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Georgi Luchkov

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Georgi Luchkov
Georgi Luchkov
Real Name Georgi Luchkov
Species Human
Citizenship Russian
Gender Male
Title(s) Colonel General
Affiliation Russian Army
Movie The Avengers
Portrayed by Jerzy Skolimowski
Status Alive
"I'm in the middle of an interrogation and this moron is giving me everything."
"I don't give everything.
Natasha Romanoff and Luchkov[src]

Georgi Luchkov is a Russian colonel-general and weapons dealer.


Georgi Luchkov tied the Black Widow to a chair and interrogated her for valuable information in a warehouse. Then the phone of one of his henchmen rang claiming it was for Natasha; it was revealed to be Agent Phil Coulson. Whilst talking to Coulson, Natasha revealed that she was actually extracting information from Luchkov. When Coulson informed her that Clint Barton had been compromised, she signalled for Luchkov to take the phone, then kicked him in the knees before eliminating the henchmen and breaking free from her restraints. She then dropped Luchkov down a hole and left him suspended by a chain around his ankle.[1]



  • In the comics, Luchkov is a former Russian KGB agent and an enemy of the Black Widow.


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