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"Hell is relative. Dimensions, space, planets... it's all connected. Plenty of them qualify as hell."
Robbie Reyes to Phil Coulson and Quake[src]

Hell is an obscure dimension that lies beyond the Earth Plane. It appears as a realm of never-ending darkness, devoid of any form of light and warmth, that tries to absorb any living being who goes near it.


Escape of a Demon

"I know where you are be dragged on. I escaped that before. I'm never coming back"
―The Spirit of Vengeance in Alphonso Mackenzie's body.[src]

A powerful entity was able to escape from Hell to the Earth Plane. In order to survive, he bonded himself with humans who had a strong desire for vengeance, transforming them into the Ghost Rider.[1]

Trapped Between Two Worlds

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Eli Morrow harnessed the Quantum Batteries' power to ascend to a god-like state. The subsequent energy pulse released by the machinery pulled nearby individuals to Hell. As a result of the pulse, Leo Fitz, Phil Coulson and Ghost Rider were placed in a trans-dimensional state, between the regular universe and the Hell dimension. As time progressed, the dimension started to break apart, drawing Fitz, Coulson and Reyes closer and closer towards Hell itself. Upon being almost fully dragged into Hell, Aida finished constructing her Inter-Dimensional Gate and transported the three men back into the regular universe.[1]

It turned out that Morrow had not gained the ability to create matter from nothing; rather, he was able to draw matter from the Hell dimension. This resulted in the dimension becoming unstable, which not only caused Fitz, Coulson and Robbie to be drawn ever closer to Hell, but it also caused major seismic activity in the Earth Plane.



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