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"I've had to be a fighter, too. No other way to survive the shit I've been through. But you reminded me I used to care about people. I used to be a nurse."
―Inez Green to Jeri Hogarth[src]

Inez Green is a formerly employed nurse for IGH.


Days in IGH

"I wasn't a patient. I was a nurse."
"You worked for IGH?"
"She was the patient."
"Tell me."
"We were just putting her to bed and she threw me like I was a rag doll. Ten feet into a glass cabinet. I broke my back. Glass ripped me to shreds. Then she got Luanne, the other nurse. She twisted that poor girl's head clean around."
―Inez Green and Jessica Jones[src]
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Hiding in Paranoia

"We just want to know why you're hiding. Who's after you?"
"After me? Every loser out there with a dick. Know what it's like to be a woman on the streets?"
Jessica Jones and Inez Green[src]
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Client Protection

"A woman like you, with awards and all that, you don't just invite in some stranger off the streets, give the royal treatment."
"I have an agreement with Jessica to keep you safe."
"Well, there are plenty of places to keep me safe. Why dirty your fancy sheets? Tell me what you want from me. Really. Or I'm leaving."
"I want to know everything that you know about IGH. Specifically, about the experiments."
―Inez Green and Jeri Hogarth[src]
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Scamming Jeri Hogarth

"My trust is hard to win, and I gave it to you. And you crushed me."
Jeri Hogarth to Inez Green[src]

When Inez tried to sneak away from Hogarth's apartment, she packed a lot of her valuables including jewelry in a designer bag, hoping to pawn it off for cash. After discovering Hogarth's ALS medication, Inez returns the merchandise and confesses to her there was another patient who could heal people. It was the one memory that reminded her that she used to care for people.


"I call her Mean-ez Mean. Woman hates everybody."
"She's a misanthrope."
―Homeless Man and Jessica Jones[src]
Inez Green once had a lively attitude working as a nurse for IGH. However, after being attacked by Alisa Jones and left to stare at the lifeless body of her friend Luanne McClure, Green became fearful and ultimately feared the underground organization. She lived homeless in paranoia, believing that IGH would soon come after her and kill her; Green was also unyielding to trust those that claim to care for her safety, repeatedly asking Jeri Hogarth for her actual intentions for leaving her in her apartment.


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  • Initially, her name was going to be Ingrid.