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"Never to get what you desire, not Haldor, not Thor..."

Haldor was an Asgardian and the former lover of Sif.


Haldor was in love with Sif until he was enthralled by Lorelei. On one of her conquests he was killed, leading to a deep-seated hatred between Sif and Lorelei.

When Lorelei came to Earth after escaping her imprisonment in Asgard, Sif was charged with returning the criminal. Eventually, as the two battled within the Bus, Sif gained the upper hand, but Lorelei chose to taunt her, hoping that Sif would set her free. Among Lorelei's taunts were Sif's obedience to Odin, her unrequited feelings for Thor, and Haldor's seduction by Lorelei. The final taunt was enough for Sif, who promptly silenced her.[1]



  • Sif † - Lover



  • Haldor translates into "Thor's rock" in Old Norse.