For the real-life version of the HYDRA Super-Serum, see Calvin Zabo's Formula.
"The point is... One dose, you will have the Patriot begging for his life."
Kenneth Turgeon to Melinda May[src]

The HYDRA Super-Serum is a virtual recreation of the real-world serum used by HYDRA inside the Framework.


"You've got about an hour of augmented strength. Don't waste it."
The Doctor to Melinda May[src]

In an attempt to defeat the Patriot, HYDRA scientist Kenneth Turgeon created a serum that would temporarily enhance the user's strength. After seeing it for herself, Melinda May allowed The Doctor to inject her with the serum before taking off to face the Patriot at the HYDRA Enlightenment Cultivation Center.

May initially proved to be a challenge for the Inhuman Resistance leader, but was defeated when the serum's effects started to wear off.[1]


Several of the ingredients – more specifically, the various metabolic enhancers, the gorilla testosterone and the drop of peppermint – are the same ingredients Jemma Simmons found while analyzing Calvin Zabo's Formula.[2]