The Gravity Mine is a device that creates a powerful short-range artificial gravity field around it that attracts all nearby items to the device.


Star-Lord carried a Gravity Mine to Morag and used it to remove the Orb from the shield in the Temple Vault, attracting the artifact from the pedestal where it was standing.

While evading Korath the Pursuer and his Sakaarans troops, Quill threw the Gravity Mine near the Sakaarans guarding the Milano, pulling them to the ground and allowing Quill to enter the ship and escape.[1]

Years later, on the Battle of Titan, Star-Lord used a Gravity mine to incapacitate Thanos, but while it was effective to hold down the Mad Titan alongside the bindings cast by Strange, Spider-Man and Drax long enough for Mantis to subdue him, Thanos easily broke out once he regained consciousness.[2]