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For other uses, see Gary (disambiguation)
"It's not me, man. It's the company. I'm not the bad guy."
"Yes you are. It's simple now. Just like we used to read about. You're the bad guy, and I'm the hero."
―Gary and Michael Peterson[src]

Gary was a supervisor at the plant where Michael Peterson used to work.



Michael Peterson attacks Gary.

When Michael Peterson was injured and could not keep up the work, Gary was forced to fire him. After Peterson became superpowered through his involvement with the Centipede Project, he begged Gary to give him back his job. Gary refused, claiming that Peterson could not "cut it" and that there were many more men waiting for a chance to work. Peterson, in a rage brought on by the effects of Centipede Serum, attacked and badly injured Gary.[1]

Behind the Scenes

  • There is another character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with the mononymous name "Gary." He was a cameraman who "modeled his look" after Tony Stark.


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