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"I won't go back; I'll kill you all first!"

Frederick was a man who worked at the Momentum Labs. Ghost Rider killed him before he could kill Leo Fitz and destroy the entire facility.


Work at Momentum Labs

Testing the Darkhold

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Ghostly Return

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Showdown with Ghost Rider

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Thanks to Eli Morrow, Frederick became out of phase with the Earth realm, which gave him ghost-like abilities.

"He's like the woman who got Chen, so if he does come back, you can't let him touch you; you'll go crazy."
Leo Fitz to Alphonso Mackenzie[src]
  • Infection: With a single touch or whisper, Frederick had the ability to infect a person's mind, inducing nightmarish hallucinations that would gradually drive the victim to paranoia and homicidal rage. Eventually, the resulting constant state of fight or flight would cause cardiac arrest, killing the victim.
  • Intangibility: Frederick was known to have the power to phase through walls unimpeded.
"Great... this guy disappears. I hate these guys."
Alphonso Mackenzie[src]
  • Invisibility: Frederick could render himself invisible and occasionally uses his ability to surprise and scare any of his targets.






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