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"For as long as I can remember... whenever I was with you, I felt like the luckiest kid in the world. You weren't just my father, you were my best friend. But the more I learn about you... the more I realize that you're just not a good person."
Alex Wilder to Geoffrey Wilder[src]

Geoffrey Wilder is a man defined by the grueling path he’s taken to achieve his self-made success. A hulking presence, Geoffrey can effortlessly shift from approachable father to intimidating strategist with his son Alex.[1]


Early Life

Joining PRIDE


Geoffrey Wilder in prison.

In 1999, Wilder and Darius Davis were serving a jail sentence in Los Angeles Penitentiary for gang activity, specifically the shooting of a man named Osiris. Later, Jonah approached Geoffrey and his legal attorney Catherine Henderson and offered to purchase land in South Central that was left to Wilder from his deceased uncle, with opening offer was five million dollars.

Geoffrey refused to sell the land unless he would be treated as Jonah's business partner. Initially, Jonah declined as Wilder would be incarcerated for some time. In response, Henderson pledged to have Wilder out within a month: Wilder asked Davis to take the blame for Osiris' death. Davis agreed, counting on Wilder to repay his debt once they would be both out of jail.[2]

Rite of Blood

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Geoffrey Wilder talking with this son.

Alex is approached by his dad, Geoffrey Wilder, and tells him that the reason he has not played it in 2 years is that it is the game he and his friend, Amy Minoru, had played together before she died. Geoffrey tries to comfort him, but Alex rejects the sympathy and goes to have breakfast with his mother, Catherine Wilder. They talk briefly about his attitude, and how his parents gave him space after Minoru died, but that it was time to stop being introverted. His father suggests that he meet up with his old friends, the other children of the members of PRIDE, a small organization which the Wilder parents are also a part of. He tells Alex to value the friendships he has at this age, and not let them slip away.

In the secret passageway in the Wilder Mansion, Geoffrey and Catherine Wilder are preparing for the meeting when Geoffrey gets a call from Howard, the head of the construction work, informing him of the situation with Davis. Geoffrey decides with his wife that he needs to resolve the issue in order to keep the construction on its feet.

Wilder arrives at the construction site and confronts Darius Davis, threatening him by threatening his grandmother, showing him a camera that is directly recording everything about of her house implying that he could have her killed if Davis continues to mess with him. Davis agrees not to meddle with the construction of the school and returns to his car, where he discovers that his plan worked: while they talked, he managed to clone the contents of Wilder's cell phone.


Geoffrey Wilder comments on his discomfort.

The PRIDE meeting begins with the Wilders, Minorus, Deans, Yorkeses, and Steins all attending. They make an awkward small talk.  At the PRIDE meeting, Leslie Dean passes the file on Destiny Gonzalez, that night's sacrifice, to all the members. Geoffrey Wilder is uncomfortable with the idea, because their previous sacrifices were all 16-20, older than their children, but now their children have reached the same age as their victim - 17. Despite this, the whole group reluctantly agrees that they have to go ahead. The PRIDE members descend to the hidden passage and change into their ceremonial robes.

PRIDE then proceed to strip Destiny Gonzalez naked to prepare her for the sacrifice. Gert Yorkes notes that the ceremony has somehow managed to become even more creepy, as Victor Stein places his hand on the Dematerialization Box so as to activate it. Yorkes pushes Molly Hernandez back from their balcony, worried that her little sister will never be able to forget the horrible sight of what is going on. The box opens and a light comes out of it, as Geoffrey Wilder and Robert Minoru bend down to pick up Gonzalez. They walk her around the box and place her in, as the group of friends above shield their eyes from the blinding light coming from the box.[3]

Wilder Investigate ep2

The Wilder parents go to investigate.

The Wilder parents leave to investigate immediately as the group sprint back to the entrance to the secret passageway and the other members of PRIDE posit theories as to what might have caused the flash. Geoffrey and Catherine undress as Alex and his friends reach the top of the stairs, but find the door closed. Stein suggests that he attempts to open it but fails, just as the Wilder parents finish dressing and head up the passageway. The combined strength of the 17-year-olds still proves to be insufficient, but as Hernandez hears footsteps, she becomes afraid and her super-strength kicks in, allowing the group to escape.

Geoffrey talks Victor

Geoffrey Wilder talks to Victor Stein about the Box.

Wilder's parents approach the teenagers, trying to discern whether they had seen anything that they should not have, but find the group playing Twister and acting as friendly as they always used to. The members of PRIDE are disheartened, expressing their sadness at the uncomfortable sacrifice they had to make, with Geoffrey Wilder calling it the hardest yet. They are relieved, however, that it is the last one they will ever have to make.


Geoffrey Wilder tells Alex that he saw sparks between him and Minoru.

After the Minoru family leave, Geoffrey Wilder tells his son that he thinks he saw a possible romance between him and Nico. Reluctant to reply, Alex simply shuffles off to bed.[4]

Rescue of Alex Wilder

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  • Marksman:



  • Rock Island Armory 1911: Wilder kept the sidearm in his study, but it was founded by his son Alex.
  • M1911A1: Wilder's sidearm, notably pointing the 1911 on Dale Yorkes to drop his weapon.[5]






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