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"He isn't our dad, okay? This... this thing crawling around in our dad's skin. He is violent. Dangerous..."
Ward Meachum to Joy Meachum[src]

Harold Meachum was a ruthless businessman who built up Rand Enterprises with his friend Wendell Rand. However Meachum's greed led him to make a deal with Madame Gao to have the Rands murdered, and when he was diagnosed with cancer, he agreed to help the Hand in exchange for his life. Meachum was brought back from the dead and forced to live in hiding, controlling his former company through his own son Ward Meachum. Upon the return of Danny Rand, who was now the Iron Fist, Meachum saw a chance to return to his old life and manipulated Iron Fist into fighting the Hand for him, allowing him to kill Bakuto and have Gao disappear while Meachum returned to New York City and betrayed Rand. His plans were eventually uncovered and Meachum was finally killed by his own son while fighting against the Iron Fist.


Early Life

Building Rand Enterprises

As a young man, Heachum met and decided to build a business with his friend Wendell Rand. The business they ended up creating was Rand Enterprises for which they built the headquarters within New York City. However Meachum forever felt a sense of hatred and resentment towards his friend, as the day they first stepped onto the roof of their new building, Meachum felt a desire to push his friend off the roof and kill him, although he did not. Meachum continued working with Rand at the business, as the pair of them had children, as Meachum having kids named Ward and Joy while Rand had a son named Danny, who they groomed to take over the company some day in the future.[citation needed]

Deal with the Hand

Cancer Diagnosis

Meachum was diagnosed with terminal cancer and faced the fear of death. During his treatment which was not helping him, Meachum was approached by Madame Gao who claimed she had a way of curing his death. Meachum agreed and also requested that Gao assist him in killing his business partner, so she arranged a plane crash which killed Wendell and Heather Rand while their son Danny Rand disappeared in the mountains. Meachum continued suffering with his illness, being cared for by Ward and Joy Meachum who would turn him over in bed to stop him getting bed sores, however eventually he died from the cancer. Only a few days later, Meachum rose from the dead as Gao had promised and the Hand began forcing him to live in hiding, controlling Rand Enterprises for the Hand's benefit through his son Ward who was the only one to know of his survival.[citation needed]

Controlling Ward Meachum

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Powers and Abilities


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  • In the comics, Harold Meachum accompanied Wendell Rand, his wife Heather and their son Danny in an expedition to K'un-Lun, only to let Rand in order to conquer the affection of Heather and Rand's share of business.


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