George Talbot is the son of Brigadier General Glenn Talbot and Carla Talbot.


George Talbot was with his parents as they walked through Potomac Plaza in Washington, D.C. discussing his future. The eleven-year old told his parents that since he liked boats, he wanted to be in the Navy. After Antoine Triplett planted a phone on Glenn so Phil Coulson could warn him about Carl Creel, George was grabbed by his mother and told to flee.

Later, after Glenn was kidnapped and placed in the Cage of the Bus, Coulson brought up George to anger Glenn to get fingerprints from him.[1]

George's ability to spread germs was the excuse that Agent 33 used, when disguised as Carla Talbot, to justify why her voice did not sound correct when asked by a guard in Glenn Talbot's office. He was called a "germ factory".[2]

Kidnapping by HYDRA

TIM George Talbot
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