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"See you in Hel, monster!"
Loki to Algrim[src]

Hel is a region of Niflheim that serves as the home of the dead who are neither honored nor dishonored.


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Hel among other realms during the Convergence.

Hel was among the worlds labeled by Erik Selvig on his chalkboard mapping the Nine Realms. Loki also promised Algrim he would see him in Hel following their final confrontation.[1]

Hel was visible among other realms during the Convergence during the Battle of Greenwich.[2]

Fighting with the Avengers

"Thor, report on the Hulk."
"The gates of Hel are filled with the screams of his victims! But not the screams of the dead, of course."
Natasha Romanoff and Thor[src]

Thor mentioned Hel after Bruce Banner stormed Wolfgang von Strucker's base as Hulk at Sokovia.[3]

Seeing Visions


Heimdall mentioning "Thor leading the Asgardians to Hel during Thor's vision.

"Heimdall, your eyes!"
"They see everything. They see you leading us to Hel."
Thor and Heimdall in a hallucination[src]

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  • In the comics, Hel is ruled and named after Loki's illegitimate daughter, Hela.
  • Hel's surface looks like it's volcanic.

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