"Better living begins with safety. It begins with security. It begins... with Haz-Tek."
Charles Healey[[src]]

The Haz-Tek Exoskeleton is a prosthetic device developed by Stark Industries subsidiary AccuTech that has applications in both the medical and industrial fields.


The Haz-Tek Exoskeleton was created by AccuTech after Tony Stark's escape from the Ten Rings and his decision to re-purpose the Stark brand away from military technologies.


The arm of the Haz-Tek Exoskeleton prototype.

The exo-skeleton is based on Iron Man Armor: Mark IV technology and has uses in both industrial and medical fields.

According to Klaus Haas, the head of R&D at AccuTech, "The exoskeleton is designed first and foremost to simplify repetitious, ergonomically challenging tasks. In this respect, it has interesting rehabilative potential, with the potential to restore movement and muscularity where it may have been lost. It also makes possible complex and physically strenuous operations far beyond the faculty of a normal human body". [1]

According to the Haz-Tek Technical Briefing, the suit utilizes a full-body matrix of hyper-sensors and nano-hydraulics. The Haz-Tek Exoskeleton Mark I detects and amplifies muscle and body movements. Its unique sensory matrix is enclosed in a carapace of light-weight, damage-resistant polymer plates, protecting the human body from high impacts and extreme temperatures.[2]


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