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"What is that?"
"Something big."
Skye and Phil Coulson[src]

The Gravity Field Generator is a machine constructed by Quinn Worldwide to take advantage of the potential of Gravitonium.


Theoretically designed by Dr. Franklin Hall, the Gravity Field Generator is a device that allows the distortion of gravity fields in its proximities using a Gravitonium core.

When the Generator applies an electrical current to stimulate the Gravitonium, powerful gravity fields emanate outwardly from it, causing the rules of gravity to change within a certain proximity of it. This can range from phenomenon such as levitating objects by reversing the pull of gravity or increasing gravity and shifting the direction/point of attraction.

Two models of the Gravity Field Generator were constructed, a small hand-held generator, used by Ian Quinn's men during Franklin Hall's kidnapping, and a full-scale generator constructed under Quinn's mansion in Malta.[1]



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