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"This crazy creepy ghost who walks through walls and stuff stole your tech! And now is looking to take over the world or whatever."
Luis to Hank Pym[src]

Dawn is a professional corporate saboteur who goes under the nickname Ghost, harnessing the ability to phase through matter.[1]


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Powers and Abilities


Ant-Man and the Wasp 23

Ghost uses her powers to phase her hand.

  • Intangibility: Through advanced technology of Hank Pym and the Quantum Realm, Ghost can phase through solid objects and also through living beings.


  • Combatant: Ghost is strong enough to send individuals like Ant-Man flying through several walls with ease, and also kicking a rider off of their motorcycle.





  • In the comics, the Ghost was a male anticapitalist saboteur who went unnamed. A brilliant inventor, he created a battle suit with his personally designed GhostTech that allowed himself or any object he touched to become invisible or intangible.

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