"It worked quickly on this one."
Werner Reinhardt to HYDRA Scientist[src]

The HYDRA Scientist was a scientist of HYDRA during World War II.


―HYDRA Scientist after clicking his stopwatch[src]

HYDRA General Werner Reinhardt had this scientist document the results of what happened when an individual touched the Obelisk during the closing days of World War II.

Inside the HYDRA Fortress in Austria, this scientist timed the transformation and wrote the results when a HYDRA Prisoner did as he was asked and touched the Obelisk. After that man's petrified body was removed, this scientist prepared to document when a woman from that same Chinese village touched the artifact. He witnessed as the Obelisk glowed from the woman's touch.

Reinhardt told him to prepare the woman for experimentation when they were interrupted by an officer who alerted them to the death of the Red Skull and the coming of the Allied Forces.[1]