Ibiza is an island and tourist attraction located near the southeastern coast of Spain.


Hidden from HYDRA

"Mr. Braun needs to see the world for what it really is."
Grant Ward[src]
Purpose in the Machine 20

Strucker enjoys his privileged lifestyle

The son of HYDRA's leader Baron Wolfgang von Strucker, Werner von Strucker was raised away from his father's work. Instead of entering the world of terrorism Von Strucker lived a life of luxury in Ibiza, going by the name Alexander Braun. He used his father's money to purchase large boats and host parties with beautiful women.

While hosting one of these parties Grant Ward, who had learned of Braun his real identity and had traveled to Ibiza, appeared and began attacking von Strucker's security team. Despite their best efforts, the guards could not defeat the highly trained HYDRA agent and Ward eventually captured von Strucker and left Ibiza with him.[1]


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