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"We were just cherry-picked from the elite teams, you know? He's from Kentucky. Bible guy, liked to quote scripture. Hell of a soldier. He knew what we were doing was wrong."
Frank Castle to Micro[src]

Gunner Henderson was a Marine Corps veteran and a member of the Cerberus Squad who served in Afghanistan alongside Frank Castle. Upon leaving the army, Henderson became fearful of being assassinated so hid out within the woods until Castle found him. Henderson and Castle were ambushed by team of Anvil agents led by William Rawlins and Henderson was eventually killed.


Marine Corps

Operation Cerberus

"We desecrating corpses now? Frank?"
"Schoonover said get the bullet. I'm getting the bullet."
"Looks to me like we're hiding evidence. You good with that?"
"No one's asking for our opinions. Not while we're here."
―Gunner Henderson to Frank Castle[src]

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Assassination of Ahmad Zubair

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Ambush in Kandahar

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Secluded in Fear

Reunion with Frank Castle

"He's quite something, your man, Gunner. Completely off the grid. You know, no electricity, no phone, no Internet. No running water. How the hell you live without that?"
"Yeah. Maybe he's got a well. Like most other people on the planet."
Micro and Frank Castle[src]

When it became apparent that he was being targeted, Henderson hid in the mountains of Kentucky. Though Frank Castle began searching for him and called out to him as a friend, Henderson fired an arrow from his bow and slowly approached. Convinced that Castle was not out to kill him, the two partnered up and, with the sounds of a coming helicopter and soldiers through the woods, fled to hide and kill off each one.

As the Anvil agents sent in by William Rawlins pursued Frank and Gunner, the pair was able to fend them off, however, Gunner was shot in the abdomen during the encounter. After the shootout, Gunner felt fatigued and was carried by Castle, who was also shot in the stomach. Gunner knowing that he would “die in these woods", requested Frank to bury him, but Frank left to search for help, leaving him alone while he died from blood loss.[2]


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  • Expert Combatant: To be added
  • Master Marksman: To be added
  • Master Archer: Henderson has shown to be superb in using a hunting bow, able to project an arrow into Frank Castle from afar.


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