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"I swear on the soul of my mother, that I am not working for Tommy Fontana!"
"You always hated your mother Hank."
"So what!"
―Hank and Joseph Manfredi[src]

Hank is a Maggia mobster who gave information to the police. This was revealed when his boss Joseph Manfredi and Whitney Frost questioned him about betraying the mob.


Questioned by Manfredi

"I swear I'm telling the truth! No no no alright! Stop stop stop! I'll tell ya, they came to me, they threatened my family!"
"The feds! The feds! Huh! I had to cooperate with them. I'm sorry Joe, I'm so sorry."
"What are you saying? What are you telling me Hank? Awww, now I'm gonna have to kill ya."
―Hank and Joseph Manfredi[src]

Hank was called upon by Joseph Manfredi to be the dummy for his distraction against Whitney Frost. Manfredi politely told Hank to sit in a chair before brutally hitting him and demanding to know if he was working for Maggia's rival, Tommy Fontana, which Hank furiously denied. Eventually Manfredi called upon Frost to use her Zero Matter powers to torture Hank at which point he confessed that he was working for the feds as a spy working against Manfredi. Upon learning this Manfredi was horrified and noted that he would now be forced to kill Hank, although he was distracted by Frost walking away and did not pull the trigger, leaving Hank terrified.[1]



  • Mother †