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Hogarth, Chao and Benowitz is a law firm in New York City.


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Using a Private Investigator

In order to finish jobs no one could deliver on, Jeri Hogarth hired Jessica Jones from Alias Investigations. While working for Hogarth, Jones was able to complete eight jobs. Since no one else was able to work as well as Jones, Hogarth ignored the complaints she received from people about the way Jones did her job and kept Jones' methods a secret. Hogarth eventually asked Jones to become the corporate investigator for her law firm, which Jones, being drunk, declined, saying that she preferred to be a freelancer.[1]

A Loosened Pole

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Recruiting Foggy Nelson

"How does Hogarth, Chao, Benowitz and Nelson sound?"
"It sounds like a mouthful."
Jeri Hogarth to Foggy Nelson[src]

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Name Position Status
Jeri Hogarth Partner Alive
Desmond Tobey Partner Alive
Marci Stahl Attorney Alive
Foggy Nelson Attorney Alive
Pam Secretary Alive


Name Case Verdict
Pole Dancer
Hope Shlottman Murder No Trial
Kilgrave Victim Support Group
Justin Boden Murder
Jessica Jones Murder No Trial
Danny Rand
Colleen Wing
Luke Cage Framed (Crime Unknown) Not Guilty


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