Happy Hogan.

A collection of quotes of Tony Stark's friend, Happy Hogan.


Iron Man


"I thought I lost you back there!"
"You did, sir."
Tony Stark and Happy Hogan[src]

Iron Man 2


"Show me the badge."
"He likes the badge."
"Still like it?"
Tony Stark, Happy Hogan and U.S. Marshal[src]
"Anything else, boss?"
"I'm good, Hap."
"No, I'll be just... another minute."
"I lost both the kids in the divorce."
Happy Hogan, Tony Stark and Pepper Potts[src]
"What the hell was that?!"
"It's called mixed martial arts, it's been around for three weeks."
"It's called dirty boxing, there's nothing new about it."
―Happy Hogan and Tony Stark[src]
"Are you okay?"
"Yeah. Were you headed for me or him?"
"I was trying to scare him!"
"Because I can't tell!"
―Happy Hogan and Tony Stark[src]
"I said stay in the car!"
"What are you wearing? Look, I'm not letting you go in alone."
Black Widow and Happy Hogan[src]

Iron Man 3


"I gave a speech? How was it?"
"Really? It's my favorite kind, a winning combo."
Tony Stark, Happy Hogan and Maya Hansen[src]
"I'm coming! I got you!"
"It's okay, it was the plant! It's a glitch in my work."
"Please, stop riding me!"
Happy Hogan, Maya Hansen and Tony Stark[src]
"I miss you, Happy."
"Yeah, I miss you, too. But the way it used to be. Now you're off with the super-friends. I don't know what's going on with you, anymore. The world's getting weird."
Tony Stark and Happy Hogan[src]
"You know, look... I got a real job. What do you want? I'm working. I've got something going on, here."
"What, harassing interns?"
"Let me tell you something. Do you know what happened when I told everyone I was Iron Man's bodyguard? They would laugh in my face. I had to leave while I still had a shred of dignity. Now I got a real job. I'm watching Pepper."
"What’s going on? Fill me in."
"For real? All right, so she’s meeting up with this scientist. Rich guy, handsome. I couldn’t make his face at first, right?"
―Happy Hogan and Tony Stark[src]
"What are you doin', buddy? You out by yourself? A little date night? Watching your favorite chick flick maybe?"
"Yeah, a little movie called "The Party's Over", starring you and your junkie girlfriend, and here's the ticket."
Eric Savin and Happy Hogan[src]

Spider-Man: Homecoming

Spoken by Happy Hogan

"We just gotta load up Tony's old Hulkbuster armor, a prototype for Cap's new shield and the Thor's magic belt."
―Happy Hogan[src]
"You don't see that every day."
―Happy Hogan to Peter Parker[src]
"Aww, you gotta be shitting me."
―Happy Hogan to Ned Leeds[src]


"See, Happy is... is hoping to get bumped up to asset management. He was "forehead of security", and before that he was just a driver."
"Hey! Private conversation. It was really hard for me to talk to you about that. Don't joke about it."
Tony Stark and Happy Hogan[src]