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"Zola's algorithm is a program... for choosing Insight's targets!"
"What targets?"
"You! A TV anchor in Cairo, the Undersecretary of Defense, a high school valedictorian in Iowa City. Bruce Banner, Stephen Strange, anyone who is a threat to HYDRA! Now, or in the future."
Jasper Sitwell and Steve Rogers[src]

Iowa City is a town in Iowa.


Project Insight

Iowa City was one of the intended targets of Project Insight, as some of its citizens were deemed a threat for HYDRA's plans. Jasper Sitwell explicitly referred to a high school valedictorian living in Iowa City as one of the targets for Insight. The city was not shot as Captain America and his allies were able to change the intended targets and stop HYDRA in time.[1]

Jack Monroe

The only hero in the Marvel Universe from Iowa (a town called Clutier) is Jack Monroe. In the comics, Monroe's father was a Nazi sympathizer. After the FBI used Jack to investigate and arrest his father, Jack is relocated to Connecticut, where he befriends professor William Burnside.

Burnside obtained super-soldier serum, and lobbied to become the new Captain America in 1953 during the Korean War, but was denied. He injected himself and Jack Monroe with the serum, and made themselves the new Captain America and Bucky. However, the duo eventually went insane, and were placed in deep freeze.


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