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Gravitonium Periodic Table
Owners Quinn Worldwide
John Garrett
Ian Quinn
Users Franklin Hall
TV series Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
Status In Ian Quinn's possession
"It's an extremely rare high-atomic numbered element."
Leo Fitz[src]

Gravitonium (Gr) is a rare, high atomic number element that possesses unique gravitational properties. Gravitonium has an atomic number of 123 and an atomic mass of 308.


Gravitonium is an extremely rare, high atomic numbered element[1], so rare that many didn't even believe it existed. Gravitonium's existence and applications were first theorized by Dr. Franklin Hall.

Dr. Hall theorized the element's effects on gravity, and was possibly the only scientist that could determine how to control the gravitational field produced by the element for use on other objects. As part of his theories about Gravitonium, Hall also designed a theoretical machine that could stimulate the element in a way that would allow its gravitational fields to be harnessed.

After two decades of searching twelve mines across the world, an actual store of Gravitonium was discovered by Dr. Hall's former associate Ian Quinn. Quinn wished to use the element for his own personal gains and began building miniature Gravity Field Generators based on Hall's designs. Quinn later kidnapped Hall himself so that he could unlock the secrets behind using the new element.

After Hall's plans were thwarted and he was consumed by the element, the mass of Gravitonium was placed in S.H.I.E.L.D.'s possession at a storage facility known as the Fridge.[2]

During the exposure of the HYDRA infiltration, Victoria Hand planned to capture and kill Phil Coulson's team under the assumption that they were undercover HYDRA agents.

Agent Grant Ward discussed with Coulson the different assets the team carried and the risk they posed to HYDRA exposure, believing that the Gravitonium was among them. Coulson corrected him and revealed its true location.[3]

The Gravitonium was later obtained by John Garrett and Ward during a HYDRA attack on the Fridge and given to Quinn. Neither Ward nor Garrett seemed to know Hall is inside the element.[4]

As he stood over the Gravitonium with Raina discussing giving it to Quinn, Garrett said he could see "its soul."

During the Battle at Cybertek, Quinn and Raina decided to take the Gravitonium and left.[5]


Gravitonium possesses unique gravitational properties. A mass of Gravitonium atoms distorts gravity fields within itself, giving itself an undulating, amorphous shape that is akin to liquid. However, when stimulated by an electrical current, the mass of Gravitonium will solidify into a uniform sphere and causes powerful gravity fields to emanate outwardly from it. These gravity fields cause changes in the rules of gravity in various ways within a certain proximity of it. This can range from phenomenon such as levitating objects by reversing the pull of gravity or increasing gravity and shifting the direction/point of attraction.[2]




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