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"Are you sure this is going to work? These devices were made to detect anomalies, not cause them."
Erik Selvig[src]

The Gravimetric Spikes were a set of devices designed by Erik Selvig to stabilize the focal point of the Convergence and pass by its effects.


When Erik Selvig was in an insane asylum, he discussed with the other patients that he had created Gravimetric Spikes to counter the effects of the then upcoming Convergence so that the Earth would not be affected. When Ian Boothby and Darcy Lewis retrieved Selvig from the asylum, Boothby carried the Spikes while he introduced himself to Selvig. Lewis remarked that she didn't get paid enough to carry them.

When Jane Foster returned from the Dark World knowing Malekith's plans for Earth, she developed a scheme where the Gravimetric Spikes could be used to manipulate the Wormholes, not just detect them. Ian Boothby and Darcy Lewis went to different key spots in Greenwich, installing the Spikes.

As the Convergence happened, Selvig and Foster could not get close enough to Malekith to affect him. Thor took the Spikes from them and volunteered to get them near him. Thor threw a Spike at the Dark Elf which he caught. Jane then teleported his hand away. When Thor threw the second Spike and it stabbed Malekith's shoulder, his arm from the shoulder down disappeared. Without arms, Malekith was helpless to stop Thor's attacks.[1]


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