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A collection of quotes of Groot, a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy.



Guardians of the Galaxy

Spoken by Groot

"I am Groot!"
"We are Groot."

Spoken about Groot

"What the hell?"
"They call it Groot. He's been travelling recently as 89P13's personal houseplant/muscle."
Garthan Saal and Rhomann Dey[src]
"What is wrong with giving tree, here?"
"Well, he don't know talking good like me and you, so his vocabulistics is limited to 'I' and 'am' and 'Groot.' Exclusively, in that order."
Star-Lord and Rocket Raccoon[src]
"I'm pretty sure the answer is "I am Groot.""


"I am Groot."
"Four of us? Asleep for the danger, awake for the money as for friggin' usual."
―Groot and Rocket Raccoon[src]
"I am Groot."
"So what, 'It's better than eleven percent!' What the hell does that have to do with anything?"
"Thank you, Groot, thank you. See. Groot's the only one of you who has a clue."
―Groot, Rocket Raccoon, and Star-Lord[src]
"No, Groot... don't do this, you'll die... why are you doing this?"
"WE are Groot."
―Groot and Rocket Raccoon.[src]

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Spoken by Groot

"I am Groot!"

Spoken about Groot

"Groot, put your seat belt on!"
Star-Lord to Groot[src]

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