Happy Hogan.

A collection of quotes of Tony Stark's friend, Happy Hogan.


Iron Man


"I thought I lost you back there!"
"You did, sir."
Tony Stark and Happy Hogan[src]

Iron Man 2


"Show me the badge."
"He likes the badge."
"Still like it?"
Tony Stark, Happy Hogan and U.S. Marshal[src]
"Anything else, boss?"
"I'm good, Hap."
"No, I'll be just... another minute."
"I lost both the kids in the divorce."
Happy Hogan, Tony Stark and Pepper Potts[src]
"What the hell was that?!"
"It's called mixed martial arts, it's been around for three weeks."
"It's called dirty boxing, there's nothing new about it."
―Happy Hogan and Tony Stark[src]
"Are you okay?"
"Yeah. Were you headed for me or him?"
"I was trying to scare him!"
"Because I can't tell!"
―Happy Hogan and Tony Stark[src]
"I said stay in the car!"
"What are you wearing? Look, I'm not letting you go in alone."
Black Widow and Happy Hogan[src]

Iron Man 3


"I gave a speech? How was it?"
"Really? It's my favorite kind, a winning combo."
Tony Stark, Happy Hogan and Maya Hansen[src]
"I'm coming! I got you!"
"It's okay, it was the plant! It's a glitch in my work."
"Please, stop riding me!"
Happy Hogan, Maya Hansen and Tony Stark[src]
"I miss you, Happy."
"Yeah, I miss you, too. But the way it used to be. Now you're off with the super-friends. I don't know what's going on with you, anymore. The world's getting weird."
Tony Stark and Happy Hogan[src]
"You know, look... I got a real job. What do you want? I'm working. I've got something going on, here."
"What, harassing interns?"
"Let me tell you something. Do you know what happened when I told everyone I was Iron Man's bodyguard? They would laugh in my face. I had to leave while I still had a shred of dignity. Now I got a real job. I'm watching Pepper."
"What’s going on? Fill me in."
"For real? All right, so she’s meeting up with this scientist. Rich guy, handsome. I couldn’t make his face at first, right?"
―Happy Hogan and Tony Stark[src]
"What are you doin', buddy? You out by yourself? A little date night? Watching your favorite chick flick maybe?"
"Yeah, a little movie called "The Party's Over", starring you and your junkie girlfriend, and here's the ticket."
Eric Savin and Happy Hogan[src]

Spider-Man: Homecoming

Spoken by Happy Hogan

"We just gotta load up Tony's old Hulkbuster armor, a prototype for Cap's new shield and the Thor's magic belt."
―Happy Hogan[src]
"You don't see that every day."
―Happy Hogan to Peter Parker[src]
"Aww, you gotta be shitting me."
―Happy Hogan to Ned Leeds[src]


"See, Happy is... is hoping to get bumped up to asset management. He was "forehead of security", and before that he was just a driver."
"That was a private conversation. I don't like joking about this. It was hard for me to talk to you about it."
Tony Stark and Happy Hogan[src]
"So after the press conference, Happy will show you to your room, your new quarters, see that he is next to Vision."
"Yeah, Vision's not big on doors."
"It's so much fun."
"Or walls."
"You'll fit right in."
Tony Stark and Happy Hogan[src]