The Infinity Gauntlet is an item used for channeling the power of the Infinity Stones. It is designed to be worn on the left-hand and is in Thanos' possession.


Odin's Vault

Infinity Gauntlet Thor

The fake Infinity Gauntlet in the Odin's Vault.

A Gauntlet (which, unlike Thanos' version, was right-handed) with replicas of the Infinity Stones was in Odin's Weapon Vault, and was guarded by the Destroyer.[1] During her takeover of Asgard, while searching the vaults Hela came across the Infinity Gauntlet housed there and declared it to be a fake, pushing it onto the floor.[2]

Thanos' Possession

AoU Thanos

Thanos wielding the Infinity Gauntlet.

"Fine... I'll do it myself."

Given that both Loki[3] and Ronan the Accuser[4] failed him in his quest to find and retrieve the Infinity Stones, Thanos put on the Infinity Gauntlet and decided to hunt for the Stones himself instead of manipulating others to do so for him.[5]


Behind the Scenes


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