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"I am Yang Hai-Qing, head of the Yangsi Gonshi."
―Hai-Qing Yang to Danny Rand[src]

Hai-Qing Yang is the leader of the Yangsi Gonshi who made an uneasy alliance with Iron Fist in order to fight Madame Gao and the Hand.


Attack on Joy Meachum

With the unresolved despute over Red Hook Pier, Yang ordered his soldiers to kidnap Joy Meachum. Though unsuccessful, he is paid a visit by Danny Rand, whom questioned their motives for taking Joy. Yang had replied that he wished to construct a new deal for the pier, then questioned why Rand Enterprises wanted to keep the pier. When Rand answered Yami no te, Yang apologized and walked away, with Rand repeatedly asking about the organization.[1]

Attack on the Hand's Brooklyn Warehouse

Rand returned to Golden Sands with Wing to inform Yang and the Yangsi Gonshi that Madame Gao has plans to eliminate their organization. Rather than let this happen, Rand offered them an alliance to take them out at their warehouse in Brooklyn. Yang accepted this, arming his men with guns. Arriving at their warehouse, they accessed an elevator and traveled into the kitchen, shutting the power and quickly sweeping Gao's men out.[2]

Ward Meachum's Visit

Yang is visited by Ward Meachum at Golden Sands, asked about the Hand and their ability to resurrect the dead. He shared the story his grandfather told about how a villager's husband had died in war and that the husband made a deal with the Hand to be revived for every death he experienced. Yang added, however, that for every resurrection, the husband's mind deteriorated and their impulse to kill grew stronger. Eventually, the villager's huaband cooked his children, his wife fleeing with her only child in her arms. Yang warned Meachum that his only escape was to run away.[3]


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