"I'm Ian, uh, Darcy's intern. I don't get paid, either."
―Ian Boothby[src]

Ian Boothby is the intern and love interest of Darcy Lewis.


Early Life

As a child, Ian Boothby and his grandfather went bird watching on a usual basis. Thanks to this, he learned how to identify different species of birds.[1]


"He's my intern; my intern's intern."
Jane Foster[src]

Boothby was hired by Darcy Lewis as her unpaid intern. He was a big fan of Jane Foster and first appeared to her when he popped up in the back seat of Lewis's car, startling her. He helped to guide the women to the anomaly after Foster left her date with Richard.[1]


Gravimetric Spike
"Do you even know what these things do?"
"Neither do I."
―Darcy Lewis and Ian Boothby[src]

Boothby acted as Erik Selvig's son when taking him out of the mental facility, after he and Lewis saw his arrest on the news. As the Convergence approached and Foster let the others know of the coming of Malekith, Boothby and Lewis placed the Gravimetric Spikes in the ground that could manipulate the Wormholes created.

During the Battle of Greenwich (during which gravity was inconsistent), Boothby saved Lewis from the Dark Elves by picking up a car and slamming it onto the elves, killing them. When Foster and Selvig used the teleporter, Lewis and Boothby teleported and were kissing with Lewis holding him.[1]




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