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"The last time I saw that thing, it had a giant flamethrower mounted on it."
Howard Stark[src]

The HYDRA Mini Tank was an armored vehicle used by HYDRA during the Spanish Civil War and World War II.


Spanish Civil War

When Adolf Hitler sent HYDRA and the Wehrmacht to assist the Nationalists in the Spanish Civil War, HYDRA Mini Tanks were among the vehicles brought to the front. In perhaps the greatest showing of the Mini Tank's power, the city of Guernica was decimated by these (among other) machines. This information, however, was unknown to the Western Powers at the time, who believed the Luftwaffe was responsible for the devastation. The record would be set straight by undercover S.O.E operative Peggy Carter, who was embedded among the Nazis. She smuggled footage of the HYDRA rampage in Guernica out of Germany, delivering it to the Strategic Scientific Reserve.

World War II

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When Captain America rescued Allied POWs from a HYDRA camp in Austria, at least one HYDRA Mini Tank was captured in the escape. The prisoners used the Mini Tank's cannon to blast their way through the enemy's defenses with ease. The men then drove the tank through enemy territory, using it to defend the other liberated Prisoners of War as they marched back to base.[1]

HYDRA Mini Tank Explosion

A HYDRA Mini Tank engulfed in an explosive fireball

HYDRA Mini Tanks were often ambushed by Captain America and the Howling Commandos during their operations across Europe, as part of their mission to completely dismantle HYDRA's network of roads and factories. Jacques Dernier, the group's demolitions expert, was often tasked with the destruction of these vehicles.



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