Career

Runaways Dean 4
"Agent-actor check-in. If he wants to meet me in person, must be good news."
―Frank Dean to Leslie Dean[src]

While Leslie was speaking with followers after a Church of Gibborim ceremony, which Frank attended with Karolina, he left to go meet with Phil outside the Church of Gibborim Executive Offices.[6] During the talk, Phil told Frank that he would no longer be his agent as Frank's career had been slowed down, much to Frank's disappointment. Frank returned to his home, where he found Leslie meditating. He joined her and declared that he wanted to be more involved in the Church's activities, claiming to be ready to become an Ultra member.

Suspicious about all the time Leslie spent in the Church's offices, Frank attempted to enter her private meditation room. However, he could not open the door and was found by Leslie's assistant Vaughn Kaye, who informed him that he was not allowed to see the room despite being Leslie's husband.[1]


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Working with Jonah

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Dean with his Gibborim bracelet and healing gloves






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  • In the comics, Frank and his wife Leslie are Majesdanians criminals and one of the six founding couple of the PRIDE. They were killed by the Gibborim when their ritual for human extinction failed due to the Runaways intervent.


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