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"Hurry! Hurry! We have orders to unload this truck."
―HYDRA Soldier[src]

The HYDRA Truck was a vehicle used by HYDRA during World War II.


This truck was similar in design to many of the standard military trucks used by the armed forces of Nazi Germany during World War II; the Wehrmacht and SS. The HYDRA truck had several design differences, but was largely based around its Nazi counterparts. To distinguish their trucks from those of other units, soldiers of HYDRA emblazoned the white HYDRA logo on the doors. These trucks were used by HYDRA mainly to transport equipment and materials from one base to another.

Captain America used a HYDRA Truck to infiltrate the Austrian HYDRA Weapons Facility and rescue the Allied prisoners of war.[1]

When the HYDRA General Werner Reinhardt ordered the evacuation of a HYDRA research facility in Austria, several HYDRA soldiers loaded various artifacts onto a HYDRA Truck.[2]


  • This truck was portrayed by the M-35 truck which was mainly used by the US Army and wasn't designed until 1944.


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