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Hogun TTDW
Real Name Hogun
Alias(es) Hogun the Grim
Jackie Chan
Species Vanir
Citizenship Vanir
Gender Male
Age Over one thousand years
Title(s) Warrior
Affiliation Warriors Three
Movie Thor
Thor: The Dark World
Game Thor: God of Thunder (Nintendo DS version only)
Thor: The Dark World - The Official Game
Comic Thor Adaptation
Thor, The Mighty Avenger
Captain America & Thor: Avengers!
Thor: The Dark World Prelude
Portrayed by Tadanobu Asano
Voiced by Ken Kensei
Status Alive
"Laufey said there were traitors in the house of Odin. A master of magic could easily conceal the Frost Giants and lead them into Asgard."

Hogun is a member of the Warriors Three and friend of Thor.


Early Life

Hogun is a Vanir who spent much of his time with Asgardians. Because of this, he was treated as one and decided to live among them. He later joined the Warriors Three with his friends Fandral and Volstagg. He also became good friends with the Asgardian princes Thor and Loki, as well as the Asgardian warrior Lady Sif.

Loki's Betrayal

Thor's Banishment

While most Asgardians were preoccupied with a ceremony naming Thor as heir to Asgard's throne, Frost Giants infiltrated the vaults of Odin. When Thor became enraged by the interruption, the Warriors Three and Sif readily agreed to accompany him to Jotunheim to exact retribution for the Frost Giants' aggression.

Warriors three thor

Hogun with the other members of the Warriors Three

The Warriors Three, together with Thor, Sif, and Loki, journeyed to Jotunheim where Thor challenged Laufey, the Frost Giants' ruler, over the incident in Asgard. Laufey, revealing that he had strength in numbers and mindful of an ancient truce between the two peoples, dismissed the Asgardian group from his realm. As they turned to leave, Thor was baited by the heckling of a nearby Frost Giant, plunging them all into combat. Fandral was grievously injured in the fight and Hogun had to help carry him clear. The Asgardians were saved by the timely arrival of Odin, who intervened and quickly drew them back to Asgard.

Sif-W3 vs Destroyer

Hogun, Sif, Fandrall and Volstagg prepare to fight the Destroyer

After Odin banished Thor to Earth and subsequently fell into his "Odinsleep", Loki claimed the throne as Asgard's regent. Concerned over the coup, the Warriors Three and Sif left Asgard to find Thor on Earth. There, they faced an unexpected threat when Loki dispatched the Destroyer to kill Thor. They were no match for the construct, and it battered them without much effort until Thor's self-sacrifice restored his power and allowed him to defeat it. The Asgardians then returned to their world where the Warriors Three parted company with Thor who pressed on alone to deal with his brother.[1]


Hogun during the war on his home world Vanaheim

Returning to Vanaheim

Hogun stood with the other members of the Warriors Three as Thor gave a speech before they went to fight the Marauders.[2]

AlYHFM9 - Imgur

Hogun and Thor

Hogun was with Sif and the other members of the Warriors Three fighting Marauders on Vanaheim when Thor arrived and, with a single blow with Mjølnir, destroyed Korg, ending the battle. Hogun parted ways with Thor because his people needed him to help rebuild. When the Convergence occurred, two jets flew through a Wormhole from London to Vanaheim. Hogun watched as they flew through the sky.[3]


Hogun is a serious and very silent warrior, who seldom speaks (and rarely smiles), but is always listened to, the rare times he does, because of his recognized wisdom. He's a loyal friend and a precious ally on the battlefield, always ready to cover his teammates during a fight, as he demonstrated saving Sif's life during the battle with the Frost Giants, despite being attacked too.

Powers and Abilities

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He possesses the same superhuman physical attributes: strength, endurance, speed and reflexes. He's also a very skilled fighter, who mostly uses a morgenstern (an iron spiked mace), but is also able in throwing knives.


  • Mace: Hogun's weapon of choice is a mace.
  • Armor
    • First Set: Hogun wore a dark blue jumpsuit with a hood. Over that, he wore a black and silver metal vest. His sleeves and waist were covered in silver studs. He wore minimalistic arm-bracers with a knife-sheath. Hogun also wore silver boots that were black with gold fronts.
    • Second Set: Hogun’s second armor was similar to that of a samurai's. It was dark blue plates with silver accents. His also wore a three part warrior skirt that was also blue with silver accents. Hogun also wore a heavy, dark blue cloak.




Video Game Only


  • In the comics, Hogun was not an Asgardian, but because he spent so much time with them he was treated as one. In Thor: The Dark World Prelude, this was mentioned, stating that he is of the Vanir.
  • In Thor, a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent calls him Jackie Chan because of his Asian appearance.
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