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"What... What did you do to him?"
"Stopped his heart."
"His heart..."
"Isn't beating. He's having a heart attack."
Skye and Deathlok[src]

The Heart Stopper is a weapon developed by Cybertek as part of Project Deathlok, capable of inducing a heart attack in its target, and also restoring their heart to its normal beat.


Since Skye repeatedly refused to give the specific location to unlock the Hard Drive containing all the research developed by Coulson's Team, Deathlok was ordered to attack Grant Ward using the Heart Stopper stored in the lower part of his Forearm Rocket Launcher.

The device caused Ward's heart to immediately stop beating, having a heart attack that would have caused his death if Skye would not give away the information. Deathlok restarted his heart, and then caused another electrical discharge that helped Ward to overcome the effects of the device.[1]


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