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"We're going to do important things together."
Kozlov to Will Simpson[src]

IGH is a paramilitary group that specializes in improving the performance of its soldiers with the aid of Combat Enhancers, pills that increase the user's strength but damages their mind.


Early Work

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Trish looking into IGH

After Jessica Jones was involved in a car crash where her whole family died, she survived the accident and was taken to the hospital where operations were done that saved her life. IGH supplied the money and all operation procedures for Jessica and paid for her meds. Dorothy Walker, who adopted Jessica at the time knew of this but kept it a secret, not caring much about the case nor telling either of Jessica or Trish and not realizing who IGH are.[citation needed]

Will Simpson's Return

"You're responding well to the meds."
"Feels good, like old times. Give me a red."
"You had a red this morning; we altered protocol after what happened in Damascus."
Kozlov and Will Simpson[src]

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Hunt for Will Simpson

"Doc's worried about you."
"Yeah, well tell Kozlov I appreciate the concern, but I'm not coming back."
"We, er, we can't leave here without you, Simpson."
McManus and Will Simpson[src]

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Name Position Status
Kozlov Doctor Alive
Will Simpson Operative Unknown
McManus Operative Deceased