Huhtar was an Hurctarian Ravager who participated in Taserface's mutiny. He was killed by Yondu Udonta.



Huhtar was a member of the Yondu Ravager Clan. He followed his captain Yondu Udonta in his exile to Contraxia, witnessing his argument with Stakar Ogord and the arrival of High Priestess Ayesha, who offered the Ravagers a bounty for hunting down the Guardians of the Galaxy on Berhert.

The Ravaagers agreed to Ayesha's proposition and journeyed to Berhert. Like his fellow Ravagers, Huhtar fell into the traps set by Rocket Raccoon until Udonta joined and successfully captured Rocket.[1]


However, Yondu Udonta decided to take the Anulax Batteries stolen by Rocket Raccoon and sell them instead of taking the Guardians of the Galaxy to Ayesha. Like many other Ravagers, Huhtar was dissatisfied with this plan and joined a mutiny led by Taserface against Udonta.

Huhtar joined his friends in the murder of the Ravagers loyal to Udonta and the mocking of Udonta, Rocket and Groot. Later, as Udonta and Rocket escaped from their cell, Huhtar was killed by Udonta's Yaka Arrow like almost all the Yondu Ravager Clan.[1]