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"Hey, you want in on the action? Ante's a nickel"

George was a tramp living in the streets of New York City.


George and his friend Frank were playing cards in the pier where Howard Stark's stolen technology was found, betting the few coins they had to make the game more interesting. Agent Daniel Sousa, who was at the pier trying to obtain evidence from the phone used to tip the Strategic Scientific Reserve about the location of the technology, approached the two men to ask them for information.

George offered Sousa to join their game, and, in exchange for a nickel, he revealed that Frank had been spending nights there for over a month. Sousa offered Frank another coin, but Frank told him to keep the money, as he was not going to cooperate with law enforcement, mistaking Sousa for a policeman.

George witnessed how Frank refused to help Sousa, and even attacked him. However, Sousa managed to avoid Frank and handcuffed him to take him into custody. Being left alone, George guessed he had won that hand.[1]