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The IFID Headquarters is the main facility for the Institute for Infectious Diseases.


Attack on the IFID Headquarters

Seeking to draw out the Avengers, Brock Rumlow traveled to LagosNigeria and planned to steal a biological weapon from the Institute for Infectious Diseases. However, Captain America became aware of the planned attack and informed the other Avengers. 

Captain America Civil War 13

Rumlow's men storm the IFID

A truck had driven through the entrance and Rumlow's mercenaries had opened fire on several security guards. As poisonous gas slowly flooded the building, Rumlow quietly made his way to the third floor and found the bioweapon he was looking for.

The Avengers then converged on the building and proceeded to take out several of the mercenaries. Falcon used the Redwing to find and confirm Rumlow's location before informing Captain America.

Using her powers to lift Captain America onto the third floor, Scarlet Witch then focused on venting the gas out into the open air while the others proceeded to deal with the remaining mercenaries.

Captain America searched for Rumlow only to learn that he had already left.[1]


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