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"There is one particular Roxxon location a few hours outside of Los Angeles, which I believe would be the most likely place."
"Why is it our leading contender?"
"The security. Compared to the other facilities, it's quite intense. I believe the word "impenetrable" was used."
"In my experience, nothing is impenetrable."
Edwin Jarvis, Jason Wilkes and Peggy Carter[src]

The Infiltration into the Roxxon Warehouse was an attempt by Peggy Carter to prevent Whitney Frost from obtaining an atomic bomb.


"Now we're talking, how many guns do you need?"
"No guns, no guns. Just some of your men who are good with their hands and discreet."
"Sounds like a pretty sweet deal for me."
Joseph Manfredi and Whitney Frost[src]

The Roxxon Oil Corporation created Atomic Bombs for the United States Armed Forces.[4] In cooperation with Isodyne Energy, the effectiveness of a bomb was tested when the explosion created a rift which sucked into it the military personnel and its vehicles. The only thing that remained was a black substance dubbed Zero Matter.

The Atomic Job 16

Whitney Frost and Jason Wilkes were exposed to the Zero Matter[5] and gained powers. Frost and Wilkes both learned that they could absorb the substance and gain durability; Wilkes wanted the durability to make himself tangible while Frost liked the invulnerable feeling she received. Frost sought an Atomic Bomb to recreate the rift to gain more Zero Matter. Peggy Carter and Edwin Jarvis overheard Frost's desire for a bomb; Wilkes explained why she needed it and where two were stored in the Roxxon Warehouse. Carter went undercover as "Wanda" to the Roxxon Office and ultimately got from Hugh Jones his access key.


Meanwhile, Frost and her husband Calvin Chadwick went to Maggia leader Joseph Manfredi to obtain assistance in transporting the bombs. Carter realized that she needed assistance as well and, after conversing with Strategic Scientific Reserve Chief Daniel Sousa, recruited Rose Roberts for help, since the reach of the Council of Nine was so extensive, practically no one else could be trusted. Aloysius Samberly was recruited because he would not allow his inventions to be used without him.

Since the bombs were the property of Isodyne Energy and Chadwick owned the company, he had access to the bombs but did not know their exact location within the warehouse.[4]


"I'm sorry Agent Carter, not everyone's cut out for Hollywood."
Whitney Frost to Peggy Carter[src]

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"I am now indebted to a lord of the criminal underworld, and at the mercy of the Council, and the Council does not trade in mercy!"
"If we had gotten the bomb..."
"If we had succeeded that would have been one thing, but this was a disaster!"
Calvin Chadwick and Whitney Frost[src]

While Aloysius Samberly and Rose Roberts took the uranium rods to a safe location, Edwin Jarvis and Daniel Sousa took the injured Peggy Carter to the house of Violet, a nurse and Sousa's fiance, since going to the hospital was not a viable option because of the reach of the Council of Nine. Violet and the men tended to Carter's wound.


Meanwhile, Calvin Chadwick was upset with the debacle and feared the wrath of the Council[4] since they had already told him not to experiment with Zero Matter anymore.[5] Whitney Frost, who began thinking of another scheme, disliked how Chadwick spoke to her and threatened him with absorption if he continued. Chadwick waited until she went to sleep to call an emergency meeting of the Council.[4]

Frost eventually told Vernon Masters that she wanted the uranium rods returned, so Masters asked Sousa to bring them to him; when Sousa refused, Masters has Sousa assaulted by two masked thugs. Masters then took command of the Auerbach Theatrical Agency, saying that he was replacing Sousa until he recovered from his beating.[6]