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"I know a little bit about this. I spent some time at Guantanamo, in torture. It doesn't work."
Carson Wolf to Punisher[src]

Guantanamo Bay is a bay located at the southeastern end of Cuba, that contains a United States military prison established to detain extraordinarily dangerous prisoners responsible for war crimes.


"No, you listen to me. I have my own protection and a cell for you at Gitmo."
Glenn Talbot to Phil Coulson[src]

The United States Government established a prison camp in Guantanamo Bay to prosecute detainees for war crimes. Glenn Talbot considered Phil Coulson a criminal deserving of being imprisoned there, and let Coulson himself know that when S.H.I.E.L.D. tried to protect Talbot and his family from an impending attack by Carl Creel.[1]

Also, Carson Wolf spent some time in Guanatanamo Bay. When Frank Castle captured him he set himself free and said Castle that his tortures didn't work out.[2]


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