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"You work for the department? You a shrink?"
"I was on the job for 15 years. I left to become a psychologist. I'm with the peer assistance program. I'm a volunteer."
Misty Knight and Gabe Krasner[src]

Gabe Krasner is a psychiatrist tasked with ensuring Misty Knight was ready to go back into the field following her encounter with Diamondback.



Meeting Misty Knight

After Misty's emotional outburst at Claire Temple, Gabe was called in to evaluate Misty's mental state. Her near-death encounter with Diamondback had clouded her judgement and Gabe succeeded in breaking down the barriers of Misty's insecurities; why she is determined to seek justice and uncovered tales from her past including her cousin Cassandra who ended up getting murdered.

Gabe was calm throughout the process and was not overly critical of Misty's past decisions, although he did give her motivational talks and tried to calm her from her heightened state.