A gallery of images of the United States Air Force Brigadier General Glenn Talbot.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.


Season One

Episode 1.18: Providence
Episode 1.20: Nothing Personal

Season Two

Episode 2.01: Shadows
Episode 2.02: Heavy is the Head
Episode 2.04: Face My Enemy
Episode 2.06: A Fractured House
Episode 2.11: Aftershocks
Episode 2.14: Love in the Time of HYDRA

Season Three

Episode 3.11: Bouncing Back
Episode 3.12: The Inside Man
Episode 3.18: The Singularity
Episode 3.20: Emancipation
Episode 3.21: Absolution

Season Four

Episode 4.10 The Patriot
Episode 4.11: Wake Up
Episode 4.21: The Return

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