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Ian Boothby

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Ian Boothby
Ian Boothby
Real Name Ian Boothby
Species Human
Gender Male
Movie Thor: The Dark World
Portrayed by Jonathan Howard
Status Alive

Ian Boothby is the boyfriend and intern of Darcy Lewis.


Ian Boothby was hired by Darcy Lewis as her unpaid intern and was a big fan of Jane Foster. Boothby was used to drive around Foster and Lewis and also hold equipment. He was also used to act as Erik Selvig's son when taking him out of the mental facility. During the Battle of Greenwich (during which gravity was inconsistent), Boothby saved Lewis from the Dark Elves by picking up a car and slamming it onto the elves, killing them. When Foster and Selvig used the teleporter, Lewis and Boothby teleported and were kissing with Lewis holding him. As Lewis realized where she was, Boothby was dropped.[1]


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