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"I'm still trying to figure out who I'm gonna be as the Iron Fist. Lei Kung taught me that I was a powerful weapon... a flame meant to destroy our enemies. But I keep thinking that... maybe I can be something else. A light... for those trapped in the darkness."
―Danny Rand to Colleen Wing[src]

Daniel Thomas "Danny" Rand-K'ai is the only child of the owners of Rand Enterprises. Rand lost his parents in a plane crash which resulted with the young Rand being rescued by monks and taken to K'un-Lun where he trained and eventually took the title of the Iron Fist. Rand returned to New York City to claim back his name and soon fell into conflict against the Hand when he had learned that Madame Gao was using his company to sell her own Heroin. Rand challenged Gao and soon joined forces with his father's ally Harold Meachum and Bakuto. However, Meachum and Bakuto turned against Rand, while intending to use the power of the Iron Fist for their own purposes, forcing Rand to defeat them both. Thinking that he had fulfilled his mission to defeat the Hand, Rand returned to K'un-Lun with his new friend Colleen Wing, only to discover that the gate to the city had closed while he was gone.

Searching the globe with Wing for any new leads to the Hand, Rand's one lead was assassinated by Elektra, prompting him to return to New York, where he was introduced to Luke Cage by Claire Temple. Together, along with the assistance of the vigilantes Daredevil and Jessica Jones, Rand soon fulfilled his prophecy to finally destroy the Hand, saving New York while apparently losing Daredevil in the process. Honoring his ally's final wish, Rand decided to continue protecting New York as a vigilante. Rand then teamed up with Cage in order to put an end to Bushmaster and his criminal actions within Harlem, as Rand then assisted Cage not only as a warrior, but also as a mentor in order to help Cage become a superior hero.

While Rand continued to use his powers to protect New York City, he was eventually reunited with Davos, who sought his revenge against Rand for abandoning K'un-Lun and leaving it to be destroyed. With the aid of both Joy Meachum and Mary Walker, Davos kidnapped Rand and performed a ceremony to steal the power of the Iron Fist from him, before also crippling Rand. With help from Colleen Wing and Misty Knight, Rand regained his strength and went to stop Davos from continuing his murderous rampage through Chinatown as he slaughtered members of the Yangsi Gonshi and Golden Tigers, eventually deciding that Wing should take over the power of the Iron Fist instead. Upon defeating Davos and giving the Iron Fist over to Wing, Rand left New York with Ward Meachum to investigate Orson Randall, while regaining the power of the Iron Fist.


Early Life

Privileged Upbringing

Born to Wendell and Heather Rand, Danny Rand had lived a comfortable life with his family within New York City. He was homeschooled as a child and had several different teachers, along with his mother. His father was close friends with Harold Meachum, who several years earlier he had partnered with to create Rand Enterprises, which had allowed the Rands and Meachums to amass a huge fortune over the years, and due to the friendship of their parents, the young Rands and the Meachums often spent time together.[2] While walking with his mother, Rand tried to pull away as she attempted to hold his hand, unaware that Madame Gao was observing them.[3]

Friendship with the Meachums

"You used to lock me in the freezer at the Rand cafeteria. At one of the company picnics you put a dead frog in my sandwich. You would kick me in the balls every chance you had. This sound familiar?"
―Danny Rand to Ward Meachum[src]

During his childhood, Danny Rand had spent most of his time interacting and playing with Harold Meachum's two children, Joy Meachum and Ward Meachum, although Rand was often tormented by Ward who would lock him in freezers, put dead frogs in his food and kick him in the testicles. Despite Ward's frequent bullying, Rand still looked up to Ward like an older brother.[2] When Rand Enterprises needed a new commercial, Rand was convinced to take part when his father promised to take him to the circus in Madison Square Garden afterwards as he sat next to his mother and Joy Meachum, as Rand had admired the acrobats.[4] The Rands and Meachums had often went on traveling together while also doing commercials. Rand also befriended young Jeri Hogarth while she worked as an intern at Rand Enterprises. He affectionately nicknamed her J-Money when she bribed five dollars to convince Danny not to tell her boss after she cursed his assistant Margaret.[5]

Becoming Iron Fist

Plane Crash

Young Danny(1)

Rand is involved in a terrifying plane crash.

"I left here, ten years old, on a jet with my parents. We never reached our destination. I lost my family in that crash, and I became the lone survivor."
―Danny Rand[src]

Rand was traveling with his mother and father on a Rand Enterprises business trip towards Anzhou. During their flight however they then became involved in a plane crash in the Himalayas. As their pilots were unconscious and the plane began to fall apart, Rand was struck in the head by a piece of the plane. Rand's mother went to his aid, checking that he was okay, however just as she did, the roof of the plane was ripped off and she was sucked outside, seemingly falling to her death in the mountains while the horrified Rand could now only watch helplessly and scream out for his mother.

Young Danny(2)

Rand barely surviving the horrific plane crash

As the plane neared the ground, Rand's father told him that he loved him before they Crash Landed. Miraculously, Rand had survived the crash that killed both his parents. As he crawled across the freezing landscape he found both the pilots who had some strange markings on their necks before finding his father's body. Rand was unable to locate his mother and, while he stayed by his father's side, he was found by Chodak and Tashi, members from the Order of the Crane Mother who took him back to the city of K'un-Lun in order to save him from freezing to death while trapped in the snow.[4]

Trained as a Warrior

Young Danny Rand Training

Rand being beaten by the Monks of K'un-Lun.

"All day, every day. When we weren't training, it was fighting, sparring. Every moment was a struggle. Failure led to a beating. Victory led to the next fighting style, the next lesson."
―Danny Rand to Joy Meachum[src]

In the years to come, Danny Rand would experience strict and harsh conditions while he had lived with all the monks of the Order of the Crane Mother, sleeping on a dirty mat and traveling a mile uphill to get daily rations of water each morning, although he soon became accustomed to the enviorment despite the vast difference compared to his life in New York City. He would then train and spar with other students of K'un-Lun, during which any failures to fight led to beatings by his masters to teach him endurance, while his victories would then earn him being taught the next fighting styles.


Rand befriending another student, Davos

While training under the watchful eye of Lei Kung, Rand excelled with his studies and soon became a skilled warrior, while mastering every fighting style taught to him.[6] Rand also became close friends with Kung's son, Davos, as the pair shared experiences growing up in the harsh environment of K'un-Lun. While Davos took care of Rand while he got used to the cold air, Rand showed off skills of his own which he had learned from New York City, including making paper airplanes which amazed Davos.[7] Rand and Davos would sometimes sneak away to eat a donkey rather than a vegetables they grew.[8]


Rand playing some more games with Davos

While inside their room, Rand and Davos had amused themselves by playing their game of noughts and crosses which Rand had learned while growing up in the United States of America, Davos once again lost and complained that it was a stupid game, as Rand bet Davos that if he won again then Davos would have to do all of his knuckle pushups for him, which Davos had simply refused to bet on, claiming that Rand was so skinny that he needed to do more pushups rather than him. Rand however noted how Kung taught them that having a sharp mind could be better than the sharpest of swords.


Rand discusses being the Immortal Iron Fist

The friends then discussed the Iron Fist and the teachings of Kung and Yü-Ti, as Davos had noted that the Iron Fist must strike without mercy or hesitation, claiming that the Iron Fist not only guarded the pass to K'un-Lun, but also killed them against all of their enemies. When Rand questioned if he would actually be able to kill, Davos had insisted that once he was the Iron Fist, he would then hunt down and destroy their enemies, which included the Hand. When Rand then questioned if Davos would be willing to kill him if he joined the Hand, Davos had claimed he would not as they were still brothers.


Rand watches Davos being hit by his mother

They were then interrupted by Priya, who insisted that if Rand joined the Hand then Davos must kill him without a second thought if Davos wanted to be a true warrior for the Order of the Crane Mother, while then also telling Rand that he would actually never be granted their permission to undergo the Trial of Shou-Lao due to his compassion which she claimed was deficiency of character and would not make him a true warrior of K'un-Lun. Priya then whipped Davos' hands for speaking out of turn, making Davos recite what made him worthy of becoming the Iron Fist while Rand watched on from the side.

Iron Fist Meditating

Rand grows up to become a skilled warrior

Rand and Davos continued to share many experiences together such as stealing wine from Master Kuo and replacing it with water[9] as well as stealing apples from Master Q'uon[10] or stealing Kuo's cart to go and peek at some of the village girls, only to find Kung bathing in the nude.[11] Rand's years of training under the guidance of Kung and the Order of the Crane Master eventually allowed him to become one of the most skilled and respected warriors in K'un-Lun. However Rand often meditated in the snowy mountains, thinking of his mother and how he would finally return back to New York some day.[12]

Duel of K'un-Lun


Rand preparing himself to challenge Davos

"Yield. Yield! Danny, it's over. You can't run forever."
"I'm not running. I'm leading."
Davos and Danny Rand[src]

During Rand's time as a student in K'un-Lun, he eventually learned of the position of the Iron Fist, a title of considerable power and great importance throughout the realm, passed down through generals of the Order of the Crane Mother and tasked with protecting K'un-Lun from their sworn enemies, the Hand. Rand grew ambitious and set out to prove himself a worthy enough warrior of gaining the power of the Iron Fist, competing with several other students, including Davos, onto reach his goal of gaining this power. Despite many of the monks there believing that Rand being an outsider made him incapable of earning the title, Rand's determination grew further.[6]

IFS2 Rand & Davos (Fight)

Rand fighting Davos to determine who will fight Shou-Lao

Years later, both Rand and Davos were ready for the trials to become the Iron Fist. Rand competed against many of his fellow students, until only he and Davos were the only candidates left. Their final trial took place at a temple of K'un-Lun and witnessed by their teacher, Lei Kung, Priya and other masters. Donning the Iron Fist masks, they were told that they were only allowed to leave until the opponent yields or dies. Rand and Davos fought for hours in the temple halls. Both were equally matched and both received heavy injuries. Davos managed to gain the upper hand, when Rand found himself unable to hit his friend when Davos took off his mask. Despite seemingly on the losing side, Rand stubbornly refused to give up and Davos hesitated to deliver the killing blow and pleaded for Rand to yield. Eventually, Rand led Davos into the light of the dawning sun to blind him and gained the upper hand. As Rand held Davos to the floor and demanded for him to yield, Thunderer ruled Rand as the victor. Exhausted and injured, Rand left as the victor and prepared to face Shou-Lao the Undying.[13]

Trial of Shou-Lao

Rand Faces Shou-Lao

Rand prepares to battle against Shou-Lao

"It was not like I imagined it."
"It is never how you imagined it."
―Danny Rand and Davos[src]

Eventually, Rand was given the opportunity to gain the power of the Iron Fist, being then sent to battle the Dragon called Shou-Lao the Undying which had lived within a Cave outside the city. It ferociously guarded a brazier containing its heart, which had mystically been removed from its body. In their battle, Rand grabbed the serpent's body, which bore the scar that imprinted itself upon Rand's chest.

Danny Burn Iron Fist

Rand finally gains the Power of the Iron Fist

Rand plunged his hands into the now unguarded brazier containing Shou-Lao's molten heart when his hands had shone with a quasi-mystical force and he finally earned the title Iron Fist.[14] With his trial succeeded, Rand had gained his power and the Mark of Shou-Lao onto his chest before he was left unconscious outside the cave. He was eventually found by Davos who woke him up, as Rand then used his new Chi power to summon his Iron Fist.


Iron Fist being helped onto his feet by Davos

Still confused and disoriented, Rand looked at his new powers while Davos helped him onto his feet, telling him that the rest of K'un-Lun now needed to know that he was the Iron Fist. Rand told his friend that the trial was not what he thought it was, while Davos told Rand that it wasn't what any of them thought. He reminded Rand that he had a duty now, but Davos promised he would be by his side, guarding K'un-Lun.[15]

Longing for Home

DannyDavos guardians

Iron Fist standing guard outside of K'un-Lun

"Same as yesterday. Guarding the pass."
"You know what the whole rest of your life is gonna be."
"Guarding the pass."
"Guarding K'un-Lun."
―Iron Fist and Davos[src]

Having finally become Iron Fist, Rand spent his time watching and guarding over the pass to K'un-Lun alongside Davos in case of an attack by the Hand. As much as Rand tried to uphold his duties, part of him felt unsatisfied and empty as gaining the power of the Iron Fist did nothing to solve his problems. Davos tried to reassure him that at least he knew what the rest of his life was meant to be, although Davos' reassurance did nothing to solve Rand's inner struggle. Rand had begun to look and wait for a sign to his questions.[15]

Lead Horse Back to Stable

Rand realizes the way out of K'un-Lun is open

One day while he guarded the gate, Rand then spotted a hawk flying further and further away and realized that the passage to K'un-Lun was finally open once again for the first time since his Plane Crash. Taking this hawk as the sign had showed him a path and wanting to desperately return home to New York City and get the answers to his questions, Rand made the choice to leave K'un-Lun behind.[4] On the journey back to the United States of America, Rand used his martial arts skills to fight in illegal fight clubs to earn money and eventually stole a passport in Morocco to then get back into America.[4]

Returning Home

Rejected by Friends

Snow Gives Way

Rand arrives back at his family's company.

"What? No, no, I guess I need to talk to you, then."
"What you need is to get out of my office."
"Look, uh, it's me. Seriously. Why don't we just all walk over to the Stage Deli? We can have a cup of tea."
―Danny Rand and Ward Meachum[src]

Having finally left K'un-Lun behind him, Rand had then returned all the way back to his own original home of New York City still barefoot, delighting at being home at long last while he looked at some of the new technology that was in shop windows. Having ventured a while through the streets while still listening to his music on his IPod Classic, Rand eventually found his family's Rand Enterprises Building and looked upon it's great height. Smiling, Rand informed a Peanut Vender that the building belonged to him, however the vender did not believe Rand was telling the truth due to his lack of shoes.

Rand enters company

Rand returning back to his family's company

Upon entering the building and looking around the reception for the first time in over a decade when he had ridden his skateboard down the hallways, Rand went straight over to the female receptionist, commenting that June obviously no longer worked there. Rand then enthusiastically asked to meet with Harold Meachum so he could explain where he had been for so long. As the receptionist looked confused, Rand then introduced himself as Danny Rand, the son of Wendell Rand, much to the disbelief of the current receptionist who claimed that meeting with Meachum would be impossible.


Rand taking a long look all around the building

Being promised this would happen soon, Rand walked around and found a new high tech screen which gave the history of Rand Enterprises, which Rand took great delight in watching as it showed the history of work his father and Meachum had done together. Much to Rand's displeasure, the security arrived and escorted him out the building, believing Rand to be nothing more than a crazy homeless man who was attempting to gain access to the building, shutting the door behind him despite Rand insisting that he did belong and they should call Meachum in order to finally confirm this fact.

Rand fights guards

Rand is forced to subdue the security guards

Refusing to take no for an answer, Rand reentered the building only to be stopped once again by the building's security who insisted that he leave. Telling them that he only wished to speak with Meachum, Rand was then forced to use his own martial arts to fight past them, having little trouble despite the security being armed with batons as Rand was able to trip them up without causing them any other real physical harm as he then made his was through the doors while more security guards, including Shannon, came and had failed to stop him, before Rand got into the elevator and had then gone upstairs.


Rand gets in Joy and Ward Meachum's office

While in the lift, Rand sneakily used another employee's keycard to gain access to the top floor. Ignoring Megan's attempts to challenge him, Rand then succeeded in reaching the office floor and entered Meachum's office, only to find Ward Meachum was sitting in his father's former office. While Rand and Ward questioned who the other was, Rand reunited with Joy Meachum who he enthusiastically greeted although they were untrusting of Rand who they did not recognise. As Ward prepared to call security, Rand insisted he was telling the truth, while requesting to speak with their father.


Rand attempting to explain who he really is

The siblings refused to believe that he was Rand without any proof, noting how all the Rands had been killed in the Air Crash fifteen years earlier. They then informed him that their father Harold had passed away from cancer sixteen years earlier and demanded that he leave, as Ward continued trying to get through to security. As Joy tried to get Rand out of the office, Rand still tried to insist he was being honest, suggesting they go to the Stage Deli and talk things through so he could explain, although Rand nearly came to blows with Ward when the latter furiously threatened and insulted him.


Rand is taken away by the Meachum's guards

When Joy once again told him to leave, Rand had briefly lost his temper with the situation before he apologised, resulting in Ward stepping between Rand and his sister and informing him that this would be his final chance to get out of his office. As security finally arrived on their floor and held him at gunpoint, Rand was forced to leave, despite insisting he was not dangerous. As Joy considered calling the New York City Police Department, Ward suggested they not and instead personally threatened Rand to stay away, before Rand was taken out of the building, which he reluctantly did.[2]

Reconnecting with New York

Iron Fist Break In

Rand revisiting his own former residence

"Oh, nothing. It's just, uh I'm guessing people think we're pretty much alike."
"Special creatures.
"Yeah, Exactly."
―Danny Rand and Big Al[src]

Having left the Rand Enterprises Building, Rand had then instead returned back to his old home that is now a Private Residence of the Meachums, finding an old craving he and his mother and father had previously done on the concrete. Wishing to take a look around his former home, Rand first rang the doorbell but then, when he got no answer, instead resorted to first trying to find a key before he then climbed up the side of the building with considerable ease and broke in without being seen by anyone due to his speed.


Rand meditates before Joy Meachum's dog

While he was quietly exploring the house, Rand had also found a photograph of both Ward and Joy Meachum at a party together. Despite being a quiet as possible as he continued exploring, Rand eventually encountered Joy's pet dog, Toro, who was attempting to protect his master's home from the intruder. Remaining completely calm, Rand had still managed to keep Toro from attacking him by quietly bending down to Toro's level before calmly using his Chi to sedate the pet before locking it inside Joy's study where he would not be able to raise the alarm about Rand having broken in.


Rand reliving all his memories from the house

Rand then found a photograph of himself with the Meachum family on holiday together when they were young, with Harold Meachum included in the picture. When he reached the roof of the residence, Rand had briefly reminisced a memory in his youth when he played board games with Joy and Ward, seeing how Ward was not very kind towards him, insulting Rand's own relationship with his parents while also blaming him for making a mess which Ward had actually been responsible for. Rand then eventually left the residence when Joy had returned, ensuring that he made no noise on his way out.


Rand being introduced to Big Al in the park

With no money currently on him, Rand was forced to take refuge for the night in Central Park where he was greeted by a homeless man named Big Al, who mistook Rand for another homeless man due to his lack of shoes and had noted that he had not seen Rand around in New York City before, to which Rand noted that he had been away for quite some time. During their chat, Al had mistook Rand's iPod Classic for something he had stolen, noting that he had managed to steal an iPhone off somebody and used it to find his sister in Florida, offering that he could look somebody up if Rand wanted.


Rand researches what he missed with Big Al

Rand asked Al to use the internet to research himself, learning from a report from the New York Bulletin that officially he had died with his family during the Air Crash fifteen years earlier. Rand then learned from him about Harold Meachum's passing due to cancer, with Al noting that Meachum had a big funeral which even their major had attended. Big Al then offered a few advice on where to get shoes and food, believing Rand to also be homeless, as Rand noted that they were similar people with their desire to help people, before Rand had then gone back to sleep for the night outside in the open air.[2]

Speaking to Joy Meachum


Rand attempting to speak to Joy Meachum

"Joy, come on. Hey, look, it's We used to be friends. It's me. Daniel Thomas Rand. Born April 1st, right here in Manhattan. We were on the same soccer team. The Bombers. I played the goalie."
"Anyone could look that stuff up online."
―Danny Rand and Joy Meachum[src]

The next morning, Rand went back to former home once again in order to encounter Joy Meachum and try once more to convince her that he was telling the truth about who he was. However once again, she had refused to believe that he was her old friend Rand and was mortified that he had discovered where she lived. Despite Rand promising he would not harm Joy, she still called for her security, promising that if he touched her then she would have him arrested by the New York City Police Department and sent to jail for harassment, promising him the maximum penalty.


Rand being rejected again by Joy Meachum

Rand tried to convince Joy by stating facts about himself, including how they both grew up together in New York City and had played football together, where Rand had acted as their goalie, although Joy insisted that he could have looked this information up online, much to Rand's great frustration. Rand desperately pointed to the fact that Joy was now living in his former home, to which Joy then answered that it was now her home. Joy was further displeased when Rand inadvertently told her about his recent break-in to her home by noting how scary Toro was, which had utterly horrified Joy.


Rand is seen leaping right over a passing taxi

Knowing that talking to her further was meaningless and seeing that her car was just coming around the corner with her armed security team, Rand started to leave while he considered how he would next attempt to convince them that he was telling the truth about his own identity. However as Rand stepped out into the road a taxi come out and was about to hit him, however Rand proceeded to use his Chi energy and instead had effortlessly jumped over the car and evaded it, much to Joy's stunned surprise before Rand then took off running before he could then be arrested for once again harassing Joy.[2]

Meeting Colleen Wing


Rand meditating alone within Central Park

"I was just wondering if maybe I could get a job with you."
"I've already got someone who cleans up."
"No, wait. I meant"
―Danny Rand and Colleen Wing[src]

Following his disappointing efforts to reconnect with his former life and get the help of Ward and Joy Meachum, Rand had then begun meditating in Central Park in order to restore his Chi and find his own inner peace so that he could eventually continue trying to prove his name without losing his temper yet again. While he had performed his martial arts in order to relax his mind and body, a stranger handed Rand some change in a cup, having once again been mistaken for being homeless.


Rand first introduces himself to Colleen Wing

Looking to see who had given him the money which he did not want or need, Rand then spoke with Colleen Wing, who had put dollars into his cup while she was putting adverts on a wall. Rand tried to give the money back by noting that he had not actually been busking, but Wing insisted that he keep it as she continued putting up her posters and trying to ignore Rand while he had continued trying to speak with her. Rand then watched as Wing continued putting up ads for the Chikara Dojo which she ran, noting that her ads were for self-defence and martial arts classes which she taught.


Rand asking Colleen Wing to give him a job

Intrigued, Rand then took notice of Wing's surname and spoke with her in Mandarin for a moment, which had impressed Wing until she stopped him as she then noted she had not spoken that language since she was a child. Apologising, Rand had then asked if he could get a job at her dojo, intending to get a job teaching kung-fu classes, however, Wing declined the offer as she believed he had only wanted a job cleaning up and she explained that she actually already had an employee to do this. Before Rand could correct Wing on what he had meant, Wing said her goodbyes and then walked away.[2]

Threatening Ward Meachum


Rand getting inside of Ward Meachum's car

"Who said anything about money?"
"Then what do you want?"
"I want answers. I want to know what happened. To me, to my parents to the company that has my name on it!"
"That's all you want? Answers?"
―Danny Rand and Ward Meachum[src]

Taking to desperate measures, Rand had located Ward Meachum at a parking lot of the Rand Enterprises Building and had proceeded to enter his old friend's car, insisting that he was only trying to talk to him and this was the only way that he could think of to get his intention. Rand managed to force Ward to enter the car by driving it, noting that he had not driven since his father had taught him when he was a child. As they continued driving, Ward had demanded that Rand to stop and when he did not comply, he pulled a gun and once again insisted that he pull over the car.


Rand's life is threatened by Ward Meachum

While Rand still tried to get Ward to talk to him, Ward informed him that he could talk only with the New York City Police Department as Rand finally stopped the car. Increasingly frustrated by the anger and hostility that he has been receiving from his former friends since arriving back in New York City, Rand asked for Ward to put the gun away. When he replied by cocking his gun, Rand disarmed him with ease and briefly aimed the gun directly at Ward's head before then discarding it, while becoming increasingly annoyed that Ward would threaten his life rather than hear what he had to say.


Rand furiously drives Ward Meachum's car

Ward asked about what he wanted as Rand had explained that he wanted answers about what happened to him, his parents and to Rand Enterprises. Ward simply retold the Air Crash, still insisting that he was not Danny Rand and that he could have no proof of identity as Rand had no living relatives and could not give a fingerprint scan as he did not do one before disappearing. Despite Rand's attempt to convince Ward by mentioning their past together, he still remained unconvinced by anything that Rand was saying and insulted Rand by speculating what it was like inside of his crazy head.


Rand choses to run from Ward Meachum

Angered and frustrated, Rand started driving the car in high speed in the parking lot, comparing the intensity of the situation to watching his mother die and knowing that he and his father would be next. In his anger, he nearly drove the car off the building and managed to stop in time when Ward finally called him by his name, causing Rand to crash safely into the barriers. Distraught about his actions, Rand distressingly apologized and started moving out of the car. Before leaving, Ward grabbed him by the arm and warned him that this was not over, although Rand agreed with that statement.


Rand is reunited with Big Al in Central Park

Returning to Central Park, Rand was joined by Big Al who gave Rand a sandwich from an Italian Deli. They talked for a while about how society had gone wrong over the centuries as Big Al asserted to Rand that he stayed true to his purpose as a hunter-gatherer. Rand cited a quote from Buddha about how one's purpose in life was to find it, to which Big Al asked what Rand's purpose was. Rand then responded that his true purpose was to protect K'un-Lun from all oppression and to honor the sacrifice of Shou-Lao the Undying. Big Al then simply responded that Rand should still have fun.[2]

Attack on Danny Rand


Rand greets Colleen Wing inside Chikara Dojo

"Who sent you?! Who sent you?!"
"Ward Meachum!"
―Danny Rand and Shannon[src]

Rand headed over to the Chikara Dojo to find Colleen Wing as she was finishing her lesson. Once her students left, Rand greeted Wing again who questioned if he was there for a lesson, as Rand offered her the two dollars back and questioned what he could get for that, to which Wing suggested he get a coffee. Unsure of his intentions, Wing tried to get Rand to leave, but he said that he wished to challenge the dojo's master much to Wing's great confusion. She refused the challenge and continued trying to get Rand to leave by explaining she was closed.


Rand asks Colleen Wing for a job once more

Rand tried to advise Wing that she should begin to teach Kung-Fu in order to get more students into the Dojo, although Wing insisted that she did not want the hassle, but Rand suggested that he could teach some classes for her, noting that this is what he had meant when he had previously asked for a job. Wing questioned where Rand had trained, to which he answered K'un-Lun. When Wing then asked Rand where she could find K'un-Lun, Rand had refused to tell her, noting that she would not actually be able to get to K'un-Lun from New York City, which finally got onto Wing's nerves.


Rand is calmly threatened by Colleen Wing

Irritated and not believing what he was saying, Wing sternly asked Rand to leave, placing her wooden practice sword to his neck and when Rand pointed out that it did not even have an edge, Wing noted that he did not want to know how much it would hurt when she hit him across the face with it, to which Rand noted that Master Lei Kung had already demonstrated this to him on multiple occasions. Finally taking the hint, Rand apologized to Wing for any inconvenience and headed for the exit, however as Wing felt sympathetic to Rand, she still gave him a pair of shoes to wear.


Rand defends himself from a sudden ambush

Outside the dojo, Rand sat down to put his new shoes on, but was soon attacked by Shannon who was armed with a bayonet, however Rand quickly retaliated and had soon managed to force the man on the ground with considerable ease. Recognizing Shannon as the security guard from Rand Enterprises who he encountered earlier when he arrived in the Main Building, Rand then witnessed Shannon pull out his gun and try to kill him to which Rand quickly disarmed him. When he had realized the man was not alone and that they were armed with their own guns, Rand quickly ran away for his life.


Rand is forced into running to save his life

Managing to avoid the gunshots fired at him, Rand then managed to get over a high wall in an effortless leap, as Rand managed to get away from his attackers for a brief time but knew that they were still attempting to locate him. When one of Shannon's men also got over the high wall, Rand came back and knocked him to the ground with a well placed kick, before taking his gun and removing the bullets and throwing it away. As he continued to run for his life, Rand was unaware that Wing had also come to his aid and had witnessed his skills before watching him disappear into the crowds.

Danny mask

Rand hides his face underneath a mask.

Running into New York City, Rand had then came across the Chinese New Year Parade going on in the middle of Chinatown, which Rand used to his advantage as he blended into the crowd and used Wing's two dollars to buy a mask to hide his face. Knowing that he could still be spotted due to his clothing, Rand remained on high alert and soon spotted Shannon within the crowd still searching for him. As another one of Shannon's men almost located him, Rand used all his martial arts skills to evade detection by quietly spinning around him and then disappearing back into the crowd, which left the man confused.


Rand gaining the advantage over his attacks

Getting to a high advantage point, Rand managed to drop down behind one of Shannon's men and attacked him, using the chaos of the Parade and the loud music to hide the attack. Knocking him into a building, Rand had no issue with subduing the man who he had taken completely off guard with his speed, knocking him unconcious before taking his gun away, removing all of the bullets and throwing it away. Having taken down his pursuers, Rand had then continued blending into the crowd and became determined to find out who it was who was currently attempting to have him assassinated.


Rand finally manages to subdue Shannon

With only Shannon left hunting him down, Rand continued walking throughout the crowds of people until he felt Shannon's gun being pressed against his back. Reacting with incredible speed, Rand then threw away Shannon's gun and punched him multiple times in quick succession, dazing Shannon. Throwing him down a flight of stairs, Rand interrogated Shannon by twisting his arm backwards and had eventually learned that it was Ward Meachum had sent them with the intention of killing Rand in order to gain his silence. Having learned this, Rand knocked Shannon unconcious and made his escape.

Big Al Dead Episode 1

Rand finds Big Al lying dead in Central Park.

Returning back to Central Park having escaped from his would be killers, Rand looked for the one person who had actually been kind to him since returning back to New York City. However, finding his tent was now empty, Rand had then eventually found Big Al lying near a tree, lifeless having overdosed on drugs as Rand pulled the heroin needle out of Big Al's arm. Rand briefly mourned his new friend and said a few passing words in tribute which he had learned during his time in K'un-Lun. Before leaving his friend's body behind, Rand had then noticed a Raven tattoo which was on the Big Al's arm.[2]

Tricked by the Meachums


Rand greeting Joy Meachum inside her office

"It's all kind of crazy. I don't even know where to start."
"Well, why don't you just start at the beginning?"
"We were in our jet. Flying over the Himalayas. Then things started to to go bad. Okay. We were, uh We were flying too low. And the the plane it started to come apart and, uh. And, um..."
―Danny Rand and Joy Meachum[src]

Seeking answers about why he had been attacked the night before, Rand returned to the Rand Enterprises Building, sneaking past the guards and heading downstairs to take a different way upstairs which he remembered from his youth growing up in the building. Rand waited until Joy Meachum had returned to the office and was horrified to find Rand waiting for her, when she questioned how he got in, Rand answered that the building was like a second home to him.


Rand having a cup of tea with Joy Meachum

Rand informed Joy that Ward Meachum had attempted to have him killed the night before, which Joy refused to believe, and asked if she was ready to talk and Joy finally agreed, although she still warned that she had mace in her purse and could press a single button and have a guard inside the room immediately, to which Rand had again promised that he would not do anything to harm her. Joy poured a cup of tea for Rand and they started talking as Rand explained how he was attacked by Shannon and two more men armed with guns, but Joy had still remained highly skeptical of this concept.


Rand begins explaining what happened to him

Joy suggested that even if Rand was telling the truth that the attack had taken place, then maybe Shannon had done this himself without following anybody else's orders. She then noted how Ward was a man who saw the world in facts or lies, while she was a little more open minded, noting that Rand looked like the person he said he was, despite Danny Rand dying in a Plane Crash, suggesting there was a hint that he could possibly be telling the truth. Joy then began calling Rand by Danny and offered to answer his questions as best she could, noting she also had a lot of questions for him.


Rand is drugged by Ward and Joy Meachum

Drinking the tea, Rand then started explaining what had happened the day of the plane crash, recalling witnessing his mother's death before the plane crashed and his father was also killed upon impact. Just as he was telling the story however, Rand realized he was losing focus and figured out that Joy has drugged his tea. Rand collapsed onto the floor as Joy and Ward looked down at him as they prepared to have him committed for trespassing and harassment of them, and Rand briefly hallucinated the time when Chodak and Tashi had found him in the snowy mountains shortly following the plane crash.[2]


Detained for Seventy Two Hours


Rand awakens at Birch Psychiatric Hospital.

"I was trying to focus my Chi so I could get myself out of here."
"How did it work?"
"It didn't. It's the drugs. You need to let me out of here."
"Well, it's either here or jail. But I have you for seventy two hours, so I think we should make the most of it."
―Danny Rand and Paul Edmonds[src]

When Rand finally awoke, he had found himself tied to a bed and a man named Simon watching over him. Upon asking about his current location, it was revealed that he was at Birch Psychiatric Hospital, as Rand insisted that he should not be there and discovered he was tied to the bed, as Simon refused to untie him since he heard Rand could put up a fight, although Rand had promised him that he was not actually dangerous, although Simon refused to accept this.

As Rand insisted that he needed to get out, Simon attempted to reassure him, claiming that he understood that it must be confusing to wake up in such a strange location, promising that they could help them. Standing over him, Simon, who was actually a patient there acting as an orderly, grew disturbed and insisted that Rand needed to kill himself in order to gain any help, holding a fork at Rand's throat. Before anything could happen, the staff members, including Joe and Smith arrived to take Simon away. Rand was given drugs and had then quietly drifted off into unconsciousness.

Rand Hospital

Rand is introduced to Doctor Paul Edmonds

While Rand was meditating in his room, later on, he had gained some peace by recalling being back within K'un-Lun and meditating on top of the mountains, until he had then become disturbed by recalling the details of his Plane Crash and then awoke to find Paul Edmonds was currently sitting beside him. When he asked if he woke him up, Rand explained that he was trying to recharge his Chi to get out of there, noting that the drugs were stopping him from gaining his full abilities. Rand again requested that his straps be removed, and Edmonds had agreed once Rand had promised that he would behave himself.

Having removed just one of the restraints, Edmonds asked for his name, to which Rand insisted that he was Danny Rand, as Edmonds compared the name to the rich child who died in the plane crash, not believing Rand was telling the truth. Although Rand insisted he was being honest, the doctor did not believe him, asking him to tell him more details, as Rand explained in great detail how after his mother and father had been killed, he then awoke in the snow until he was found by Chodak and Tashi, the monks from the Order of the Crane Mother who had then managed to save his life.

Changing the subject, Edmonds then asked Rand about John Anderson, as he showed Rand a passport with Rand's photo on it with Anderson's name. The doctor explained that he was John Anderson of Toronto from Canada, although Rand denied any knowledge about the passport, though he was actually lying and had stolen the passport from Morocco to get back into the United States of America. The doctor explained that if Rand wanted to get out of the hospital, he needed to start being honest before leaving him tied down and still furiously struggling to break himself free.[4]

Birch Hospital Tour

Birch Psychiatric Hospital IF102

Rand walks around Birch Psychiatric Hospital

"You're the only person I know in New York who doesn't want to kill me or put me in a mental hospital."
"Then I might want to rethink that."
"No, listen. I'm not crazy, okay? They drugged me. They brought me here against my will. You saw me being attacked."
―Danny Rand and Colleen Wing[src]

Having finally been released from his bed straps, Rand was visited by both Joe and Simon, as Simon had been tasked to give him a tour around Birch Psychiatric Hospital, much to Rand's displeasure as Simon had earlier attempted to kill him while he was still tied down onto the bed. As Rand questioned if he planned on attempting to stab him again, Simon then apologized for his action and blamed it on stress before stepping out of the room and indicating for Rand to follow him in order to then begin the tour.

He toured Rand around the facility and told him a little bit about some of the patients in the facility, including Dink who he claimed had killed his parents with a hammer and Leo who fried his brain with methamphetamines. As they kept walking, Dink purposely pushed into Rand although Simon insisted that he should just let the insult go as it was not worth getting into a fight with Dink. As Simon showed Rand to his new room, Rand insisted that he would be out in seventy-two hours, to which Simon chuckled and explained that the patients here including him have been inside for years.

Stepping into the leisure room of the hospital, Simon pointed out himself as well as Billy and Jimmy who had all been given a seventy-two hour stay which turned into years, as Rand realized it was urgent to get out. When Simon made an off-hand comment comparing the patients to being like drugged up donkeys, he had accidentally angered Dink. When he insisted Rand have to apologize as well, Rand refused and got into a brief fight, in which Rand easily subdued Dink by throwing him to the floor with considerable each, which had resulted in the guards immediately taking Rand away.

Having been taken away by the doctors, Rand was strapped back down to a bed inside his room where he was forced to take several more drugs again. Simon came to visit and asked if he was alright, with Rand taking notice that Simon was the first person to call him by his real first name since he arrived. Simon asked Rand if there was any family that he could call, and when that was not an option, Simon asked if there were any friends he could call instead. Remembering that there was one person that he could call, Rand asked for Simon's help to release the straps so he could make a call.

With Simon agreeing to help and with only one option open to him, Rand then called Colleen Wing at the Chikara Dojo, although she was briefly confused over who was calling her. He explained his situation and asked for her help and, when she questioned why he was calling her, Rand told her that she was the only one in New York City who had not shown him hostility or had attempted to kill him and Joy and Ward Meachum had done. Despite Rand's plead to her to speak with the Meachums, Wing apologized and hung up the phone, simply unwilling to put her life on the line to help a stranger.[4]

Speaking to Dr. Edmonds

"I bought the passport in Morocco. It's stolen. I know it's a federal crime, but it's the only way I could get back into the States. I'm not John Anderson. I'm Danny Rand."
"We'll talk about it in our next session."
―Danny Rand and Paul Edmonds[src]

Back in his room, Rand tried to meditate and recharge his Chi, once again thinking back to being in K'un-Lun and meditating there until he once again had then become disturbed by recalling the details of his Plane Crash, including the death of his father. When Rand opened his eyes, he found that Doctor Paul Edmonds had entered his room wishing once again to speak with Rand and get closer to the truth, as they discussed the drugs he was being given which Rand said made him feel like he was underwater as he was getting a high dose.

Rand revealed that he lied about the passport, however, he still denied that he was John Anderson, confessing that he had bought the passport in Morocco with the intention of getting back to the United States of America. Once again, Rand insisted that he was not John Anderson, but that he was Danny Rand. However, once again Doctor Edmonds had refused to believe him, telling Rand that they would discuss this in their next session before leaving the room as Joe then entered the room and gave Rand his medicine which he took willingly to avoid having it forced down his throat.

Later during the day, Edmonds called Rand into his office in order to show him a Rand Enterprises commercial from around fifteen years earlier. As it started, Rand immediately recognized the commercial that he once did with his parents and the Meachums while Edmonds explained his belief that Rand was, in fact, fantasying that he was part of a wealthy family. Rand reminisced about how he was convinced to partake in the commercial by his father who promised to take him to the circus in Madison Square Garden afterward as he sat next to his mother with Joy Meachum sat on the other side of him.

Unwilling to hear more of what he still believed were lies, Doctor Edmond insisted that Rand was John Anderson. At his wits end, Rand proceeded to furiously smash the doctor's computer screen as he once again insisted that his name was not John Anderson but Danny Rand. Having heard the computer being smashed and he furious outburst, several staff members, including Joe had then arrived into Doctor Edmonds' office to take Rand away, as they injected Rand with more drugs and dragged him out of the office and back into his room where he could sleep off his anger.[4]

Vision of Harold Meachum


Rand being visited by Harold Meachum

"Only in the middle of a fight did I fully come alive. The harder that someone hit me, the the more everything came into focus."
"Oh. What kind of warrior are you? Hey, listen to me. What do you mean you're a warrior?"
"I became one in a long line of Immortal Iron Fists."
―Danny Rand and Harold Meachum[src]

At night, Rand was strapped back down onto his bed where he was then drugged once more by Joe and was left to go to sleep to calm down in the wake of his outburst against Doctor Paul Edmonds after his claims of being Danny Rand had once again been rejected by everybody around him. However as Rand was about to go to sleep, he then saw a vision of the now deceased Harold Meachum who was looking down at him beside his bed, much to the great shock and confusion of Rand who still believed that Meachum had died.

Believing him to be a hallucination, Rand listened as Meachum reminded Rand about how he used to sing the song Danny Boy to get on his nerves, quietly singing the song while the still drugged up Rand tried to understand what was happening. Confused by the appearance of Meachum, Rand answered his questions, telling him all about how he had been found by the Order of the Crane Mother and then taken back to K'un-Lun, noting that he should have never left to return to New York City as he at least had understood what his place was back in K'un-Lun unlike in New York.

Meachum asked about his position in K'un-Lun, as Rand explained that he was a warrior, noting his ascension of a long line of the Immortal Iron Fists, the sworn enemy of the Hand. This answer intrigued Meachum as he continued asking more questions about both the Iron Fist and the Hand, as Rand explained that it was his sworn duty to destroy the Hand, as Meachum seemed excited by the prospect of find the one destined to destroy the Hand. Rand pleaded Meachum to get him out of the Birch Psychiatric Hospital as Meachum reassured Rand that he would take care of it and urged him to sleep.[4]

Gaining New Allies

"The family thinks I'm a threat to them."
"And why would they think that?"
"I'm guessing because I'm Danny Rand and I probably own more than half the company."
"Wait a minute. Danny Rand, as in Rand Enterprises? It couldn't be something simple."
―Danny Rand and Colleen Wing[src]

The next day, Rand was once again attempting to meditate inside of his room within the Birch Psychiatric Hospital, practicing his martial arts poses to attempt to focus and regain his Chi once again, but had still found himself struggling to focus on being back at K'un-Lun when all he could see in his mind was the Plane Crash which had killed his mother and father right in front of him, causing him to finally break concentration, much to Rand's great frustration at failing yet again to regain his Chi.

Rand sat on the bed when Joe came into his room and delivered a package that was sent by Joy Meachum to Rand himself, much to Rand's considerable surprise. When he opened it, he found Meachum had only sent him a bag of M&Ms without any note attached. Realizing this could finally convince her about his true identity, Rand had immediately started picking out all the brown M&Ms which he had always done when they were younger, something which would have been impossible for anyone to research about their relationship and therefore the way to prove that he was actually Danny Rand.

While Rand continued with his task, Joe returned and informed Rand that he had a visitor. Believing it was Meachum, Rand went to the meeting room to find Colleen Wing waiting for him. Sitting down, Rand explained how the doctors there were giving him all kinds of drugs in order to keep him safe, while Rand noted that he had not expected to see Wing and asked if she had figured out a way to get him free. Wing however questioned why Ward Meachum would have visited the Chikara Dojo in order to get her to sign paperwork claiming that Rand was a dangerous individual.

Rand noted that the Meachums though that he was a threat to their current position within Rand Enterprises as he owned at least half of the company. Wing laughed at this explanation, noting that there was no chance of the answer ever being simple, before telling him that the Meachums were attempting to bribe for to betray Rand. Wing questioned if Rand was dangerous, to which he promised he was only dangerous to the Meachums, also insisting that he had always told Wing the truth since meeting her. When they were done talking, Rand asked for to return the package to Joy.[4]

Ordered to Stay

Rand and Edmonds-IF102

Rand has his meeting with Dr. Paul Edmonds

"If I can focus my Chi, then I can summon the Iron Fist."
"And the Iron Fist is?"
"The Iron Fist is... It's me. Can I go now?"
"Are you Danny Rand, or are you the Iron Fist?"
"I'm both."
―Danny Rand and Paul Edmonds[src]

With his seventy two hours within Birch Psychiatric Hospital almost done with, Rand was again visited by Doctor Paul Edmonds as Rand insisted that it was almost time for him to be allowed to walk free of the hosptial at long last. Edmonds began asking questions that only Danny Rand would know, including where he had gone to school and who his extra teachers were, all of which Rand answered without any hesitation. After answering all of his questions, Edmonds believed Rand's story, although he was still confused and shocked that it could have actually happened.

In his joy for finally having someone who believed what he had been saying at long last, Rand had then started excitedly talking about K'un-Lun and the Iron Fist, as Rand explained that K'un-Lun was not located in China as Edmonds had assumed but was within another dimension which could only be accessed every fifteen years, as Rand noted this was where he had learned to focus his Chi energy and summon the Iron Fist. When Edmonds questioned if Rand was either Danny Rand or the Iron Fist, Rand had simply answered that he was in fact both of these at the same time.

All of these statements however had only convinced Edmonds that Rand had instead been suffering from a psychotic disorder due to the trauma of barely surviving his Plane Crash and witnessing the deaths of his mother and father right in front of him, noting that he believed Rand had suffered for a long time since this incident, claiming that Rand had created a false reality to cope with the trauma, claiming the Iron Fist was a lie. Although Rand insisted he was telling the truth and needed to go free, Edmonds claimed that for his own safety, Rand had to remain and begin his treatment.[4]

Escaping Birch Facility


Rand is walked down the hallways by Joe

"Hey! You're being moved. Gotta put this on. Hospital rules."
"Where am I going?"
"He's all yours."
Joe and Danny Rand[src]

Later at night, Joe had arrived inside Rand's bedroom where he was relaxing having taken his drugs for the evening, as Joe then informed Rand that he was being moved into another room and that he had to put a straitjacket on, claiming that it was part of the new rules. While Rand was moved, he was led into a room where Dink was waiting for him alongside Leo, and Tony, as they all had immediately started brutally beating him down with sticks, as Ward Meachum had just arranged for them to do so in order to finally get Rand out of the picture once and for all.

As one of the men held Rand upright, Dink took charge of hitting him repeatedly with strong strikes to the stomach and head while Rand remained trapped in his straightjacket and currently unable to defend himself. However, the pain of the beating helped Rand focus his Chi as he concentrated and getting ready to free himself, as the effects of the drugs had less of an impact on his mind and body. Once Rand was kicked in the face and knocked over, Dink had him picked up and held up Rand's face, telling him that Meachum sent his regards before preparing to hit him again.

Having had it confirmed that Meachum was the one responsible for attempting to have him killed, Rand gained enough Chi energy get out of his drugged state and achieve enough focus to to summon the Iron Fist. With the enhanced strength gained from his powers, Rand released himself from his straitjacket and defeated his attackers with considerable ease, knocking them all unconcious with well placed kicks to the face. Elated that he got his powers back, Rand looked up at the Moon and saw a hawk flying across it, while he waited until Joe had returned in order to open the door.

IF punch

Iron Fist breaks himself out of the hospital.

Pushing Joe out of his yet, Rand had then immediately headed for the exit so that he could finally leave Birch Psychiatric Hospital and then return to New York City to take back Rand Enterprises. He had soon found the metal door that barred him from his freedom, as he had then charged ahead with the Iron Fist at full strength, running straight past Simon before he used the Iron Fist to smash the metal door away with incredible force. Taking a moment to take his breath and allow the Iron Fist to vanish, Rand left the hospital in the night as he prepared to confront the Meachums over their actions.[4]

Retaking Rand Enterprises

Staying with Colleen Wing

"You see, the tiger form uses internal force, and not external strength. So it's not necessary to use charging momentum. Which lowers the risk of moving in. You're working too hard. Too much external force. It's internal force you want to master."
"And you should master silence."
―Danny Rand and Colleen Wing[src]

Having made his escape from Birch Psychiatric Hospital, Rand had then found refuge back in Chikara Dojo. However, shortly after arriving, Rand had witnessed Colleen Wing taking care of Shannon and his accomplice when they broke into the dojo in order to look for Rand. In an attempt to hide from Shannon and his men, Rand hid on the ceiling, balancing his weight while Wing fought against the intruders and demanded they leave, as Shannon told her to call him if she heard where Rand was currently hiding.

Once Wing had driven them away, Rand got out of his hiding place and apologised for bring more drama into Wing's life, noting that Shannon had broken the door lock to get inside the dojo. Rand promised that he would make it up to Wing, who questioned if the New York City Police Department would be coming looking for Rand, although he insisted that he had not actually broken any laws. Noting how she had put herself on the line to keep him out of harms way, Wing had then told Rand that she wanted him out of her dojo by the morning as she then went back to bed.

Next morning however, Rand did not leave and instead had remained at the dojo and played loud hip-hop music as he mediated. Darryl entered and was bewildered by Rand's meditation, while Wing expressed her irritation and ordered him to turn off the music. Shutting off the music, Wing asked why Rand was not gone as instructed, as Rand explained that he was worried about her safety, which was why he stayed. She insisted that she did not need him to protect her, to which Rand lectured Wing about the flaws in her style, noting how one of Shannon's men had been able to hit her.

Rand vs Wing

Rand and Colleen Wing have a sparring match

Annoyed at being told how she should fight by somebody who she did not know nor respected, Wing had then attempted to punch at Rand to which he evaded with ease, having just predicted the strike would be coming. The two had the brief spar while Darryl continued watching with complete surprise and awe, all the while Rand lectured about her fighting style, telling Wing that she was still using too much external strength rather than internal force as he had learned in K'un-Lun, however Wing simply told him to be quiet as she had continued trying and failing to land just one single blow against Rand.

Rand easily won the spar by landing a leopard punch on Wing before flipping her onto her back as he explained to her the concept of harnessing her Chi to gain inner strength which would help her to become a superior fighter. Getting to her feet, Wing still insisted that he needed to go, however he suggested that he instead pay her six months rent to let him stay for just a week, reminding her that he was in fact Danny Rand and would be able to afford this. Eventually, after some persuasion and the promise to also fix her front door, Rand managed to convince Wing to let him stay longer.[5]

Rejecting 100 Million Dollars

Joy and Rand

Rand tries to make peace with Joy Meachum.

"I have to change my name?"
"The world already thinks Danny Rand is dead. Let's just leave it that way. You can pick a name you love. You can start all over. It is gonna be great."
"What happened to you? Is this how you treat family?"
―Danny Rand and Joy Meachum[src]

Later during the day, Rand set up a Buddha tradition of flowers and oranges while he had waited for Joy Meachum outside the Meachum Residence. Seeing the display, Meachum noted how this could be considered romantic, while Rand noted that in another life she would not have drugged him and sent him to Birch Psychiatric Hospital, as Rand commented that they had once been friends and that he wished for them to rebuild that relationship they had once had.

Now convinced that it was really Danny Rand, Meachum had then sat down with Rand and start conversing and catching up, questioning where he had been for so long as Rand would only tell her that it his story following the Plane Crash was complicated. As they spoke, Rand noted how his connection to Joy and Ward Meachum was the only thing keeping him in New York City which he needed. Meachum then opened up as she explained that when Harold Meachum had died when she was just thirteen she had felt lost, as it had so closely followed the deaths of Rand and his family.

Meachum continued explaining how in her grief of losing her father, she would often dream about seeing him waiting for her at her school gates before she woke up and remembered that he was dead. Rand then confessed that he had recently had his own dream about Harold while he was being treated in the hospital, noting how he had been told in K'un-Lun how a ghost like that was wondering the spirit world following their death, although Rand did note that he had been put on a lot of drugs while at the hospital which may have effected the dreams that he had experienced there.

As Meachum then invited Rand inside the house to continue their talk, she explained that following the deaths of her father and Wendell Rand, she and her brother had both inherited Rand Enterprises on their own and she now felt a responsibility to keep it safe and running. Meachum then handed Rand some paperwork and offered Rand a check for one hundred million dollars to buy his silence and take his percentage of the company, noting that Ward had only wanted to offer Rand forty million but Meachum had managed to convince him to go higher with the amount that was offer.

Rand however was disgusted as he realized part of the deal required him to change his real name, as Meachum noted that the rest of the world believed that Danny Rand was dead and it would make everything considerably more complicated if this changed. Disappointed by Meachum's request, having come to be acknowledged and accepted by the Meachums who he considered to be his only family left in the world, Rand left the residence in anger, insisting that this situation simply had nothing to do with money, noting that he had thought she of all people would understand this.

Danny Mournes

Rand visiting his own family's gravestones.

Having walked away from the Meachum's residence, Rand went to visit the Rand Memorial. While he was taking some time to respect and mourn his mother and father, Rand had eventually noticed that the memorial dedicated to his own lost family was still incredibly well maintained and someone had also clearly been delivering some new flowers to the Memorial. Rand asked the nearby gardener about who delivered the flowers, as he was then directed to the office where he learned that Jeri Hogarth was the one who had been maintaining the Rand Memorial for all the years following their sudden deaths.[5]

Recruiting Jeri Hogarth


Rand being reunited back with Jeri Hogarth

"Was I wrong? To turn down a hundred million dollars?"
"It may have been the smartest thing you did, other than coming to me. You are worth billions, Danny, not millions."
"It seems like that's all anyone wants to talk about."
"Because it's the only language that they speak."
―Danny Rand and Jeri Hogarth[src]

That evening, while outside Hogarth, Chao and Benowitz, Rand just spotted Jeri Hogarth as she leaving her firm. When Rand approached closer, Hogarth had turned around and threaten to spray Rand with peeper spray, believing him to be a would be attacker. Rand tried to convince Hogarth that he was Danny Rand as he called her by a nickname that he gave her, J-Money, while she was an intern at Rand Enterprises. Hogarth was hesitant to believe Rand as she asked Rand a few personal questions, which Rand answered correctly.

Moving into Central Park to continue their talk now that she believed this was indeed Danny Rand, Hogarth explained that she had been handling their estate ever since the Plane Crash and that included taking care of the Memorial as Rand thanked Hogarth for her help, to which she said it was a small matter since she was grateful for Wendell Rand for giving her first job. Explaining that she had a complicated relation with Ward and Joy Meachum, Hogarth told Rand that they needed to find every possible evidence in order to prove his identity as the Meachums would work against them.

Rand noted that the Meachums had once been his friends before they had turned against him, as Hogarth noted that she could help Rand get his company back but could not help him to make friends. When Rand asked how much it will cost for Hogarth's service, she gently replied that he did not need to pay her service beside making sure that her firm will be permanent retainer for Rand Enterprises. As Rand noted he was staying in the Chikara Dojo, Hogarth offered Rand a suite to stay in, in order for him to maintain a low profile, as well as some money to buy new clothes before leaving.

Iron Fist

Rand gives a lesson to Colleen Wing's class.

Returning back to Chikara Dojo, Rand had then witnessed a practice session with Colleen Wing's students. Rand initially just watched, but when Caleb started fooling around and ignoring Darryl's instructions, old habits from his master's teaching kicked in as Rand grabbed the nearby wooden sword and demanded order and respect among the students. Rand tried to lecture the students, telling them how to draw strength from their breathing and become better warriors, however Caleb refused to listen and started mocking him, to which Rand then responded by striking the student on the leg and knocking him down, much to Wing's horror who saw this and came to Caleb's aid.

Inside of Wing's living room, Wing was infuriated by Rand's actions in beating down one of her own students as she furiously questioned who had put Rand in charge of her dojo, while Rand had then retaliated by asking if Wing was training kindergarten students or warriors. However Wing retorted that she was trying to provide a safe place for her student who is regularly bullied and beaten by family and bullies, and now they had to be fearful of a bully at their dojo as well. Ashamed, Rand apologized for his actions as Wing once again demanded for him to leave her dojo.

Staying at the suite that Hogarth had provided for him which gave him a stunning view of New York City, Rand had still felt unfamiliar and uncomfortable by this sort of lifestyle. He could not sleep on the bed, having spent years sleeping on hard floor while in K'un-Lun. He eventually laid a blanket on the floor near a window in order to comfortably sleep. As he slowly fell asleep, Rand briefly remembered about his time in K'un-Lun, recalling the Order of the Crane Mother training him to become a warrior by repeatedly striking him with wooden sticks in order to help him learn to endure pain.[5]

Destruction of the Files

"I know you sent that guy. You were the only one with me the day I broke my arm."
"Why is this so important to you?"
"Do you hate me that much?"
"Yes. Because the Danny Rand that I knew, he's dead. And I want him to stay that way."
―Danny Rand and Ward Meachum[src]

Next morning, Rand met up with Jeri Hogarth as she bought him a coffee and explained that their case was more of a challenge than she had expected since there was no evidence about him anywhere. Hogarth suspected that the Meachums are behind it as they were trying to bury the evidence before they could move forward with their own case as Hogarth warned that if they had no definitive proof, they would lose. When kids passed by with their skateboard, Rand remembered a time where he went to Metro-General Hospital following being injured while using a skateboard.

Rand had then headed straight over to the hospital where he once visited following his injury all the way back in July, 2001, hoping that the doctors records on this would not have been found by the Meachums and therefore could provide Rand with the evidence that he needed to prove his identity and finally retake Rand Enterprises from them. When Rand had entered the record room, he found it was almost completely empty with only Kevin Singleton in there as Rand asked if he knew anything about his record, as Singleton claimed that he would be willing to help Rand to find what he needed.

When he was briefly distracted while looking for the files and explaining what they had contained, Singleton had then punched Rand directly at the back of his head while wearing knuckle dusters, knocking Rand down. While Rand lay injured on the floor, he had then witnessed Singleton starting to dose the entire room with Ethyl in order to burn down all the records. Barely keeping himself consciousness, Rand managed to concentrate by focusing on his Chi and summoning the Iron Fist, as he then got to his feet and punched Singleton's man, destroying his knuckle dusters and breaking his hand.


Rand is furiously attacked by Kevin Singleton

However the force of the first punch to the head had quickly caused Rand to lose focus as the Iron Fist faded away, allowing Singleton to grab his lighter and attempt to burn down the files, however Rand was able to kick away the lighter. Singleton then drew his knife, as Rand was then forced to fight against Singleton. While Rand was dazed and Singleton was injured, the fight became evenly matched, as Rand then used a book to defend himself from the blade before Singleton dropped a filing cabinet down on Rand while attempting to relocate his lighter so he could complete his mission, while Rand still attempted to stop him as their furious fight had still continued.

During the fight however, Rand had gained the upper as he finally kicked Singleton down to the ground, only for Singleton to then find his lighter which he had then used to finally light the room on fire. While Singleton then ran away, Rand then noticed an unconscious woman nearby who had been attacked and left behind by Singleton. Focusing on saving the woman rather than his own files, Rand had then managed to save her in time before the gas exploded and destroyed the records, as Rand looked behind him at the burning room in complete and utter horror as he then considered his next move.

Convinced that they were the ones responsible for destroying all record of his existence before the Plane Crash, Rand then went to look for the Meachums in order to confront them over this. He found them in a restaurant where they were discussing Rand Enterprises's dealings as Rand, angered at the Ward Meachum's actions, sat down at their table and furiously voiced his disbelief at Ward as he knew that Ward was the only person with him the day he broke his arm and the only one who knew about it, telling that he used to regard him as a brother he looked up to despite his bullying.

When Rand questioned if Ward really hated him this much, Ward agreed because he insisted that the Danny Rand he had known was dead and he wanted him to stay that way, which resulted in Rand smashing a glass before Joy Meachum got between them as they prepared to fight. As Rand and Ward sized each other up, Joy told Rand that Ward was not his brother and she was not his sister and they did not want him at their company. Rand told them that he had Hogarth's help and they were coming for them, before Rand told them that they could not deny his birthright and left the restaurant.[5]

Retaking Rand Enterprises

"We are still insisting on the full rights guaranteed as the sole heir of Rand, which includes a controlling fifty one percent board seat and compensation, but we are now adding a corner office, support staff, and a housing allowance in the amount of one million per year."
"Your sense of humor has always been your best attribute, but come on. You can't even prove he's who he says he is."
Jeri Hogarth and Ward Meachum[src]

The next morning, Rand and Jeri Hogarth met with the Meachums as well as the Board at the Rand Enterprises Building in order to complete their case and take back what was still owed to Rand. Once they got started with the meeting Joy Meachum had explained that they had lowered the buyout offer from one hundred million dollars down to just twenty million dollars, and had included a restraining order, handing the paperwork over to Hogarth, as Hogarth noted that the restraining order was a nice touch.

Danny Hogarth

Rand and Jeri Hogarth put their case forward.

Hogarth then explained that they were demanding the controlling fifty one percent of Rand Enterprises, as well as a seat on the board, his own staff as well as his own housing allowance of one million dollars per year which Ward Meachum merely scoffed at, noting that they could not even prove that this was the real Danny Rand and therefore had no evidence, noting that Rand was either crazy or at worst he was a con-man. Hogarth however proceeded to reveal a clay bowl as her proof, which confused Ward considerably until it was revealed it had been a gift from Rand had made for Joy as children, and that the bowl had still contained his fingerprints when he had made it.

Now with undeniable proof about Rand's identity, there was nothing else to discuss as Rand and Hogarth had finally won their case. Enraged at having been outwitted by Hogarth, Ward had then furiously threatened to bury them with motions, delays, discoveries and depositions in order to delay Rand for at at least ten years, however Hogarth simply replied that they would see them in court. As they headed out, Ward criticized Rand's decision for not taking the one hundred million dollars, to which Rand had replied that it was his name he was fighting for and that meant something.

As Rand and Hogarth headed for the elevator, Rand saw the pictures of Wendell Rand and Harold Meachum which were hanging in the hallway. Looking at Harold's picture, he got curious about the coincidental meeting with Harold back in Birch Psychiatric Hospital and decided to find out if there was more to the situation than he thought. Rand saw Ward going into his office and was talking to someone on the phone, as Rand had then gone to quietly eavesdrop on Ward, he told Hogarth that he would be back soon before deciding to follow then Ward wherever he was now going.[5]

Harold Meachum's Secret

"That can't be. All of my years in training. All of it, just in case the Hand ever showed its face in K'un-Lun."
"Yet you've never seen them?"
"No. The story of the Hand was like a fable. More like Satan and his demons than anything real. Nothing I thought I'd actually have to fight."
―Danny Rand and Harold Meachum[src]

Having eavesdropped on Ward Meachum while back inside the Rand Enterprises Building, Rand then followed Ward to a building where he was seemingly meeting the person who he had spoken to on the phone. Keeping out of sight of both Meachum and the security guard, Rand managed to make his way onto another elevator as he followed closely behind Meachum. Rand stayed out of sight but was then unable to continue following him into another room when one of the doors needed finger scanning.

With little options left open to him, Rand decided to continue following Ward as he then went out of a window and started climbing to the next floor, dangerously high above New York City. As he was about to enter through a window, Ward charged forward and pushed Rand away.[5] As Rand fell, he barely managed to cling onto a light, barely holding on. He started utter a brief saying to the service to all beings of K'un-Lun before losing his grip, fell down and lost conscious when he had hit his head hard, barely managing to avoid fatally falling all the way back to the ground floor.

When Rand woke up, he was inside the Penthouse as Ward greeted him and questioned why Rand had followed him. Rand noted that the last thing he remembered was climbing up the side of the building, as Ward compared this foolish action to Daredevil. As he had finally begun got his senses back, Rand then realized that Ward was the one who kicked him off the building and had tried to kill him, furiously confronting him although Ward had calmly noted that this was just what you had to do when you find somebody attempting to break in your home, which greatly annoyed Rand even more than before.

Tumblr onkzwaA61h1s23u3co1 1280

Rand discovering Harold Meachum is still alive

Rand squared up to Ward, noting that he was now testing his karmar, however, before anything happened, Harold Meachum intervened, revealing himself to still be alive following his own death from cancer. Rand was stunned and shocked as he realized that Harold was alive and the visit back at Birch Psychiatric Hospital was real, as Harold had then convinced Rand that he had to do all this to protect Rand Enterprises. Delighted to see the closest thing to his family and father figure following his own family's deaths, Rand and Harold hugged as he happily reassured Rand that he was finally back home now.

Harold explained about how he was still alive, telling Rand how after spending three years diagnosed with his cancer which had attacked his entire body, he was approaching by some people who gave him a cure, however he had needed to die first in order to cure him, recalling his last breathe before returning to life just three days later. When Rand then asked him about the people who cured him, Harold told him it was the Hand. Rand was horrified at hearing that the Hand were not only in New York City and that they had also managed to successfully infest Rand Enterprises.

Rand explained to Harold that he have never seen them and has only heard about them in fables back in K'un-Lun. Harold pleaded for Rand to help him get rid of them, while also asking about the Iron Fist, questioning if the Iron Fist was how he escaped from the hospital which Rand confirmed. Harold explained how the Hand kept him locked up for years and also asked Rand not to tell Joy Meachum for her own safety. As Rand noted was stuck in court fighting for his place within Rand, he could not do much so Harold told Ward to stop all litigation against Rand and offer him everything.

Despite Ward expressing his displeasure at this instruction, Harold told him it was not up for negociation before Harold informed Rand that the Hand recently made them enclose a deal to the Red Hook Pier for reasons that were not clear as of yet. Once that was said and done, Rand and Harold had then hugged once again, as Harold expressed his delight at having a fighter back in the family before Rand and Ward had left for the elevator. Inside, Ward warned Rand not to trust Harold and that he was no replacement for Wendell Rand and that he only cared about himself as Ward walked away.[6]

Billionaire of Rand

"I left here, ten years old, on a jet with my parents. We never reached our destination. I lost my family in that crash, and I became the lone survivor. I then was rescued by monks and raised in a monastery, a much different life to what I had here in New York. Ultimately, it taught me the value of life of hard work of never giving up on the things that matter to me. And Rand matters."
―Danny Rand[src]

As per Harold Meachum's instructions to him, Ward Meachum had then ended their legal dispute and reinstated Rand as the CEO of Rand Enterprises with his controlling fifty one percent controlling interest, also agreeing to all of Jeri Hogarth's demands that she had previously made. Later, Rand returned to the Rand Enterprises Building wearing his suit and ready for the announcement, meeting first with Ward and Joy Meachum, as Joy joked that he cleaned up pretty well, although Ward insulted his tie.

Danny Meachums

Danny Rand officially announces his return

Rand stepped out before journalists once Ward had made a speech explaining how Rand would take Wendell Rand's place within their company before inviting Rand to make a speech which had been provided, although Rand remained nervous and awkwardly waved at Hogarth who he saw in the audience. Rand told the journalists about how it has been a long journey to get back home to Rand Enterprises as he noted that his father instilled him a respect for the company that has never faded. He talked about the Plane Crash that led to the deaths of his parents, explaining that he was rescued and raised by the Order of the Crane Mother who had protected him for years.


Rand answering the journalist's questions

He ended his speech by saying that his experience has taught him the value of life and hard work, that Rand matters. Journalists starts asking questions as Jennifer Many from New York Bulletin asked Rand if reports were true that he was recently committed into Birch Psychiatric Hospital where he was treated by Paul Edmonds, which Rand confirmed, claiming that his return to New York City had been overwhelming and the Meachum had done what they could to help him through this stressful time. As more questions were being asked Ward took Rand away before he could begin to say too much.

Once away from all of the journalists who were continuing to ask him questions, Joy noted that Rand's answer about being sent to the Psychiatric Hospital was much kinder than they deserved, to which Rand answered that kindness was the eternal law. While Ward went back into his office, Rand asked Joy if she got time to go through the Red Hook Pier deal that she had previously made, remembering that Harold Meachum had informed him that this Pier was wanted by the Hand. When Joy asked why he wanted to know, Rand claimed that he just wanted to get bearings on the situation.

Joy told Rand to talk to Megan to book time for a talk, however Rand was informed that he could meet Joy in three days time, much to his frustration before being told that he had his first appointment with Hogarth. They walked into Rand's new office that once used to be Wendell Rand's office, as Hogarth noted that they had even found his father's original desk. Rand looked around the office and remembered the times he used to be there, even finding the stickers that he put under his father's old desk, much to Hogarth's frustration as she insisted that they should focus on completing the deal.

Hogarth gave several documents for Rand to sign on, in order to affirm her law firm's partnership with Rand. As Rand signed the papers, he asked what his job in the company actually was, as Hogarth explained that while he did not have a position, Rand now had the strongest voice in the board due to his fifty one percent share of the company. She further clarified that Rand had access to many places in the building due to his status. Before leaving, Hogarth advised Rand to ease up with his next few actions and that he had an extraordinary opportunity that should not be wasted.[6]

Making Company Decisions

Eight Diagram Dragon Palm

Rand stepping into his first board meeting

"No one should make a profit off of the misery of others. It's wrong. We need to sell the drug at cost. Period."
"To be clear, Danny, are you, as majority shareholder, drawing a line in the sand on your first day."
―Danny Rand and Ward Meachum[src]

Later in the day, Rand joined the Rand Enterprises board meeting on how to sell the cure for leishmaniasis, as Rand arrived late into their meeting, inadvertently interrupting Ward Meachum's speech before then awkwardly insisted on being able to sit next to Joy Meachum for the duration of their meeting. While Ward was speaking, Joy explained this was a meeting to discuss the pricing for the medicine which Rand Enterprises was developing for the disease as Rand listened closely to the discussion on how much they should charge.

When the board suggested that they should raise the price for the medicine in order to fund new research and boost profits for the company, Rand questioned how many people died from the disease which they had the cure for. Upon hearing that around fifty million died a year, Rand then insisted that they should sell the medicine at lower prices to just what they cost to produce in order to make sure everyone can afford it, much to the horror of Lawrence Wilkins who attempted to reassure Rand that they as a company knew what they were doing and the medicine would be distributed to who needed it.

However Rand also argued that no one should make a profit off the misery of others, once again insisting that they needed to sell the drug just at the cost that it took to produce it. As Ward confirmed his opinion, Rand then made his decision final with his position as the largest stakeholder of the company much to the annoyance and opposition from the board members, as Wilkins called the decision completely ridiculous. With the meeting concluded Joy told Rand that she had time to talk about the Red Hook Pier deal, claiming that her schedule had just cleared up due to the sudden change of plans.


Rand has a conversation with Joy Meachum

As they walked through New York City, Joy had asked about his life back in K'un-Lun and the Order of the Crane Mother, and teased him over wearing robes while he was there, requesting that he never turn up to the Rand Enterprises Building wearing a robe. As they walked, Rand questioned if Joy regretted giving Jeri Hogarth the bowl which had allowed Rand to regain his company and name, to which Joy said that while his decision was not morally wrong, there could have been a better way to convene his decision other than him forcing the decision by using his controlling interest within the company.

Rand further questioned why Joy gave the bowl to Hogarth to which Joy had then explained that Rand's return dredged up many feelings and memories about their family, noting how it made her recall the death of Harold Meachum, although Rand chose not to reveal that her father was in fact still alive, only saying how much her father had cared for her. Joy went on to say that his return had made her look on what she had become more deeply and she didn't like it and gave her a desire to do the right thing for a change. Rand reassured her that her father would have been proud of her.[6]

Saving Joy Meachum

"This is the Golden Sands you're looking for. It's a front for the Yangsi Gonshi, the Yang Clan Company."
"I need to have a word with them."
"Why do you wanna mess around with Triads?"
Colleen Wing and Danny Rand[src]

Back inside of Rand's new Penthouse, Rand had questioned exactly why Rand Enterprises would have ever bought the Red Hook Pier, to which Joy Meachum had just said that she did not know about the intention except that Ward Meachum had insisted for the purchase to be facilitated and she had done as he had wanted. Rand then asked why Joy had not questioned the deal, as Joy explained that Ward's leadership within Rand had led to success in the company and that there was no reason to question any of his choices.

Joy asked why Rand wanted to know to which Rand explained with half-truth that back when he was in K'un-Lun, he worked hard to gain a powerful position of the Immortal Iron Fist in the monastery which everyone else, which included Davos had also wanted to obtain. He reminisced how the Order of the Crane Mother did not believe Rand could attain that position, calling him xiaoguliao or outsider. As Rand told that when he got the job, he realized that he never thought about why he wanted it, noting that he had not considered the cost on his actual life and he still did not know if it was worth the fight.

As they looked around the Penthouse which Jeri Hogarth provided for him, Rand compared it to his room at K'un-Lun, describing his room back there and how he was only provided with a small pot to urinate in, which disgusted Joy. Rand explained how he spent every moment of his life in K'un-Lun training and fighting while under the leadership of Lei Kung in order to become the Iron Fist. Joy claimed that the training ritual and beatings sounded like abuse, but Rand dismissed this with simply a smile. While Rand went to make another drink, Joy went to open the door when someone had knocked.

Rand Hallway

Rand saves Joy Meachum from Triad thugs.

While he was preparing to make up the drink for Joy, Rand was then suddenly alerted when he heard Joy screaming out for help and had immediately ran out to help, as out in the hallway of his apartment, Rand saw Joy being dragged away by thugs wielding hatchets. Rand immediately subdued two attackers who charged at him with great ease, before one of the attackers hit Joy in the face while the others drew their hatchets and prepared to kill Rand. Preparing himself for the fight, Rand calmed his Chi and got into a fighting pose, eyeing up his new enemies as he prepared to take them all on himself.

Using his fighting skills, Rand took on all four of his initial attackers who furiously slashed at him with their hatchets, as Rand was able to dodge the deadly blows while landing strong counter strikes against them, only taking one single kick to the chest while he subdued the attackers with considerable ease. With the men unable to react fast enough to Rand's fighting styles, Rand soon came out as the victor, however the elevator finally opened, allowing Joy's kidnappers to drag her inside, while another man threw his hatchet at Rand, which he dodged before subduing him with a kick to the kneecap.


Rand pulling Joy Meachum away to safety

Determined not to allow the men to get away, Rand managed to stop the elevator doors closing, only to be forced to summon the Iron Fist on one occasion to break a hatchet against his skin when one of the men tried to strike his hand. The broken hatchet damaged the lights as Rand stepped inside the elevator and had managed to defeat all of the thugs with ease without injury to himself or Joy. He managed to rescue Joy as he drove the attackers away. Rand had overheard the thugs speaking in Mandarin about retreating back to the Golden Sands before they had then desperately fled away from Rand, who had then put his focus back on ensuring Meachum's safety.

Having gotten away from their would be kidnappers, Rand had then headed straight over to Chikara Dojo with Joy where he found that the door was locked, as Rand asked Colleen Wing for her help with keeping the still shaken Joy safe from harm, while Wing reluctantly opened the door for him. Rand also soon noticed that Wing's hand and asked what happened, however Wing responded with the same question, noting how last time she checked Rand had been stalking Joy, joking that being a millionaire must have changed that, as Rand corrected her by noting he was now actually a billionaire.

Rand asked Wing to look after Joy and for information on where the Golden Sand was, which Wing claimed that she did not know until learning that the thugs wielded hatchets. Having heard this Wing had recognized them as Yangsi Gonshi, who were also the Triad criminal organization who were currently based within New York City and told Rand where to find them. Wishing to end the situation before either of the Meachums were put in danger again Rand then headed off to confront the Yangsi Gonshi personally, leaving Joy under Wing's own protection until he got back from meeting the criminals.[6]

Meeting Yangsi Gonshi

"I'm here to let you know it's not within your best interests to come near Joy ever again."
"Why is Rand so determined to keep the pier all to itself?"
"Another group of people forced us to purchase it."
"Who could force a giant business like Rand to do anything?"
―Danny Rand and Hai-Qing Yang[src]

Finding the Golden Sands Restaurant, where Rand then went inside in order to look for the Triads. When a receptionist questioned Rand's presence as she informed him that they were currently closed, Rand explained that he was looking for Yangsi Gonshi which caused the receptionist and all the kitchen staff to freeze in place. Rand had insisted that he was not there to cause trouble as the receptionist then signalled the kitchen staff to retreat from the restaurant.

IF Screenshot 4

Rand making his deal with Hai-Qing Yang.

With Rand now alone in the room, Hai-Qing Yang then entered the room with his goons as one of the goons told his boss that Rand was the one who bested them all. Yang and Rand introduced themselves, with Yang explaining he was the head of the Yangshi Gonshi as Rand told him he was the head of Rand Enterprises. Rand then demanded to know why Yang's men had tried to kidnap Joy Meachum. to which Yang returned the question by asking why Rand Enterprises had also stolen the Red Hook Pier away from them. Yang explained that his gang had a deal with the previous tenant and that Meachum's action broke the deal and they just wanted to have a word with her.

Rand retorted that they wanted to force her to make a new deal, to which Yang threaten that perhaps they should use Rand to broker a new deal and had questioned if that was Rand's intent to come to his restaurant. Rand had answered that he came to warn them not to get near Joy again while Yang questioned why Rand want to keep the pier, as Rand answered by saying The Hand. This answer frightened Yang and he hurriedly urged Rand to send their deepest apologies to Joy. When Rand attempted to get more answers, Yang left and spoke in mandarin that he wanted them all out of Rand Enterprise.

When Rand returned back into the Chikara Dojo, he found Joy being taught how to punch by Colleen Wing. Greeting them, Rand calmly reassured Joy that the Triads would not be a problem anymore, and when Joy questioned exactly how he managed to accomplish that, Rand explained that he simply went to talk to them. Wing asked if he meant fighting them, Rand had maintained that he simply came to an agreement with them. Rand went over help Wing fix her dislocated finger, explaining his master used to fix him back in K'un-Lun, telling her to count to three, only for Rand to fix it on the first count.

Rand revealed that he knew about Wing's illegal fighting and that he was not judging her, revealing that he used to fight in the illegal fight clubs on his journey back to New York City. Rand told Wing that he was more than willing to fulfil his promise to Wing about paying her rent for six months, however Wing still maintained her stance and refused to accept his money, but thanked Rand all the same for the offer. With that said, Rand and Joy left the dojo and agreed that they would not tell Ward Meachum about the encounter with the Triads as they were still unsure about how he would react to this news.

Danny Chi

Rand training in order to restore his own Chi

The next day, Rand had continued to meditate and trained himself while in his Penthouse, attempting to restore his Chi so the Iron Fist would be available for his next battle. However Rand was interrupted when someone had knocked on his front door and, when Rand went and opened the door, he found that no one was there except for a small red box. Rand look into the content, he found a message from Yang and a clue in a small paper of heroin on where he should start looking for The Hand. Rand recognized the Mark on the drug as the symbol of Shou-Lao the Undying, much to his great surprise.[6]

Hunting the Hand

Investigating Steel Serpent

"It's all connected. Okay. Let me make this simple. The Hand is using our company to smuggle synthetic heroin into the city. We need to stop it. Harold said so himself. You were there."
"And you've figured all of this out because some Chinese dude left a box at your door?"
―Danny Rand and Ward Meachum[src]

Rand started investigating the content of the heroin provided to him by Hai-Qing Yang of the Yangsi Gonshi, wishing to learn more about how it was being made. He then learned from a Rand scientist, Sandi Ann, that the heroin was not opium-based as Ann explained to him that every test she had went through revealed that the content was chemical and that there was no need to harvest opium from foreign countries which in turn had made it easier to manufacture. Ann further explained that the most amazing accomplishment that nothing about the drug was actually illegal.

Rand deduced that anyone can make it in a real lab, while Ann then also noted that whoever had designed the heroin, had ensured that there was no limit to how much could be made and then sold on the streets. While Ann warned him that this new heroin arriving on the streets of New York City could cause a major epidemic in the city and put many innocent lives in serious danger, to which Rand reassured her that he would deal with it personally and thanked Ann for her assistance, offering Ann a formal bow before sitting at his desk and considering how he would handle this current situation.

IF Screenshot 3

Rand showing Ward Meachum the new heroin

Heading straight into Ward Meachum's office, Rand then placed the heroin on Meachum's desk as Rand explained that the drugs was being shipped from Red Hook Pier. Meachum was furious that Rand had been foolish enough to bring drugs into his office while Rand explained that he needed to find out what they were dealing with and how Rand Enterprises were still inadvertently assisting them while Meachum retorted what made him think this had anything to do with them. Rand explained how he got the heroin from Hai-Qing Yang of the Yangsi Gonshi, explaining that he had dealt with them but their situation had since escalated and needed to be dealt with.

Rand pointed to the symbol of Shou-Lao on the bag of heroin, telling Meachum how this connected with K'un-Lun and the Dragon which turned him into the Iron Fist. Despite Rand's explanation and the fact that the Hand was using their company to smuggle synthetic heroin into the city, Meachum refused to believe or help Rand, insisting that he still had real business in the real world which he had to deal with rather than what he assumed was all Rand's fantasy. Disappointed, Rand then left Meachum's office, while also leaving the heroin behind on his desk, much to the considerable annoyance of Meachum.

Rand went to talk to Megan as he asked her questions about her job, questioning if her job meant she was his apprentice which Megan corrected for him. Getting back to what he actually needed, Rand asked if she could tell him when the next shipment arrives to Red Hook Pier, to which Megan explained that while she could not, she instead guided Rand to the Sarah Galvin who had the information he was looking for, as Rand thanked Megan for all of her help before he then went downstairs to meet with Galvin, leaving the origami flower which he had made during their conversation on Megan's desk.

Outside of the Rand Enterprises Building, as Rand was reading the information that he had been given by Galvin, he was approached by Regina Fitzgerald who had said that she had heard about his recent action of lowering the drug price. She showed him a photo of her son as Rand was stunted and inquired before Fitzgerald explained that her son got cancer from the Rand Chemical Plant near where they lived. Rand was sympathetic to the mother's plight as he apologized and promised to make it right. Unknown to Rand, he was filmed by the mother's lawyer nearby to help with their legal case.[8]

Recruiting Colleen Wing

"You're restless, I know those feelings. Years and years training in K'un-Lun wasted, waiting on a threat that never arrived."
"This is crazy."
"It's not crazy. People die from this. If this synthetic heroin gets on the streets, it'll affect your students."
―Danny Rand and Colleen Wing[src]

Later during the day, Rand went back to Chikara Dojo where he had found Colleen Wing as she trained her student, Claire Temple. Rand greeted them and Temple recognized Rand from the news, jokingly calling his story the riches to rags to riches story as Rand noted that it had been pretty crazy for him, with Temple claiming that living in New York City for long enough can get you to the point where nothing else could surprise you any more. Wing approached and asked if Rand needed something as Rand had then answered that he just wanted to have a talk with her.

Wing told Rand that whatever he wanted would have to wait until she was done with her class with Temple, to which Rand awkwardly replied that he had ordered take-out much to Wing's bewilderment and Temple's amusement. Temple questioned how Rand and Temple knew each other, to which Rand noted that Wing had given him two dollars while he was living in Central Park having just arrived back in New York. After a brief talk and a formal introduction with Temple, several men walked into the dojo with tables and chairs which were all from Wendell Rand's former favourite place to eat take out.

Wing nervously asked Rand if what he was provided was actually his attempt at a date, Rand was quick to deny that it was a date, unless Wing wanted it to be, to which she denied as well as they awkwardly agreed that it was not a date. Rand explained that he needed Wing's help with something, to which Wing questioned if what he needed from her really required candlelight, which Rand struggled to answer. As their lesson had now been interrupted by Rand's delivery of food, Wing then asked Temple to join them for dinner, wanting somebody else with them to ensure that the dinner was not too awkward.

Wing, Claire and Rand dine together

Rand sits with Colleen Wing and Claire Temple

Once the tables were set with their food, Rand spoke a brief pray to Buddha before eating with Wing and Temple. As they began eating, Temple asked about Rand's life in K'un-Lun and what they could get to eat there as Rand spoke about how he and Davos used to sneak out to eat donkey, before discussing his training and all his vows to the Order of the Crane Mother, explaining that in the wake of all the terrible horrors of his deadly Plane Crash he had simply focused on his training, putting aside all his material attachments and romantic entanglements, much to the considerable surprise of Wing.

Temple asked why he waited this long to return to home from K'un-Lun, to which Rand had then explained that the way back had been closed for all those years and that he had to wait until the passage open again so he could arrive into China and begin making his way back to the United States of America. Wing had noted that Rand had mentioned that he wanted to speak to her about something, as Rand awkwardly hinted that it was something he wanted to speak to Wing alone about, as Temple eventually took the hint and left the pair alone to speak in private, taking some boxes of the takeouts with her.

Now alone, Wing asked why Rand had come as Rand explained that criminals were using Rand Enterprises to ship heroin inside the city. When Wing asked why Rand did not call the New York City Police Department, Rand explained that his company would then be held responsible and the criminals would just simply find another way to get their drugs in. Wing asked what he could do, Rand answered that if he could prove to Ward Meachum that it was happening, Ward will be forced to help him shut it down. Rand had explained that with the shipment coming in tonight, he could find his evidence there.

Rand asked for Wing's assistance, much to her disbelief as Rand kept insisting that Wing wanted this as just like him, she had trained his entire life for a threat that never arrived. Rand reasoned that if they didn't stop the shipment at Red Hook Pier then people will get hurt which includes Wing's students. When Wing asserted that she will be forced to cancel her class, Rand assured her that she would not have to worry about rent, revealing that he brought the entire building and he was now her new landlord, so Wing had then finally agreed to help and told Rand to fix the leak under her sink.

As they prepared themselves for their mission, Rand had soon found Wing's own Katana as he began practicing with it until Wing arrived and insulted his style. Wing demonstrated her own style by slashing at Rand, as he commented that she had great skill with the sword. Both Rand and Wing had then enthusiastically demonstrated their own skills with Nunchaku as Rand happily commented that Wing was amazing. As Rand checked his phone, he realized that the company had recently been calling him for several hours, but he still chose to focus on the mission rather than calling the company back.[8]

Saving the Chemist

"Well the world hasn't exactly been kind to us. But maybe doing something like this. Walk where I walk, and they'll never see us."
―Danny Rand to Colleen Wing[src]

The pair eventually reached the Red Hook Pier at night and infiltrated it, as Rand asked Colleen Wing if it bothered her that now everybody knew who he was, but she insisted that it did not. While they looked around the area, Wing noticed that all of the guards were armed with machine guns, as Rand noted that they did not know how to fight. As Wing expressed her nervousness, Rand promoted her back into the fight by claiming the alternative was going back to Cage Fighting, before he had noted the world had not been kind to them throughout their own lives.

Under Leaf Pluck Lotus

Rand quietly speaking with Colleen Wing.

Rand told Wing to follow his lead, promising that if she did then the guards would never see them coming, as Rand used his quiet steps and the large shadows to his advantage as he and Wing continued moving forward. When they were almost caught a guard, Rand and Wing took shelter between to containers, as Rand expressed his own gratitude for Wing coming onto this mission with him, expressing his delight at having somebody who he could count on, although Wing insisted he still had Ward and Joy Meachum, to which Rand asked if Wing had somebody who she had felt she could always rely on.

As they continued moving forward towards the container, Rand had apologised if he had been to forward with his questioning of Wing, to which she told him that she simply was not good at talking, as Rand noted that he often did not know what he was doing or saying at any given time. Wing then apologised if she also at all misread Rand's intentions with the takeout dinner, to which Rand quoted Tuan back at K'un-Lun about not knowing one's own intentions. Having made up for all previous awkwardness, Rand and Wing agreed they needed to get closer as they continued moving to the main container.

Reaching the top of a container, Rand and Wing watched closely as the guards had opened the Rand Enterprises shipments, with Rand filming everything on his phone for evidence. however to his horror, none of the containers appeared to be carrying anything illegal as they had expected, but Rand refused to accept this, pointing to the guards armed with guns and instead rashly headed down to enter one, leaving Wing to keep watch. Once inside the container, Rand began searching for anything that could link back to the Hand, only for the guards to close up the container, trapping Rand inside.

As the truck pulled away, Rand had found himself now without an exit, hoping that Wing would be following, but decided to continue investigating while he was there. Rand went further inside and found a small decorated make-shift living room. Inside he found Radovan Bernivig watching television as Rand had questioned who he was, to which Bernivig revealed himself to be a chemist of the heroin. Before they could talk further, King rose from the couch and saw Rand had broken into the container to take Bernivig away. Without a word, King immediately started shooting at Rand and a fight insured.


Iron Fist furiously fighting against King.

Rand managed to avoid King's gunshots and disarmed him with a kick to the arm before finding the highly trained King was actually a formidable opponent, as his superior strength allowed him to pin Rand against the wall and punch him repeatedly. The moving truck however allowed Rand to get free as he started using his speed to gain an advantage, hitting King repeatedly in his pressure points to cause considerable pain. During the fight, King grabbed to blades from the nearby kitchen and had furiously slashed at Rand, however due to the moving vehicle they were in, King had then inadvertently stabbed Bernivig through the chest, mortally wounding him.

IF105 Iron Fist Glow 1

Rand uses the Iron Fist to make his escape

Having finally defeated King with a kick to the head and had left him unconcious on the floor, Rand then grabbed Bernivig who was now bleeding heavily from his wound and prepared to make his escape with him. Finding that the door to the container was still locked, Rand summoned his Iron Fist with his Chi to punch open the backside of the container. He found Wing had stolen a vehicle and followed him. Rand and Bernivig jumped onto the car. Once they then got Bernivig inside, they immediately called for Claire Temple's assistance due to Bernivig's wanted status made a hospital visit too dangerous.

Having made it back at the Chikara Dojo, Temple did medical aid on Bernivig and managed to maintain his life by ensuring that he did not suffocate from a collapsed lung. As he had regained consciousness, Bernivig insisted that they have to take him back, explaining that they had his daughter, Sabina Bernivig. As Rand had asked who were the kidnappers, Bernivig clarified that it was the Hand much to Temple's horror. Rand asked about Temple's knowledge as she warned Rand started a conflict by taking Bernivig. She explained her colleague had been murdered by them and that they tried to kill her as well.

Rand asked why the Hand wanted Bernivig, as he explained that he invented the formula to the Steel Serpent heroin and was thus the source. Bernivig pleaded for Rand to save his daughter and Rand reassured him that he would, as Temple explained that this was a usual tactic of the Hand, to take children away from their parents in order to force them to obey their many demands, and that she had seen this before. As Rand had agreed to take on the Hand himself, Temple was highly doubtful that a 'rich kid' would be able to handle this matter and that it required the people with special skills.

Rand agreed as he then explained that he had been preparing for this his entire life while he had been at K'un-Lun and trained as a warrior by the Order of the Crane Mother, noting that while he may not have been a particularly good businessman and could not be the CEO that his father had been, he knew that this was the one thing he could do better than anybody else. Temple had then realized that Rand was just like the other special people she encountered before, as she had asserted that it was foolish to go against the Hand completely alone. Wing assured that Rand was not alone as she was with him.[8]

Recruiting Ward Meachum

Danny meditation

Rand attempts to meditate to find his peace

"I found the man who makes the Hand's heroin. They kidnapped the guy's daughter. I'm thinking they use the Rand warehouse system. She may be in one of these."
"Stop with your crazy story. We have a real problem."
"This is a real problem."
―Danny Rand and Ward Meachum[src]

The next day, Rand returned back into his Office where he had then meditated to consider what his next actions would be now that the wounded Radovan Bernivig was recovering back at Chikara Dojo. As he had meditated, Rand remembered Lei Kung's teaching as his master had told him that due to who he was, there would be forces who rise up against him. Kung explained that this is why he would not tolerate any questioning, as doubt would lead to death.

Rand looked at all locations of the warehouses that the Hand might be located as he was assisted by Megan, insisting that Megan start calling him just by simply his first name. Rand and Megan were then interrupted when Ward Meachum entered his office and told Megan that he needed to talk to Rand. Once alone, Rand had explained his situation how how he had found Bernivig who made the heroin and noted how the Hand had kidnapped Sabina Bernivig to ensure that Bernivig did as instructed, however Meachum interrupted Rand and insisted that there were bigger issues at hand to deal with first.

Meachum then asked if Rand had now seen the video where he had apologized to Regina Fitzgerald, which was at over six million views, although Rand confirmed that he did and did not understand why it was a problem. Meachum asked why he did not follow the path that he laid out for him as he then explained that corporate leaders for a company like Rand Enterprises must not admit culpability in order to ensure that they were not sued. Meachum also further told Rand that there will be a meeting and they wanted Rand to be there, giving him paperwork to overlook before their meeting took place.


Rand prepares to leave with Ward Meachum

Rand insisted he did not have time for a meeting when someone's life was in danger, telling Meachum to handle the situation himself. Dismissing what he was being told, Rand told Meachum that they would be back in time for the meeting if they went to investigate the warehouses together. With no option, Meachum reluctantly followed Rand, promising to ensure that he would be back for the meeting, comparing him to Harold Meachum. As they got to his car, Meachum was surprised to see Rand had an Aston Martin, while Rand jokingly noted that back in K'un-Lun he had the fastest donkey cart, which had clearly failed to actually impress Meachum before they left.

Having already visited three of the warehouses and found absolutely no evidence to support his stories, Rand and Meachum headed for the fourth warehouse where Meachum was becoming increasingly more annoyed and angered by what he considered to be a waste of his time, he frustratingly asked Rand to now return back to the Rand Enterprises Building for their meeting, insisting that they would not find any heroin or the kidnapped girl as he believed none of it actually existed. Rand had retorted that he could wait in the car, insisting that regardless of Meachum's feelings he would not stop looking.

Entering into the warehouse, Rand and Meachum found a container inside the building, with the back doors still damaged from when Rand had struck them with the Iron Fist. When they entered inside of the container, to the horror of Meachum they found a decapitated head on a spike. While Meachum questioned if they should call the New York City Police Department or not, Rand had recognized the head as King who had he fought the night before while trying to get Bernivig free from the Hand. Rand had then found a message written in Chinese and realized that it was an invitation to a challenge.[12]

Preparing for the Challenge

"A grand duel. The Hand's version of a challenge. Their best fighters against me. If I defeat them, they'll meet my demands."
"You've done this before?"
"In K'un-Lun, yeah. Not against the Hand, but in order to advance and rise through the ranks, I challenged and was challenged in return. Many times. It was a regular part of my life."
―Danny Rand and Colleen Wing[src]

Returning into Chikara Dojo to check on Radovan Bernivig's current status, Rand was told by Claire Temple Bernivig was dying from the stab wound inflicted by King. Rand told his friends that the Hand had challenged him to a Da Jue Zhan, as he explained that he would be challenged by the Hand's greatest warriors and, if he managed to defeat all of them, the Hand must finally meet his demands.

Rand explained that he had experienced the same kind of challenge back in K'un-Lun but had never been challenged by the Hand, as Temple insisted the concept was crazy but Rand noted that it would be the only way to rescue Sabina Bernivig from the Hand before it was too late. Temple had suggested that they call the New York City Police Department, but Rand insisted that this would be too risky as they did not have long to accept the challenge, as Temple called the entire situation completely crazy. Although Colleen Wing offered to go with him, Rand insisted that it was only a challenge for him.

Rand explained how the Hand had been told to him as the fairy tale and not something he ever thought he would actually face, as Temple questioned if she actually had more experience in fighting the Hand than Rand did, which he reluctantly accepted was true. Rand then told the pair about his title as the Iron Fist, although Temple remained confused by what this meant. Wing asked why he was doing this as Rand told that ever since he came back to New York City, it was not what he thought it was, but he knew the Hand was in New York City, he now felt certain that this was what he was meant to be doing.

Later during that day, Rand had prepared himself for the upcoming challenge as he meditated and practiced within the dojo. During his practice, Wing had approached and stated that she knew Rand was scared, a statement was Rand disagreed with. Wing expressed her desire to help him with the challenge, but Rand told her to stay and watch over Bernivig, while expressed her worries for Rand's well-being to which Rand promised he will get Sabina Bernivig back and he would not get hurt, as Rand claimed that he was focused on total victory and was certain that he would soon win the challenge.

Wing then approached him and stated that this was not just another tournament, as Rand losing would mean his death, but once again, Rand reassured Wing that would not happen. Wing asked why he was so confident as Rand recited Lei Kung's lesson that doubting would lead to death. Wing left Rand alone to continue his meditation. To calm himself and give him courage, Rand recalled and emulated the time when he asked Thunderer about the Legend of a child who fell from the sky who was destined to be their greatest warrior. Soon after, Rand then left the dojo to go and face his challengers.[12]

Da Jue Zhan


Iron Fist being greeted by Madame Gao.

"The Iron Fist accepts the challenge of the Grand Duel in the name of the holy city of K'un-Lun. My terms are that, upon my victory, the Hand will relinquish custody of the young woman Sabina and depart from Rand."
"Welcome. My master agrees to your terms."
―Iron Fist and Madame Gao[src]

Rand went to the location where the challenge took place, finding the doors opened as he came close. Entering the Hand's sanctum, Rand had then accepted the challenge as the Iron Fist on the behalf of the Holy City of K'un-Lun. He stated his terms. If he wins, the Hand would then release Sabina Bernivig from their custody and then finally depart from Rand Enterprises, never to return. Out of the shadows, Madame Gao then emerged to welcome the Iron Fist on behalf of her master. Gao accepted his terms and then she stated her own, if Iron Fist lost but survived, he must remove himself from all of their dealing, a term that Iron Fist accepted.

As per custom of their culture, both Iron Fist and Gao washed their hands before he followed Gao to the first of his challengers. Iron Fist entered inside the fighting area where he was then challenged by the two twins, Andrei and Grigori Veznikov who were waiting for him. Iron Fist introduced himself and the twins thought it was a joke as they noted how Rand was on the cover of Forbes Magazine and asked if Iron Fist knew that this was a fight to the death. They then went on to further question why Iron Fist was not protecting the gates of K'un-Lun as both Twins were eager to defeat and kill Iron Fist.

Iron Fist then noted that the Veznikov brothers were doing a lot of bragging considering they were tag teaming against him, to which the brothers claimed that they were not two fighters, but one. The pair then each drew a blade and sliced their own palms, creating a ring by dripping blood on the floor, stating that if Iron Fist fell out of the ring he would lose, and if he was to die, then he would also lose. With the rules set and the warriors ready to fight, Gao started the challenge as Rand got into his fighting pose and readied himself for the fight with the Veznikov brothers armed and also ready.

Iron Fist Empire Promo

Iron Fist fighting both the Veznikov brothers.

Initially struggling against the Twins' dual assault as they gained an advantage and kicked him down onto the floor, Iron Fist recalled his lessons from Lei Kung and then got back onto his feet, with Kung's instructions to be a double edged sword ringing in his mind. Iron Fist then quickly gained the advantage by adopting a style that allowed him to hit both twins at once. Briefly pausing the fight, the Veznikov twins continued mocking Rand by noting that the Iron Fist should never leave his post, claiming that Rand himself did not know why he was in New York City and was merely chasing little girls, which had angered Rand as he once again attacked the Veznikov twins.

Rand once again fought the Veznikov twins, however his danger at being mocked caused him to lose his focus as the twins gained an advantage, as Rand barely avoided by slashed with their blades or falling out of the blood circle which would have caused him to lose the challenge. However, upon once again remembering his master's teaching of focus, Iron Fist continued fighting, as he knocked out Grigori by kicking him against the wall, leaving only Andrei left to try and kill him and gain victory of the Veznikov twins during their duel, as Andrei drew a hidden blade and had then cut Rand's arm.

Finally Rand was able to land several hard finishing blows against Andrei, breaking him arm before knocking him to the floor as Andrei was unable to continue fighting or even pick up his blade, as he crawled out of the blood ring and yielded the fight. With both of the Veznikov twins now defeated as Grigori was still unconscious, the Iron Fist stood victorious over them with only a minor cut to his arm, as Gao confirmed that the first battle had been won as she then led Iron Fist further inside for his next challenge, with Rand just briefly pausing to tear off his sleeve to make a bandage.[12]

Fists vs Poison

"Are we going to fight or not?"
"We don't have to fight. Why don't you kiss me instead? If you took me for pleasurem how would that make you feel?"
―Iron Fist and Bride of Nine Spiders[src]

With Andrei and Grigori Veznikov now finally defeated during the first round of the challenge, Rand was then led by Madame Gao to the next Da Jue Zhan challenger. Entering the next challenge area, Iron Fist found the room filled with smoke with sheets hanging from the ceiling before he was greeted by the Bride of Nine Spiders, as Rand then expressed his surprise that his next challenger was a woman, although he insisted that it did not make him uneasy, despite the Bride claiming that she could sense Rand's fear, while Iron Fist said that she did not as he claimed that he feared nothing.


Rand is seduced by the Bride of Nine Spiders

The Bride then began seducing and distracting Iron Fist, as she then started questioning about Iron Fist's intention and if he hid behind the mask of Danny Rand or if that identity had gone long ago during the fateful Plane Crash. Iron Fist insisted that he was Danny Rand and attempted to ignore what the Bride was saying to him, but the questioning confused and distracted him while he questioned when they were finally going to begin their fight, however the Bride instead pinned Rand against the wall and had suggested that he could kiss her instead, which greatly confused and unnerved Rand who would be breaking all his vows to give into his own natural urges.

Amidst her seduction, the Bride stuck a poison needle on Iron Fist's neck. Realizing that his vision was disoriented, Iron Fist had started fighting the woman, however the Bride was able to take advantage of his disorientation as she easily pushed him away and vanished into the darkness and smoke. The Bride continued evading and dodging his attacks as she continued to stick him with needles, mocking Iron Fist as she claimed that all he wanted was to lose control while also telling him that the more he fought against it and the more his heart raised, the faster the poison would work across his body.

As Rand attempted to regain control by taking his deep breath and trying to restore all his Chi, the Bride simply took advantage of his momentary pause and kicked him in the head. As Rand continued trying and failing to land a single strike on the Bride, she continued sticking him with needles, telling him that the rage he was feeling was what all the Order of the Crane Mother back at K'un-Lun were trying to keep away, and she would allow Rand to finally be the real him. When Rand denied this and tried to kick the Bridge, the stuck him again before then throwing him hard against the wall.

Losing control of the fight against the Bridge, Rand had yet another vision of Lei Kung, recalling how Kung had told Rand that his crying over the lost of his mother and father was a weakness which Rand had needed to banish in order to move forward. While Rand recalled his lessons with Kung, the Bridge took advantage once again and kicked him to the ground, before seductively straddling his lap before attempting to stab Rand which a dagger. However Rand was just able to snap back to his senses long enough to block the attack with the dagger before he then kicked the Bride away from him.

Danny in cage

Iron Fist overcomes the Bride of Nine Spiders.

Encouraged and remembering Thunderer's teaching many teachings to him about overcoming pain, fear and doubt, Iron Fist managed to regain his Chi as he furiously punched the wall behind him, causing sparks to fly down all around him. Regaining his focus at last, Iron Fist witnessed the Bride charging at him armed with the dagger, as he was able to gain one moment of clarity and defeated his opponent with a strong kick to the head which had knocked her unconscious. With the Bride defeated, Gao worriedly announced that the second challenge was won and led him to the third and final challenge.

As they walked, Gao asked if Iron Fist was hurt but he insisted that he was not as Gao tried to persuade Iron Fist to withdrawn and Iron Fist made it clear that he would still not be leaving without Sabina Bernivig. Weak from the poison, Iron Fist continued to follow Gao as he remembered Kung's repeating teaching to him. He remembered the time when Kung told him about his decision to enter the cave and face Shou-Lao, warning him that if he survived, his former self will be destroyed before Kung asked if Iron Fist was willing to kill his identity as Danny Rand so that the Iron Fist could then be born.[12]

Final Showdown

"Would you like to choose a weapon?"
"I am the weapon."
"Really? Because weapons don't feel pain. They are meant for one thing and one thing only. To be used by their master."
Scythe and Iron Fist[src]

While still struggling to walk following his fight with the Bride of Nine Spiders, Iron Fist entered through the door into his final challenge of the Da Jue Zhan as Madame Gao then closed the door behind him. Inside, Iron Fist found his final challenger, Scythe, waiting for him. Scythe asked who he was and he mockingly questioned when the real warrior was coming. Frustrated by the childish questions from his opponents, Iron Fist mocked him as Scythe asked him to choose a weapon, to which Iron Fist affirmed that he was the weapon.

Danny Rand Martial Arts

Iron Fist furiously battles against the Scythe

Scythe noted how a weapon should not feel pain and should be used to serve it's master, questioning who Rand's master was, as Rand answered that he served only himself, to which Scythe told him that he would disappoint his master. The gruelling battle then took place between the two warriors with Scythe first using a Naginata to keep the Iron Fist on the edge, with the Iron Fist armed only with his own body and his fighting skills. Iron Fist maintained his focus and kept dodging and evaded Scythe's deadly attacks, while landing a few counter strikes as he did. Upon breaking Scythe's first weapon, Iron Fist had then questioned which master Scythe had served.

Scythe explained that he served the Hand without question, with a desire only to serve until his own death, before he had then grabbed a second Bladed Weapon and furiously attacked the Iron Fist with it. As the fight continued, Iron Fist took the battle to a room filled with metal bars as he took advantage of the small space to force Scythe to furiously swing wildly at him and constantly get his blades caught in between the metal bars, which allowed Iron Fist to break Scythe's weapon in half as he began to gain the advantage. Scythe restored to throwing the blades at Iron Fist, which he managed to avoid.

Eventually, it led to another room where Madame Gao was waiting and watching the fight take place. Iron Fist gained more focus and encouragement as he remembered Lei Kung's words when he had ordered him to bury his mother and father to submit to the Order of the Crane Mother and become Iron Fist. Having achieved a single-minded focus on the fight, Iron Fist fought Scythe with extraordinary concentration that time seemed to slow down. Using his Chi powers, Iron Fist broke the Scythe's weapons with ease and struck him down the ground with a single powerful punch with his Iron Fist.

Before Iron Fist could finish the fight, Gao warned him not to strike Scythe down, revealing she was holding Sabina Bernivig hostage and at knifepoint, warning Rand that he struck Scythe down, Gao would murder Bernivig. Gao stated that Iron Fist withdrawn from the duel and the young girl will be spared, as Iron Fist denounced Gao's action as dishonourable only for Gao to scoff as she questioned why she should care for honor. Imagining Kung's lecturing and telling him that his purpose was to destroy the Hand and therefore the girl's life was unimportant, Rand found himself conflicted on what to do.

Tormented, Iron Fist continued to remember Kung's words that Rand should finish it but ultimately, Rand withdrew from the duel, unable to sacrifice an innocent person's life, allowing Scythe to go free. Gao kept her promise and released Bernivig as she then stated that she never believed that she would meet another Iron Fist in her lifetime. Gao then asked why Rand left K'un-Lun for New York City as it was obvious that he did not come to destroy the Hand. Rand asked who she was and Gao introduced herself properly, revealing she had been to K'un-Lun by describing the Katsura Tree within it's centre.

Gao claimed she was interested in how Rand's mind had worked and wondered if K'un-Lun really changed that much as Rand claimed that they still taught honor. When Gao spoke Wendell Rand's name, Rand demanded to know how she knew his own father, questioning if she had a connection to Rand Enterprises. However, Gao responded by calmly raising her hand up in the air and Telekinetically and sent Rand flying against a wall as Gao left. As Rand left the Sanctum, he looked back and imagined his own master, the Thunderer looking at him with utter disappointment before then turning his back on Rand.[12]

Rescuing Harold Meachum

"I need to find out how she knew my father."
"Hey, don't play her game. That's what she wants. Time isn't on our side. Look how out of control this has already gotten. What I had to do to protect you. I don't know how much more of this I can take. You know what needs to be done to end this, Danny."
―Danny Rand and Harold Meachum[src]

Following their final conclusion of the Da Jue Zhan, and having also ensured that Sabina Bernivig was safe, Rand had then gone to meet with Harold Meachum at his Penthouse, however as Rand arrived, he found Alexi and Vando were questioning what Meachum's relationship was with Rand, threatening to cut off his finger if he failed to answer. As Rand had arrived, Meachum, Alexi and Vando turned around, shocked to see Rand unexpectedly enter the Penthouse.

Danny vs Thug

Iron Fist fights against both Alexi and Vando

Taking advantage of Rand's arrival, Meachum quickly grabbed the nearest knife and stabbed Alexi in the chest, while Vando attempted to shoot at Rand. Reacting swiftly to the new situation, Rand went to Meachum's assistance as he used his speed to avoid Vando's bullets and disarmed him while Meachum still continued brutally stabbing Alexi to death. Although Vando was considerably stronger than Rand, he managed to gain the upper hand with his speed and fighting skills before Meachum got behind Vando and had cut his throat, with Rand dismayed when Meachum had used such brutality to kill them.

Meachum insisted that he had no choice as they would have killed him before questioning why Rand did not summoned up the Iron Fist during the fight, however Rand had explained that he could not as he used up all his Chi in the Tournament. Rand further explained that he almost won the Da Jue Zhan but Madame Gao had then changed the rules when he defeated Scythe, which then forced him to withdraw, although Meachum explained that it did not matter now as the Hand was on to them. Rand asked about Gao, as Meachum explained that she was the one who he had made his original deal with.

Rand then told that Gao knew about his father, to which Meachum claimed that Wendell Rand never told him. Rand informed Meachum that following this revelation he wanted to know what she knew and her connection with Rand Enterprises, however Meachum warned Rand not to play into her manipulation. Rand asked what they need to do with Alexi and Vando's bodies, to which Meachum said that he would take care of them, but first, he needed to act and made sure that the attacker's original task was accomplished, as Rand had then watched in complete horror as Meachum cut off his finger.[9]

New Love, New Target

Blossoming Relationship

"I've been living a very different life for many years. There are certain things I haven't But last night was I enjoyed it. A lot."
"I liked it, too. You know, this cloak of I don't know, bravado that you have I know why you wear it. I do the same thing. It keeps people at bay, but you know that you don't have to wear it with me."
―Danny Rand and Colleen Wing[src]

Rand returned back into Chikara Dojo to get the wound given to him by Andrei Veznikov was then treated Colleen Wing while Rand had then informed her about what happened during the Da Jue Zhan. As Wing helped stitch up Rand's wounds, he wondered if he should go to Metro-General Hospital instead and claim that he had been mugged, however Wing had told him that it was not safe to go into the hospital due to Radovan Bernivig having already been taken away when her and Claire Temple went to the hospital in an attempt to save his life before he had bled to death.

After the wounds are stitched, Wing then checked for more injuries, finding bruises caused by Scythe and all his other opponents. Rand lamented on how he had lost the fight, although Wing suggested that the tournament may have been rigged from the start. Rand note that he had been given the chance to win, but he was forced to withdraw as Sabina Bernivig's life had been on the line. Rand told her that he intended to learn what Madame Gao knew about his father, although Wing had suggested that Gao may have been lying and that she was just attempting to then make Rand confused and distracted.

As Wing finished cleaning up his wounds, Rand received a message from Claire Temple that Bernivig has been taken to safety. Having put alcohol on his wound to keep it clean, Rand and Wing then sat down together to have a drink, as Rand had reminisced about a time when Brother Kuo would harvest plums every summer to make wine. He told Wing the story when he and Davos went to sneak in at night to drink Brother Kuo's wine. Wing asked for another story about K'un-Lun, Rand sadly replied that there were not many great memories to tell, thinking back to the training and beatings he underwent.

Wing then asked about the tattoo on his chest, as Rand explained that it was not a tattoo, but the mark of the Iron Fist, although Wing noted that she still did not understand what this meant. Rand tried explaining that it was a unique force that was used to protect K'un-Lun and that it was passed down from generation to generation. As Wing asked why Rand was chosen to Receive the Power, Rand had answered that he was not chosen but that he earned it. Wing asked more about his powers and Rand then explained that it allowed him to harness his Chi, giving him enhanced strength and focus.

Wing asked if he could show it, Rand replied that he could not having recently used it against Scythe, as she wondered if Rand believed that she could not handle the sight and if she was too weak, to which Rand had gently praised that she was the strongest person he had ever met. However Wing had sadly lamented that she had not been strong enough to protect Radovan Bernivig from being taken by Gao, although Rand did not blame or fault her for that. Wing asked if Rand would keep fighting the Hand, to which Rand had then affirmed that he could not quit now following what he had recently learnt.

Tattoo touch

Rand and Colleen Wing are intimate together

As Rand rose up to leave, Wing had insisted that he should stay at the dojo for the night, although Rand had attempted to decline as he would need to head to the Rand Enterprises Building tomorrow. Then Wing grabbed his hand as Wing tenderly replied that she wanted him to stay. Looking one another in the eyes, having developed feelings for one another, Rand and Wing shared a kiss. Although Rand briefly paused, thinking of his vows he made at K'un-Lun, he soon removed his shirt and had allowed Wing to softly run her hands over the Mark of Shou-Lao as he and Wing then spent the night together.

The next morning, Rand had woken up first to watch and listen to the stillness of New York City, as Wing woke up and went to stand with him. Rand tenderly told Wing that he enjoyed the night that he spent together with her, while Wing had also agreed as well, although Rand had then noted that during his time in K'un-Lun he had never before experienced certain things like intimacy before. Wing told Rand that he did not need to hide behind his mask of bravery and bravado as she assured Rand that he could always be honest with her. Smiling, Rand shared a kiss with her, as the new relationship ignited.[9]

Gao's Unexpected Visit

"I passed your test. You know who I am. What I can do."
"You're not the first I've met to carry the mantle of the Iron Fist."
"Is that why you use that symbol on your heroin packages? The dragon without the wings?"
"The other Iron Fists I've known were fierce, unrelenting in their mission to protect K'un-Lun from the Hand."
―Danny Rand and Madame Gao[src]

Rand returned back to Rand Enterprises Building where he straight away asked Megan to find any old files about his father mentioned the name Madame Gao, as Megan explained that these files were in storage and she would have them brought up. Fearing this was too specific, Rand asked for every single one of the files, no matter how many there were, jokingly noting that his office was big enough.

As he was speaking to Megan, Joy Meachum approached Rand and had wanted him to come with her. Inside the board meeting room, Meachum informed Rand that she has written him a statement for his recent action in him apologising to Regina Fitzgerald over the Rand Enterprises Chemical Plant situation. As Rand read the document, he noted it sounded like an apology, although Meachum insisted it is the first step to restore their Company's image. Rand questioned what will happen to the plant itself as the result of this, although Meachum had seemed completely indifferent about Rand's question.

Rand stated that it might make people sick as Meachum replied that the EPA cleared them. Rand asserted that all fifteen cases of cancer were not a coincidence as the frustrated Meachum professed that she cared about what was happening to these people, but she also cared about the company. Meachum informed Rand that she had no idea where Ward Meachum was. She further criticized Rand's action of not showing up at meetings and when he did, he was beaten up following the Da Jue Zhan. Meachum reminded Rand fought hard to get into the company and now it was the time to start working.

At the same time, Madame Gao entered the floor from their elevator much to Rand's shock, as Rand excused himself from Meachum and went into his office to find Gao placing a plant on his furniture. Gao chided Rand that he needed to take better care of himself as she had disliked his office and the lack of harmony, noting how the poisoned arrows had weakened the soul, referring to his clash with the Bride of Nine Spiders. Rand asked how she got in as Gao simply smiled and explained that she had been in Rand Enterprises far longer than he had and she did not have any intention to leave anytime soon.

When Rand approached closer, Gao quickly raised her hand to stop him as she cautioned Rand about attacking an old woman in his own office and in front of his employees. Rand insisted that he passed her test and she knew what he was capable of. Maintaining her calm posture, Gao was not threatened by Rand's words as she had seen another carried the title of the Iron Fist as she further explained that the other Iron Fists were fierce and would never have backed down from a Grand Duel just to save an innocent girl from being killed, as Gao believed this showed considerable weakness in Rand.


Rand listening to Madame Gao's explanations

Rand then questioned why Gao used a symbol from K'un-Lun on her packets of heroin, before he then questioned how she had known his father. Gao however simply continued her monologue as she claimed that she had been alive long enough to see the entire world change in many ways, but she noted that this present change felt significant, mentioning Daredevil and Luke Cage and now an Immortal Weapon who had suddenly left K'un-Lun for New York City and had therefore abandoned his duty. Gao had then openly wondered in the current of change if they could be something other than mortal enemies.

Gao deduced that Rand did not leave K'un-Lun to hunt the Hand, but he left as he wanted to be Danny Rand. Gao stated that she needed his company, but all the spoils would be Rand's to enjoy, suggesting Rand to buy a yacht or enjoy time with his friends, Colleen Wing and Claire Temple as Gao warned that New York was no place for the Iron Fist. Gao approached closer and placed a hand on Rand's cheek as she chillingly told Rand that this was the best offer she would give. When Rand tried to ask about his father, Gao simply chuckled before walking out, while also reminding Rand to water his plant.[9]

Investigating Madame Gao

Felling Tree with Roots

Iron Fist prepares to follow Madame Gao

"You're using my company, my building, to sell poison!"
"Is that really so different than what you're doing on the top floor? Do it."
"You're scared. You don't even have a choice. You can't go back to Gao. She killed the last guy who failed to defeat me. Turned his head into a mailbox. I'm giving you a new choice."
―Danny Rand and Sophia[src]

Rand watched while Madame Gao left his office and then headed for the elevator, as Rand noted that Gao used a Rand Enterprises card. Determined to get his answers, Rand had opened the elevator doors with pure strength, seeing that the elevator with Gao inside was currently going down as Rand had wanted to know what Gao's true intentions were, for himself as well as his company. Summoning his Chi, Rand gave a prayer to Buddha before he had used the Iron Fist to grab the elevator cable and follow.

He managed to land on the elevator undetected and, once Gao and her guards were out, Rand entered into the elevator from the ceiling. Noticing he was on the 13th floor, which had seemingly been unused for quite some time. Rand began sneaking further inside the floor as he looked for Gao, finding her having a meeting with Sophia who was explaining how the Hand would use Rand Enterprises to transport all their shipments of Heroin which Gao was producing, along with the assistance of both the Russian Mafia as well as the Dogs of Hell who would be tasked with driving the Rand trucks with the heroin.

Gao then noted that quantity of heroin would not be a problem as Rand had then learned that Radovan Bernivig was almost ready to give up the formula and that they would start mass producing soon, allowing them to continue selling Gao's own supply of the deadly heroin across New York City with the assistance of Rand's company, which had greatly angered him. When Sophia noted that Hai-Qing Yang was still a problem for them, Rand further heard that Gao would dispatch the Yangsi Gonshi. Gao concluded their meeting, while she commented on how she wanted to change the look of the office.

Once Gao and her guards left, Rand had quietly stepped out of sight before he then went to interrogate Sophia in order to gain answers. After a brief struggle, Rand managed to subdue her as Rand calmed down when he realized that the woman was scared and she did not had a choice in following the Hand. Rand warned that she could not go back to Gao as she killed King, who was the last person who tried to defeat him, telling her to instead run and never return. Rand then managed to convince the woman to help him by giving the password to the tablet she was using so he could defeat the Hand first.[9]

Company Decision

"Some of you aren't happy with me. And I know what you want me to do. But I've made a decision. Until we can be sure it isn't causing illness, we're shutting down the Staten Island plant. We're also gonna keep everyone on payroll. That way no one loses their job."
"Don't be a jackass, Danny. This isn't the way business gets done."
―Danny Rand and Lawrence Wilkins[src]

Returning back to the office floor, as Megan informed Rand that his meeting with the Rand Enterprises board would be starting soon and insisted he could nOt appear with his dirty suit, which had been messed up as he slide down the elevator shaft. As Rand changed dress, Megan revealed that she only found one box of his father's documents and inside there was only an envelope that had contained Wendell's member card and nothing else, while Megan noted that over the fifteen years many of the files would have been moved around from room to room and eventually lost.

Looking at his father's member card, Rand then asked Megan if she thought this was a good company, as she noted that to work for it was, despite commenting that she had recently lost her dental plan. Rand then led the question over to the Rand Enterprises Chemical Plants, questioning what Megan's feelings were over that video of Rand apologising to Regina Fitzgerald over her situation. After some persisting, Megan simply revealed that her mother lived within Staten Island where Fitzgerald's son had also become sick, to which Rand declared that he would then be making a few phone calls.

Rand entered the Board meeting as Joy Meachum handed Rand the statement for him to read and commented that he had once again arrived late. Rand told the board that he was aware that some were not happy with him and his recent decisions, but stood firm that until they could be absolutely sure, they will be shutting the plants within Staten Island. He also said that they should keep everyone on payroll so no one lost their job when the power plant had closed. Lawrence Wilkins told Rand that this isn't how business was done and not how his father would have wanted.

Rand retorted that his father was gone and had believed in fighting for whats right. Maria Rodriguez reminded Rand that he may have a voice but it was just a courtesy as Wilkins further reminded that he should not expect anyone to listen to someone who got their MBA from K'un-Lun as Meachum went to Rand's defense. Rand revealed that he already called Karen Page from New York Bulletin. She had already written the article for the front page tomorrow. With that said, Rand excused himself from the board. Trapped, the Board could now only comply to Rand's demands much to their frustrations.[9]

Harold Meachum's Advice

"It's just, it's my father's name. It's my name. I can't believe the Hand's been using it all this time."
"Yeah, well, that's why we're doing this. Get 'em out of our company. Make Rand honest again. And you may have delivered exactly what we need to get it done."
―Danny Rand and Harold Meachum[src]

Later, Rand went back to Harold Meachum and gave him the tablet as together they found numbers and shipments on Heroin, although Rand seemed distracted throughout the conversation. Rand asked Meachum if he knew about the thirteenth floor, to which Meachum jokingly replied that had he known, he would have had Ward Meachum charged rent. As Rand had pressed him, Meachum simply maintained that he had always been honest with Rand.

Rand expressed his disbelif that all this time, the Hand were using his company for their illegal actions as Meachum assured that was why they were doing this to make Rand honest again. Looking through the files, they deduced that Madame Gao needed to use their own company for all of her current criminal operation of selling the heroin to continue to work smoothly, before they learned that there was a Warehouse in Brooklyn where the Hand could be manufacturing their drugs as Rand was certain that Radovan Bernivig was there and had wanted to save him in order to fulfil his promise to Bernivig.

While Rand explained who Bernivig was and how he was connected to the creation of Gao's heroin, Meachum had advised Rand not to go to his rescue, insisting that he would then be one man facing off against Gao's army of Hand soldiers and that he needed an army himself in order to take her down. While Rand noted that he could not bare to leave Bernivig behind to be killed by Gao, Meachum instead had further suggested that he should focus on defeating Gao and not save Bernivig, believing Gao to be the more important target for them, which Rand's conscience struggled to accept.[9]

Alliance with the Hatchet Men

"I have heard Madame Gao's plans for you. And if you do nothing, you'll all be dead by the end of the week. You don't know me but the Hand does. And they fear me. With you and your men by our side they'll fear you, too."
―Iron Fist to Hai-Qing Yang[src]

Following his meeting with Harold Meachum, Rand had gone straight over to Chikara Dojo and found the graduation of Darryl. Rand waited in the doorway until Colleen Wing was finished with her students and wishing Darryl good luck as he prepared to go to University to take an Elite Training Program. Rand had listened smiling while Wing gave her congratulations to Darryl before she then gave a speech to the rest of her students who were still in the dojo, then telling them that together as warriors, they would always be a stronger unit.

Once they were alone, Rand then informed Wing about the Hand's knowledge of her whereabouts and her connection with him as well as Claire Temple, putting them both in serious danger. Although Wing still reassured that she could handle herself, Rand remained nervous as Wing then asked about Radovan Bernivig, as Rand told her that he knew where Bernivig was being kept and that he had a plan to get him free, but a risky one. Wing maintained that she will help him as he said they need to go immediately. When Wing questioned where they were heading, Rand said they would get their allies.

Later, Rand and Wing went to had a talk with Hai-Qing Yang and his gang at the Golden Sands, as they tried to convince them that they could fight together and end the Hand's Heroin operation. Yang had doubted that they would be able to succeed and questioned why he should attack now, to which Rand had then explained that he had overheard about Madame Gao's intention to wipe the Yangsi Gonshi out, as Rand also further pressed that the Hand had feared him as he was the Iron Fist and joining forces to switch to his own side against them, the Hand would eventually fear the Yangsi Gonshi as well.

With the alliance formed, the Hatchet Men had gone and Assaulted the Warehouse, providing a distraction for Rand and Wing to sneak further inside. They found Bernivig, sitting on a chair and dying from his wounds, as Bernivig asked for Sabina Bernivig as Rand assured him that she was fine and safe. Rand asked for Gao, while Bernivig asked for forgiveness, revealing that he told her about how to make the Heroin. Before dying, he revealed that Gao was in Anzhou, much to Rand's complete horror, as Anzhou had been the location that he and his parents went on the flight that claimed their lives.[9]

Grim Discovery

"I refused to back down from Gao. I thought if I destroyed her labs."
"That she'd what? Take her ball and go home? Are you a moron? You thought you could end a criminal conspiracy by destroying a few test tubes?"
"I thought I could handle it."
"Well now I need to mourn my father's death for the second time."
―Danny Rand and Ward Meachum[src]

Following the attack against the Hand's Warehouse Rand had then headed back to Harold Meachum's Penthouse to discuss the recent events. On the way, Rand tried to call and warn Claire Temple about the danger, unknown to him that she was off taking a shower and there was already someone there. He left a voice message to warning of the danger of Madame Gao's men. When he entered the apartment, he didn't find Meachum except for a pool of blood in his office which completely horrified Rand.

Expecting the worst had happened, Rand heard someone entering the Penthouse, however when he went to face the intruder, it turned out to be Ward Meachum, who pushed Rand away and questioned what he was doing in his father's Penthouse, to which Rand claimed that he thought Ward could have been an assassin from the Hand. Following some initial scolding from him, Rand told Ward to sit down before explaining that something terrible had happened to his father, which Ward merely scoffed at. However, Ward then saw the pool of blood and had reacted in a state of both horror and shock.

With Ward looking like he was ready to throw up, Rand took him to sit down before Ward then asked why it happened, as Rand blamed himself because it was his actions in challenging the Hand as well as destroying Gao's Heroin Supply that had seemingly led to Harold's death, claiming that he had thought that attacking Gao's criminal empire would finally end this conflict. Ward then furiously berated Rand for not thinking things through and his action led to his father's death, claiming that he could not bring down a criminal conspiracy by destroying a few buildings which were owned by the Hand.

Rand apologized for his actions and their consequences, Ward then furiously mocked Rand and had called him a cancer, noting how as a result of Rand's foolish actions, Ward would have to mourn the death of his father for a second time. Remorseful over his mistakes, Rand vowed to go to Anzhou and locate and capture Gao once and for all, although Ward claimed that he did not care what Rand did next, as long as he stayed far away from him and Joy Meachum, which Rand sadly agreed to. Determined to go avenge his beloved father figure's death, Rand then left Penthouse, taking the tablet with him.[11]

Capturing Madame Gao

Reckless Plan of Attack

"That may be true. But if there's even the smallest chance that I can find out the truth, then I have to go. Otherwise, it's just gonna be this cloud hanging over me for the rest of my life."
"Well, there is no rest of your life if she kills you. I've seen someone else take on the Hand. It didn't end well."
"I appreciate your concern, but I've already made up my mind."
―Danny Rand and Claire Temple[src]

Regrouping with Colleen Wing and Claire Temple, Rand declared his intention to go to China as soon as was possible, as he explained how he had learned there was a Hand factory within Anzhou and Rand was convinced that this was not a coincidence that he and his parents were heading there and it led to their fatal Plane Crash. Rand explained that his father never visited foreign areas and therefore a possible explanation was that he must have suspected something to go there and investigate himself.

Wing asked if Madame Gao was producing her Heroin there as Rand noted that it was possible that Gao had learned that his father was investigating and so Gao then caused the plane crash, as Rand was only certain that Gao would punish anyone who crossed her. Temple warned that his plan was reckless and it could be a trap and that Gao could simply be lying about everything, claiming that the plan completely sucked which Rand took great offence to. Rand insisted if there was even a small chance that he could get the answer to his questions over the accident, then he must take it.

Rand made his decision to go to Anzhou alone, however Wing said she would go with him and when Rand protested, as Wing reminded him that the last time he went alone to the Da Jue Zhan, he returned bruised and beaten. Temple also stated that she would join them, as she was tired of running and being helpless following the Attack on Metro-General Hospital and the death of Louisa Delgado. Temple asked what Rand's plan was and he could only think of tracking her down and take her captive. When Temple questioned that plan, Rand made an outburst. Realizing his disrespect, he apologized.[11]

Flying into China

"I've spent the last fifteen years learning to control my body, my mind and my emotions. I think I'll be okay. But if I did kill her, I would only be fulfilling my duty as the Iron Fist."
"You really think that you can justify murder?"
"I swore to protect the people of K'un-Lun from the Hand."
―Danny Rand and Claire Temple[src]

Their group got onto Rand's Private Jet together and had all headed over to China. Along the way, Rand had continued checking over the tablet until the plane started shaking, which had caused his trauma from the Plane Crash to kick in. Rand had managed to get calm as Claire Temple had approached, looking at his iPod, noting Rand's taste for old school music. Temple had inquired about Rand's relationship with Colleen Wing, as Rand was puzzled and blushed by her question, but Temple still quickly deduced the nature of their relationship and then lightly teased him.

Rand asked Temple if she had her boyfriend but Temple denied this, although Rand said that he had seen her read the letter several times and the writing was distinctly not feminine. Temple explained that he presently was not available. Temple asked Rand if he soon found out that Madame Gao did indeed kill her parents if he was going to do anything foolish but Rand tried to hide it by explaining that he had trained fifteen years at K'un-Lun to control his emotions, but Rand still claimed that if he really did kill her, then he would only be fulfilling his duty as Iron Fist which had made Temple uncomfortable.

Temple questioned if that justified murder as Rand argued that he swore to protect the people of K'un-Lun from the Hand, as Temple made it clear that killing was wrong no matter what. Nearby, Wing had then calmly questioned if Temple would feel the same way if someone had killed her mother and father. Temple claimed that an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind although Temple still acknowledged that she was not special, but she had seen enough people die to understand the value of life, to which Wing countered by noting how many lives Gao destroyed through her actions.

The discussion stopped as the plane started shaking again as Rand became stress. Temple tried to reassured him that turbulence was not dangerous, but Rand retorted that his mother told her the same thing before she was ripped out of the plane. Seeing him panicking, Temple helped Rand to relax by asking him to tell them how he was feeling and ignore the facts, as Rand told them about the accident, he watched his parents die and he lost unconsciousness from there. He recalled finding his father's corpse and the monks taking him in. After some struggle, Rand had eventually calmed back down.[11]

Pursuing Madame Gao

Iron Fist Coleen Wing Claire Temple

Rand waits for Madame Gao to finally appear

"It's a sacred symbol from K'un-Lun. Gao's giving them the finger by putting it on her poison. Let's find something to start the fire."
"Are you really planning to capture Gao?"
"Look, can we not get into that right now? Let's finish up and get out of here."
"I just wanted to say Gao is gonna keep destroying people's lives. It doesn't matter how it happens, just as long as it does."
―Danny Rand and Colleen Wing[src]

Upon arriving in Anzhou, the group then headed for the Facility that the Hand was seemingly located and began to wait for their target to show herself as they continued considering what their plan of attack needed to be. While they waited for an opening, Rand overlooked the facility with a pair of binoculars, as Colleen Wing questioned if Rand was nervous of Madame Gao failing to turn up there, although Rand had instead claimed that it was just the long waiting for something to happen that made him nervous.

As Rand sat on the car next to her, Wing shared a bit about her past with Rand by telling him that she had watched her own mother die in front of her as well when she had died of an illness while Wing was still young and confused, noting how her own father had never really spoken about what was happening and just sent her to Japan to live with her grandfather. Rand and Wing both agreed that they had felt a sense of being abandoned following the deaths of their family, while Rand noted that no matter how much he was loved elsewhere, it was never quite the same feeling, before they shared a tender kiss.

However they were interrupted as Claire Temple awoke from inside the car and asked for an update, as Rand noted that they still had not seen anything significant, although they had deduced in which building Gao's Heroin was being produced in. Eventually, Rand had become annoyed by all the waiting and decided to beat up a guard for information, however Wing had instead suggested another way to get information. Wing then spoke to a Blind Beggar and convinced him to give her information on the facility. Based on this information, they learned that the guards and slaves left on the evening.

As the group had discussed how Gao was keeping slaves within the facility, Rand suggested that they wait for the workers to leave for their evening meal, before they sneak in and burn the place to the ground. Temple however questioned the plan, asking if was a good idea to burn down the only place where they knew there was at least a chance that Gao may turn up, however Rand had simply replied that this was a way to force Gao out of her hiding by disrupting her business. Once the workforce left, Rand and Wing sneaked inside while Temple had stayed behind with their car to stay safe.

Ready to go make their move, Rand put his hood up while Wing had armed herself with her Katana as together they made their way inside the facility, silently climbing over a large gate while remaining out of sight. Having successfully dispatched the guard, they went inside the drug lab. Wing had noted that the symbol on the heroin resembled Rand's chest tattoo while he explained that it was the same symbol from K'un-Lun but made in mocking by stamping it on heroin. Rand started pouring flammable substance on the lab as Wing questioned if Rand really planned to capture Gao as he had claimed.

Rand reasoned that this was not the time to talk about it, however Wing had still said that Gao was going to keep destroying people's lives if she stayed alive. Rand answered that he was not sure what will happen, but if Gao was responsible for his Plane Crash, he would likely kill her, although he confessed to Wing that the prospect scared him. She related that she also felt out of control when she fought in the fighting ring and she had always been in control as Rand asked what changed and Wing answered that she met him. Rand asked if it was his fault, as Wing teased that everything was his fault.

While they were still preparing to burn down the laboratory however, Rand and Wing then heard Temple loudly honking on the car horn to alert them of an incoming danger. The quickly hid themselves as Gao had entered the laboratory with three of her bodyguards, while they speculated on who was making all of the noise. Having stayed out of sight while Gao explored the building, Rand then told Wing to go and find Temple to ensure she was still safe, while Rand went after Gao himself. Although Wing noted that Gao was waiting for him, Rand still insisted that he would be fine and told her to find Temple.[11]

Iron Fist vs Drunken Fist

"I don't want to have to fight you."
"I'm Zhou Cheng. Disciple of my master, Ch'i-Lin. Sworn defender of the Hand."
"What would your master think about you drinking so much?"
"He insists upon it. You see some, chase the dragon. I've gotta keep mine sedated. Bad things happen if I don't."
―Iron Fist and Zhou Cheng[src]

Meanwhile, Rand followed Madame Gao and her guards while they headed to another building in the area, with Rand watching from a distance as Gao then demanded that Zhou Cheng, who guarded the entrance door, awake from his drunken sleep to let them all inside, before Cheng then laid back down and went back to sleep. Rand approached and woke Cheng up in his drunken stupor, believing him to be another beggar, Rand attempted to bride Cheng to sleep elsewhere Rand could then get inside.

Annoyed, Cheng told Rand that he was comfortable here as he had advised him not to force him to move, as Rand reasoned that he did not want to fight him. Chuckling, Cheng had introduced himself as a disciple of Ch'i-Lin and sworn defender of the Hand. Rand asked if his master insisted him to drink this much while Cheng got to his feet and explained Ch'i-Lin had demanded his drinking, noting that while others chased the dragon, he would need to keep his sedated since bad things would happen if he did not. Cheng then cheerfully said that since they were going to fight, they might as get started.

With no other option, Rand accepted the challenge as both fighters bowed as they immediately started their duel. Cheng however had proved himself to actually be a surprisingly formidable opponent, as his drunken fist style made his movement chaotic and unpredictable for Rand, even as he continued drinking throughout their fight. Cheng taunted Rand, noting how he had thought the Iron Fist was a meant to be a great warrior of K'un-Lun and compared his style as a child who was simply throwing a tantrum. Angered, Rand then retaliated that a man only fought with his mouth when his fists are lacking.

Zhou Cheng 3

Iron Fist attempts to fight against Zhou Cheng

Resuming a different stance, they resumed their fight as Cheng was again had gained the advantage by using head butts and strange kicks to surprise Rand, briefly lying on the floor smiling to himself as Rand recovered. As they kept fighting, Cheng continued mocking and taunting Rand by telling him that the only regard in which Rand was superior to him was in his haircut which Cheng complimented. Eventually, Rand lost patience as he smashed Cheng's wine bottle, which only succeeded in angering Cheng as the drunken fighter had landed several hard hits which made Rand spit out blood.

Changing into a more aggressive style, Rand succeed in landing a few hits on Cheng and kicking him against the floor. As he got to his feet, Cheng then grabbed a new bottle of wine while he continued taunting Rand, noting that just like him, Rand had sworn a vow, but unlike Rand, Cheng had always remained true to it. Rand snapped back that he was trying to end the greatest threat to his people to which Cheng then retorted that his intention was to punish and not protect. Cheng told Iron Fist that he was only wearing his oath like a mask and asked the Iron Fist where was the honor in that.

When Cheng threw his bottle at him, however the Iron Fist was then immediately able to grab the bottle out of the air and smashed it over his opponent's head. With an opening finally clear, the Iron Fist then landed several strong strikes against Cheng's body before he finally managed to punch Cheng through the entrance door. In his fury, Iron Fist began savagely punched his opponent to a bloody pulp. He had finally stopped when Claire Temple and Colleen Wing had appeared and urged him to stop before he was able to continue beating Cheng to death, as Rand looked at his actions in complete horror.[11]

Confronting Madame Gao

"I don't wanna hurt you. I just want to know what happened between you and my father."
"Is that what's driven you to this state?"
"He tried to shut this place down, didn't he? So you stopped him."
"A shot in the dark rarely finds its target."
―Iron Fist and Madame Gao[src]

Following their duel, Rand was dismayed and remorseful for nearly killing Zhou Cheng in his rage, stepped away as Claire Temple went to check on him. Rand worriedly asked if Cheng was okay, only for Temple to ask Rand if he had looked okay as Rand saw Cheng was covered in blood from being repeatedly hit in the face. Temple then reminded Rand that he said that he had it under control as Rand, shaken and alarmed, only responded that he thought he had.

They were interrupted when Madame Gao appeared to greet Rand, as she had advised that anger was a gift if he knew how to control it and claimed that it would be her privilege to teach him. Rand insisted that he did not want to hurt Gao, but that he simply wanted to know what happened between his father and her as Gao inquired if that's what driven him to this state. Rand theorized that his father tried to shut the Laboratory down and she killed him, but Gao chided that a shot in the dark rarely found its target. Rand asked if she denied this, only for Gao to responded if he would believe her if she did.

Rand Defends

Iron Fist fighting all of Madame Gao's soldiers

When Rand tried to approach closer, Gao raised her hand and had warned Rand not to take another step closer to her, as Gao promised that if he submitted to her, she would ensure that Colleen Wing and Temple were granted a merciful death. Rand stated that he would die before he let her touch them as Gao only responded that she could not allow Rand to do that before she had ordered her men to attack Temple and Wing. The brief fight ensued, with Wing armed with her own Katana while Temple had put on a pair of Tekko-Kagi, as Rand continued fighting against the men with just his bare hands.

The fight against Gao's men turned out to only be brief, as despite the men's superior strength and strong weapons, Rand and his allies worked together as team and managed to cause one man to even impale his ally with his own weapon before Wing knocked him out. As they looked over the defeated Hand soldiers, Temple noticed that the guards' weapon were poisoned when they started reacting to it. Rand recognized the poisoned veins on the guards resembled how the deceased pilots looked following the Plane Crash, as Rand then realized that Gao was indeed responsible for the accident.

Becoming absolutely furious at finally discovering that Gao had been the one who was responsible for deaths of his mother and father, Rand harnessed his Chi as the Iron Fist had burned brightly. Despite Temple attempting to get him to stop, Iron Fist then charged toward the panicked woman and threw a powerful punch at how, however ultimately Iron Fist spared Gao's life, as Rand had used his anger to completely obliterate the door behind Gao. As the Iron Fist had faded away, Rand then took Gao captive, as Rand told his friends that they were finally leaving China with Gao now as their own prisoner.[11]

Looking for Answers


Rand watching the captured Madame Gao

"Never let the enemy choose the battlefield. Always work from a position of strength."
"Why should we be enemies?"
"And don't let the enemy bait you into a trap."
―Danny Rand and Madame Gao[src]

Having taken Madame Gao captive, they brought her back into New York City and tied to a chair in Chikara Dojo. While his companions questioned Rand's decision to bring Gao back to the dojo, Rand had noted that they must not allow their enemy to chose the battlefield, although Gao had asked why they should be enemies. He told his friends that he would not be turning Gao over to the New York City Police Department until he found out what she knew despite Claire Temple's suggestion that they should take her over to the police.


Rand personally questioning Madame Gao

Gao had asked if they truly believed that a prison cell was where she would actually end up if she was delivered. Rand pressed Gao to tell him what the connection between his father and the Hand, although Gao had instead questioned why he was still asking for things that happened fifteen years ago when he had more pressing concerns. In anger, Rand demanded answers before he nearly punched Gao, who remained completely unintimidated by him as she did not even flinch at his clenched fist, before Colleen Wing then told Rand to stop and brought him into her room to then talk about their situation, all while Gao still remained extremely calm about her current situation.

Rand was forced to defend his actions as Temple questioned what they were doing, as Temple asked if Rand was close to torturing Gao simply to try to get the answers he wanted which Gao may well still lie about. Rand reasoned that he had needed to know why his father and Rand Enterprises had something to do with the Hand, although Wing questioned the motive since it would not change his feelings towards his father. Wing said that Rand already knew that Gao was responsible for their Plane Crash and asked why this was not enough and why he felt the need to continue personally questioning Gao.

Seeing that both Wing and Temple were against his current plan of questioning Gao, Rand had then asked why they were imposing him, as Wing replied that they didn't want him to do something he would regret like torturing and killing Gao for unreliable answers. Knowing that they simply needed to know if Gao was telling the truth, Temple got an idea that they take Truth Serum from Laboratory at the Rand Enterprises Building and use it to get their answers that they needed from Gao as Rand and Wing both agreed, while Wing had also noted that this plan would at least be better than torturing Gao.[16]

Taking True Serum

"I just, um I need your help."
"I don't know about that. I really like my job, I need this job."
"I'm sorry to put you in this position, but it's really important. There's no one else I can turn to."
"If you get caught, you never saw me."
―Danny Rand and Sandi Ann[src]

Seeking to begin the plan, Rand left Chikara Dojo and had made his way through New York City in order to get the truth serum ready to begin the questioning, only to bump into Joy Meachum along the way. Although Rand tried to move along past Meachum, she had then informed him that both she and Ward Meachum had just been successfully pushed out of Rand Enterprises by Lawrence Wilkins, much to the complete shock of Rand himself, as Meachum noted that Rand himself had been stripped of all his titles and powers with the exception of his shares in the company.

When Rand had questioned how this could have possibly happened, Meachum blamed him, noting that ever since he had turned up out of the blue from K'un-Lun, everything had changed for the worse, and his filmed apology to Regina Fitzgerald and taking hard stances on both the Leishmaniasis Cure and the Chemical Plants had eventually forced the board's decision to push them out. As Rand apologised, Meachum noted that her brother had vanished, noting Ward took her to the Penthouse before freaking out, although Rand denied knowing anything before walking away, with Meachum not believing him.

Having now been banned from entering it following his firing, Rand returned the to Rand Enterprises Building and was forced to break inside the lab to look for the Truth Serum, finding the door to the lab itself was locked as Rand proceeded to break the window on the door window to open it from the outside. As he looked all around for what Claire Temple had told him they would need for Madame Gao's questioning, Rand was eventually discovered looking all around in the laboratory by Sandi Ann who awkwardly told him that he was not allowed there anymore, which Rand could not deny was true.

Believing that he could trust her, Rand told Ann how he was looking for just one thing and that he needed her help to find it, as she had eventually agreed, although reluctantly, noting how she loved and needed her job and requested that if Rand was caught by anybody then he would deny ever seeing her there, which Rand agreed to. As Rand told Ann what he wanted, she questioned what he would be needing it for, before changing her mind and telling him that she did not actually want to know, before Ann did as she was instructed and found the Truth Serum for Rand, allowing him to then leave.[16]

Questioning Madame Gao

"How did you know my father?"
"It was your mother that I knew. She introduced me to him. I set it up for months. She was easy to manipulate."
"That's not true. Claire, it's not working."
"But Wendell won't have anything to do with us. He wasn't willing to make a deal. But Harold, now, is a different story."
―Danny Rand and Madame Gao[src]

Eventually, Rand returned back to the Chikara Dojo where he had found Colleen Wing lying in her bed, while clearly sick, although Wing insisted that she was simply having the flu from their journeys to China and back to New York City, as Wing urged Rand to focus on interrogating Madame Gao in order to get the answers he needed as she claimed they did not have much time, although Rand was still highly unsure and nervous about Wing's current condition as she had suddenly gotten so incredibly sick.

As Rand confirmed that he got everything, Claire Temple immediately went to prepare a dose of the Truth Serum. Rand went over to Gao and asked if she was afraid of needles, while Gao had simply replied confidently that Rand was about to face something that he was still completely unprepared for, to which Rand had tauntingly questioned if she got something scarier than a Dragon in a Cave which Rand had previously experienced himself, while Gao simply smiled and replied that she did, throwing off Rand's confidence with the situation while Temple confirmed the serum was ready to be used on Gao.

Once they injected her with the dose, Gao initially laughed if that was all they gave her, however then the serum had seemingly started to work. Rand then started asking his questions about how she knew his father, although Gao answered that she knew Heather Rand and she introduced Gao to Wendell. She talked about how Heather was so easy to manipulate, but Wendell did not want to make a deal with the Hand. Then she went over to Harold Meachum, while noting how Meachum had been a lot more willing to make a deal with them, but before Rand could question Gao any further, she fell asleep.

Rand still insisted that the drugs had failed to work, as he insisted that Gao could not have had a relationship with his mother, although Temple noted that Gao might not have the answers that Rand was looking for. However before Rand and Temple could then discuss it further, Wing stumbled out of her room as she immediately fell to the floor in agony. Rand and Temple went straight over to her side as they immediately found out that she had been poisoned from a cut injury she had gained fighting back in Anzhou, as Temple noted that was not able to help her when she did not know the poison.

Then Gao had revealed that she had been faking asleep and lying the whole time as the truth serum did not work on her. She chided them and asked if they really thought the drug would work on her, boasting that she spent most of the 17th Century being interrogated in similar manners. Rand pressed for what poison her Hand soldiers had used, but Gao refused to answer. Wing urged Rand to call up her Sensei for aid, as Rand had then immediately called only for no one to pick up, while Rand could only leave a voice message to the Sensei informing them of the serious situation which Wing was currently in.[16]

Siege of the Chikara Dojo

"We'll be fine. We're gonna get out of here. Everything's gonna be okay."
"I don't know."
"Say it. We're gonna be okay."
"We're gonna to be okay."
―Danny Rand and Colleen Wing[src]

Later as they waited for the Sersei to arrive and offer his assistance, Rand tried to reassure Colleen Wing that they would get out of there and that they were going to be okay, while Wing's poisoned wound continued to cause her considerable pain as it slowly killed her. When he overheard them, Madame Gao mocked both Rand and Wing as she called them as children, but Rand simply ignored Gao's mockery and continued to promise Wing that they would make it out.

Rand prepares fist

Rand prepares to fight Madame Gao's men

However eventually, the lights throughout Chikara Dojo were then cut out as they realized that someone was approaching, while Gao had taunted Rand that his time was over and he was going to watch his friends die because of him. While Claire Temple armed herself with her Tekko-Kagi, Rand had told Wing and Temple to stay calm as their eyes would get adjusted to the dark, as Wing noticed a small camera filming them. Gao's men threw a smoke bomb into the Chikara Dojo and broke the ceiling to enter as Rand summoned his Chi and gained the Iron Fist to give himself an advantage during the fight.

The armed men entered and a fight ensued, with Rand using the Iron Fist to destroy their weapons with a single strike, while he and his allies protected Gao from being taken away and kept all the attacking men at bay. While Wing used her Bo Staff, despite all of her previous injuries, Rand used his superior fighting skills alongside Temple to gain the advantage over the attackers. They eventually succeed in defeating the guards, as Rand knocked out the final man with a hard kick to the head, before checking that all of his allies were okay and had not recieved any fatal injuries during the skirmish.

While Rand insisted that they had to tie up all of the unconcious men before they awoke, Temple had noticed they were not Hand ninjas but military men. With her escape attempt having failed, Gao pointed to the now considerably weaker Wing and then made Rand an offer, if Rand escorted Gao to safety she would make sure that Temple had clear passage to Metro-General Hospital and was given the antidote to cure Wing before he poison was able to finally claim her life, noting that Wing did not have long left to live, however Rand was urged not to listen to her from Wing as Gao was likely still lying to him.[16]

Saving Colleen Wing

"I don't understand what you're asking me to do."
"You weren't taught this. Come. You know how to center your Chi, and then move that energy into your hand?"
"Of course."
"Then do it now. Good. Now open your fist. Now place your hand over the poison. Focus on it. Do you sense the poison?"
―Danny Rand and Bakuto[src]

With Colleen Wing's condition worsening further was the time had ticked over, Rand and Claire Temple had struggled to to find the way to help Wing, but they were perplexed and continued to ignore the mockery of Madame Gao who had insisted that it would not be long until the poison had reached into Wing's brain and finally killed her. With seemingly no way for them to help Wing in her current state other than trying to offer her some comfort, Rand then warned Gao that if Wing died, then he would kill Gao.

While this was happening, Wing's Sensei then knocked on the door, as Wing urged them to open the door. While he had kept Wing calm, Rand had approached and asked how he got in when the soldiers were everywhere, to which the Sensei had calmly claimed that he had taken care of Gao's men, as he then proceeded to show them proof when a soldier who he had already dispatched dropped down from the window. Gao was distressed seeing the Sensei and said he had no business there and told him to leave, however Rand knew he was the only hope for Wing and opened the door for the Sensei.

Bakuto Danny Healing

Rand follows Bakuto's lessons on healing

As he knelt down beside the dying Wing, the Sensei had introduced himself as Bakuto. He urged Rand to use his Chi to heal her with the Iron Fist, while Gao had still claimed that Rand was about to fall into a trap that he would not be able to escape from. Rand noted that he did not understand what Bakuto wanted him to do as Bakuto realized that Rand had not been taught this in K'un-Lun, he then told Rand to summon his powers into the Iron Fist. Guided by Bakuto, Rand had finally managed to use the Iron Fist to burn out the poison as Rand had succeeded in managing to save Wing's life just in time.

Although he was successful in saving Wing's life, the technique had completely drained him of his energy, as Rand discovered that he could barely stand and, although he had claimed to be fine, Rand eventually collapsed on the ground. With Rand now out of action, Bakuto's men entered and took Rand and Gao away from Chikara Dojo, intending to take them back to their Compound to be treated and recharge his Chi. While Rand got brought into their vehicle and driven away with Bakuto and Wing, Another Man still observed the situation and calmly followed while Temple was turned away.[16]

Bakuto's Deception

Recharging Chi Energy

"But that was the Iron Fist doing his duty. Guarding an entry. If that's why you're interested in me, then you got the wrong man."
"I don't need a guard, Danny. I need a partner. With you at my side, no one would stand against us. The Gaos of the world would be destroyed."
―Danny Rand and Bakuto[src]

Having been taken away from Chikara Dojo, Rand eventually woke up and had found that he was now in a bed in a calm and peaceful room, although he did not know where he currently was. Turning around, Rand found Colleen Wing sleeping beside him, as he woke her up by affectionately caressing her. Rand had asked Wing where they were, as Wing reassured him that they were in a Safe Location and her home. After exchanging a few tender words and while checking that Rand was okay following him using up all his energy while saving her life, they softly kissed.

IF Screenshot 2

Rand and Colleen Wing explore Bakuto's base

Rand and Wing went out to explore the Compound, Wing explained that she came there when she had returned to the United States of America from living in Japan with her Grandfather. Rand asked if this place was a monastery or school, Wing replied that it was something of both while Wing explained that it was a safe place for people who needed a home, noting that they had taken her in and helped her to get settled. She then explained that Bakuto was the sensei not just for her but for everyone in the compound. She told Rand that Bakuto and his students were her family, noting that she was glad that Rand was there with her while she had affectionally touched his arm.


Rand recharges his Chi alongside Bakuto

Bakuto, who was training his students, went to greet Rand personally as he asked how Rand was feeling and Rand assured he was okay. He thanked Bakuto for showing how to heal Wing as Bakuto asked if he was ready to recharge his Chi, although Rand was confused and explained that his own training back at K'un-Lun had gone sideways when he had returned to New York City. Bakuto then taught Rand a different meditation technique, which allowed Rand to recharge his Chi, while Bakuto told him to release the negative energy holding him back, as Rand finally commented that he was feeling hungry.


Rand has a private conversation with Bakuto

With their training now done, Bakuto and Rand had started heading towards the office to have a private talk. Rand asked Bakuto about his Organization and why Wing had never spoken about Bakuto, to which Bakuto had answered that she was simply protective. Bakuto answered that their organization takes people in who need help in life. As they talked, their conversation led to Madame Gao as Bakuto told him that Gao was currently in solidarity until they are certain it was safe to hand her over to the authorities. As they headed towards the office, Rand noticed a compound with armed guards.

When they entered Bakuto's office, Rand questioned what Bakuto's motivations were for the Iron Fist, although Bakuto insisted that they were not using people at his compound. Taking a seat, Rand noticed an ominously familiar knife which he had seen at Harold Meachum's Penthouse. Slightly alerted, Rand continued his conversation with Bakuto as he was praised for his action in Rand Enterprises dealing with the Leishmaniasis Cure as he noted how the world was run by companies, it was good to have a man with moral values, noting that Bakuto was certain that Rand would turn his company around.

Rand Ally

Rand and Bakuto discuss Iron Fist's power

Bakuto showed Rand a recording back in 1948 as he explained that during World War II a group of Chinese soldiers had inadvertently gotten lost in the mountains, and there the soldiers had unexpectedly encountered the Iron Fist who was guarding the pass and defeating all of the soldiers with considerable ease while only using his bare hands charged with the Iron Fist. Rand had watched as the recording showed a fully-trained and realized Iron Fist who had just furiously dominated his opponents, as Bakuto noted that this was what Rand had the potential of being if he fully realized his own power.

Rand turned to Bakuto and asked why he was so interested in the Iron Fist as Bakuto had then explained that he had spent his entire life listening to the masters' stories about the Immortal Weapon and became obsessed with learning about the powers of the Iron Fist. Although Rand claimed that Bakuto might have the wrong man if he wanted Rand to be a guard, however Bakuto had instead offered a partnership with Rand to protect all his students from Gao and her deadly Heroin. Bakuto claimed that this was his motivation, but Rand had remained somewhat uncertain of trusting Bakuto just yet.

Following his private talk with Bakuto, Rand had then received a call from Joy Meachum who gave the phone to Harold Meachum who it turned out was still alive despite Rand having previously found the pool of blood at his Penthouse. Rand learned that Joy knew about her father's secret and that they were working on a plan to regain control of Rand Enterprises. Rand informed Harold about Gao and Bakuto, much to the great relief of Harold as Rand had promised to confirm if Gao was dead or being kept locked away, claiming that Bakuto was a friend, although he still remained uncertain.[10]

Terrible Discovery

"Now you're baiting me with insults?"
"I am treating you with respect by being who I truly am. Not everyone around you does the same."
"That's not true!"
"They are stealing your ability to trust. That is how they crush you."
―Danny Rand and Madame Gao[src]

As Rand kept exploring the Compound to get a sense of the people, he was greeted by Darryl who asked if Rand was joining them as he said that he was thinking about it. Rand learned from Darryl that he enjoyed staying in the Organization and he was well-treated and the quality of life was great, introducing him to Gil and Ciara. Rand also learned that there were a few areas they were not allowed to go and that there was a curfew, as Rand decided to investigate.

Looking for answers, Rand sneaked into the compound protected by guards without being seen, and had eventually managed to find out where Madame Gao was located. As Rand approached Gao's cell where there was a video communication as the old woman rose from her chair and greeted Rand as he told her that he was glad that Gao finally got what she deserved, but Gao replied that punishment was juvenile and boring. Gao then continued to chid Rand for his childish thinking, as Rand mockingly replied that at least he was not in prison, although Gao had then asked Rand if this looked like prison.

Gao berated that she offered Rand freedom and leniency to live his life however he chooses and instead, he pursued her to China where he had kidnapped her and then ran directly into slavery, calling Rand an idiot, as Rand stated that she was baiting him with insults. Gao told Rand that she was only treating him with respect by being who she truly was and not everyone around him was the same, but Rand did not believe her. Gao warned Rand that 'they' were stealing his ability to trust and, when Rand questioned who, while smiling, Gao replied it was the Hand, much to the complete horror of Rand.

Shocked, Rand asked what she was talking about. Gao urged Rand to open his eyes and question where he was. However, before Rand to ask more questioned, Bakuto appeared as he acknowledged that Rand found what he was looking for. Rand defended that he was only looking for some answers to which Bakuto replied that he would not find them here while speaking with Gao, claiming that he already had tried himself, but he was glad Rand had tried so he could see for himself that Gao would not work with them or against them. Bakuto then led Rand out of the compound and back to his room.

As Rand found Colleen Wing was waiting for him, she could see that something was troubling Rand as she asked what was wrong. Rand answered that he went to talk to Gao and how she had continued to manipulate him, as Gao had made him question everything. He told Wing that Gao told him that they were in the Hand, noting that the knife he saw in Bakuto's office was a Hand Ceremonial Knife which he had seen Alexi and Vando using. Following a brief silence, Wing revealed that she wanted to tell him from the beginning, proving that Gao was telling the truth and Wing was a member of the Hand.

Shocked, confused and then devastated by Wing's deception, Rand had a hard time listening to Wing as she tried to explain. He furiously stated Wing that the Hand were murderers and killers while Wing defended the denunciation and explained that it was all Gao's action as she was part of a rogue faction committed criminal activity that destroyed lives like selling her Heroin. However Rand did not accept the story as he sorrowfully told Wing that she had been lying to him the whole time. Then, Rand started questioning if Wing was ordered by Bakuto to meet him in the Central Park, but Wing denied it.

He further asked if she was ordered by Bakuto to allow Rand to stay in the Chikara Dojo as Wing tried to reassure Rand that there wasn't a conspiracy as Wing claimed that she already met him and already developed feelings for him. Rand asked if that was before or after she learned about him being the Iron Fist, but Wing insisted it was before. Still unable to trust her, Rand asked if it was Bakuto's idea to sleep with him and recruit him into the hand but once again, Wing had continued to deny this, while Rand retorted that the only reason why people were interested in him was because of the Iron Fist.

Rand asked why Wing lied as she replied that it was because Rand had been brainwashed by the Order of the Crane Mother against the Hand, as she urged Rand to think of whenever someone mentioned the Hand, he went to fight them with a reckless and rashed attitude, reasoning that he grew up in K'un-Lun hearing only one story about the Hand which was a lie forced upon him, urging Rand to consider the possibility that the story was wrong. Bitterly, Rand had reminded Wing that the Hand had killed his family. Feeling utterly betrayed by someone he loved and trusted, Rand then left Wing alone.[10]

Escape from the Hand Compound


Rand meditates to recharge his Chi energy

"This is disappointing. I was hoping you wouldn't take the bait and dig further. Even sneaking down to kill Gao would have been better than this."
"More lies."
"Simply a test. And you failed."
Bakuto and Danny Rand[src]

Later that night, while he was still attempting to process everything that he had learned about all of the terrible lies he had been told ever since arriving in New York City, Rand had attempted to meditate in his room in order to recharge his Chi energy, while Colleen Wing was sleeping on the bed beside him. Hearing some instinctive chatter that had gained his attention, Rand then quietly went to out investigate. Making his way through the Hand Compound, Rand ensured that he was not being watched as he eventually had found his way down to the locked off basement by managing to locate a secret entrance which did not require a passcode.

Once downstairs, Rand had discovered several cameras, monitors, and voice tracking from all the locations he had been since his return, including the Chikara Dojo as well as Harold Meachum's Penthouse. In absolute fury, Rand destroyed the monitors, enraged at the sheer rage about all of deception he had discovered. While Rand continued furiously breaking the equipment, Bakuto emerged and expressed his disappointment as he hoped that Rand would not take the bait. Rand angrily rebuked Bakuto for keep lying to him but Bakuto only replied that he was simply testing Rand to which he had just failed.


Iron Fist furiously fighting against Bakuto

The furious Rand the attacked Bakuto, at first throwing a key board at him which Bakuto easily avoided. They then exchanged blows, with Bakuto using his speed to avoid the Iron Fist's attacks and using his rage against him. Bakuto had then armed himself with two blades which he began swinging at the Iron Fist with great force, damaging some stone pillars in a furious swing. Before long however, the Iron Fist managed to disarm him and when Bakuto had attempted to do a flip, he knocked him down and made him crash hard on the ground, however Bakuto's soldiers were already coming to his aid.

Now that he knew the Hand's intentions were malevolent and that he needed to escape and warn his allies about what he had discovered, Rand began heading out, only for the alarms to begin ringing out throughout the compound as before Rand could even get out of the basement, he encountered a few students who were there to stop him. However as Rand prepared for the fight, Davos then suddenly appeared and knocked them out as he chastised Rand for being the worst Iron Fist ever before then moving ahead. Confused by his best friend's appearance, Rand then followed closely behind him.


Rand and Davos are surrounded by the Hand

As the two friends moved ahead, Davos explained Lei Kung tasked him to bring Rand back to K'un-Lun. He asked who the people were, Rand had answered that they were the Hand, to which the horrified Davos vowed that they would kill as many of them as they could on their way out of the Compound. The alarm continued and guards started appearing, as Rand and Davos then found themselves being surrounded by the guards and managed to fend them off by working as a perfect fighting unit, even when the sheer number of the Hand's soldiers came close to overwhelming them in the tight corridor.


Rand and Davos escape Bakuto's compound

They hurried outside where Davos made the plan as he had advised Rand to use his Chi summon up the Iron Fist and smash through the gate to get out. Rand warned that they would be seen as Davos said that he would hold them off for as long as he could. Seeing that Rand was still tensed, Davos had tried to calm him down by reminding his friend that stealing apples from Master Q'uon was harder than what they were about to experience. Together they had charged towards the gate in order to make their escape, however Darryl appeared to block their path, as Rand had tried to get him out of the way.


Rand realises that the Iron Fist does not work

During the scuffle, Rand was stabbed in the side by Bakuto, an act witnessed by Colleen Wing. When Davos broke Darryl's leg, Rand tried to help him before Davos convinced him otherwise as they instead continued making their way towards the exit. The two friends reached the gate and Davos urged Rand to summon the Iron Fist, however Rand found himself unable to summon his powers. As more and more guards arrived, the situation got worse as Bakuto calmly explained that Rand's anger, pain, and confusion had destroyed his chi, leaving him completely unable to access the Iron Fist no matter how hard Rand tried to calm himself down and concentrate.

Open Heart

Iron Fist battles against all Bakuto's soldiers

Enraged, Rand then charged ahead to face his opponents as Bakuto ordered his students to attack them. Both Rand and Davos faced the swarm of Hand cultists, each using the skills which had been taught by the Order of the Crane Mother to fight alongside each other with excellent coordination, as Rand and Davos managed kept the Hand at bay. When more Hand soldiers appeared, Davos then leaped over Rand's back to push them away, before getting into a fighting stance and commenting that this was not what they had planned. Despite proving themselves to be the superior warriors, Rand and Davos had soon found the sheer number of Bakuto's soldiers overwhelming as the had soon begun to lose their advantage during the fight.

In the midst of their fight however, someone opened up the gate for them to escape through. Davos then prevented Rand from keeping fighting his opponents as more reinforcement appears. They both went through the gate while a few cultist followed them through the gate as it closed again. Davos quickly dispatched them, as Rand turned and saw Wing in the control room, having opened the gate for them to escape. Confused, before Rand could talk to her, Davos had insisted that they needed to keep moving as the two then escaped the Hand's compound before Bakuto could capture them.


Rand being furiously confronted by Davos

As they reached New York City in the early morning, Davos told Rand that he needed get stitched up before they returned to K'un-Lun, but Rand refused. Davos reminded Rand that the path to K'un-Lun was open and that he was not there to protect it as Rand insisted that he could not leave. Davos pointed out that Rand had no trouble leaving them, which Davos reprimanded Rand for. Davos continued that they should head back and submit to the Thunderer who could hopefully restore Rand's Chi, noting Rand was a complete failure as he could not even light up the Iron Fist due to his previous mistakes. Hearing this, Rand held his bloody wound, knowing Davos was right.[10]

Davos' Confrontation

"If I'm supposed to be the destroyer of the Hand, then I should be here, destroying them where they are. You're a warrior, like me. Trained to be the Iron Fist."
"But I'm not the Iron Fist. I wasn't chosen. You were. And you took it and ran."
―Danny Rand and Davos[src]

Taking refuge while still running from the Hand Compound, Rand had then taken a moment to enter into a bathroom where he lifted up his shirt and examined the wound given to him when Bakuto had stabbed him. Rand attempted to restore his Chi so he could regain the Iron Fist, but visions of the Cave of the Dragon, the betrayal of Bakuto, screams of pain from Darryl as well as his final look at Colleen Wing caused Rand too much emotional distress for him to focus.

Rand and Davos then hid in an empty parking lot while Davos urged that they should hurry return to K'un-Lun as soon as possible so his father, Lei Kung, could restore his chi. Rand had asked how his old master was and if he was pissed off over his action, to which Davos replied that Kung was troubled, confused over Rand's abandonment and was indeed angry. Rand asked how Davos managed to find him. Davos showed him a New York Bulletin article about his recent work at Rand Enterprises on his phone. Suddenly Rand dropped and then stamped on Davos' phone much to his friend's complete dismay.

Rand explained seeing tracking equipment in Bakuto's basement, as Davos pointed that as another reason to leave New York City. Rand is unwilling to leave, to which his friend reminded him that the path won't be open forever and if they miss their opening it will be years before they can return home. Rand told Davos that the Hand caused the Plane Crash which had killed his parents and were responsible for everything. Davos maintained that Rand was the Iron Fist and his duties were to K'un-Lun. Rand reasoned that his duty as the Iron Fist was to destroy the Hand and they were within New York.

He told Davos that just like him, he was trained to be the Iron Fist, however Davos noted that he was not chosen to undertake the Trial of Shou-Lao and Rand had instead taken the power of the Iron Fist and ran away with it, which Rand insisted was not the whole story. Davos asked what was worth abandoning them, as Rand replied that he got the truth about the deaths of his mother and father. Rand then asked for Davos' help in destroying the Hand as they finally come to an agreement, the moment they had destroyed the Hand once and for all, they would then finally return back to K'un-Lun.[15]

Medical Assistance


Rand and Davos go to Claire Temple for help

"He's building an army of Hand soldiers here, in New York, Claire."
"This doesn't make sense. Colleen is a teacher. She helps kids get off the streets."
"Yeah, by sending them straight to the Hand. She was trying to do the same thing to me."
"There's got to be more going on here."
―Danny Rand and Claire Temple[src]

Seeking medical attention for his still bleeding wound, Rand had then travelled across New York City until he arrived at Claire Temple's residence to get some help. Temple explained that she had been looking all over the city for him, ever since Rand had been taken from Chikara Dojo, before Temple then asked who Davos was, as Rand explained that he was his friend. Davos then questioned if Temple was a healer before they revealed Rand's bleeding wound, as Temple had immediately got Rand inside.


Rand's injury is stitched up by Claire Temple

While Rand lay shirtless on the table, Temple successfully found and removed a shard of the dagger which had been left behind by Bakuto when he had stabbed Rand. Temple suggested that Rand should use his Chi to heal himself, much to Davos' shock at Temple knowing all about the Iron Fist, however Rand had revealed that he was unable to summon the fist at the current time. As Temple then helped stitch Rand's wound by painfully using a staple gun, she had asked several questions as Rand explained that Davos was also from K'un-Lun and noted that Bakuto was responsible for the bleeding wound.

When Temple then asked about Colleen Wing and what happened to her, Rand had told Davos to go and check the perimeters despite his friend's reluctance to leave Rand. Once he was away, Rand informed Temple that Wing was part of the Hand much to her disbelief and shock, as she noted how Wing previously helped them to fight and capture Madame Gao, although Rand noted that Bakuto and Gao seemed to hate each other. Rand explained the division in the Hand's structure and Bakuto was building an army of soldiers in New York while Temple tried to reason that she may be brainwashed.

In a fit of rage, Rand uttered that all this time Wing lied and used him until Temple managed to sternly compel Rand to calm down. Temple asked what happened, Rand dismissed and simply said he was fine while Temple told Rand that the reason for his trouble and emotions might as well be from a broken heart. Finished with cleaning Rand's wounds, Temple urged Rand to get antibiotics and gave Rand a shirt from Luke Cage. Noticing all the bullet holes which had covered the shirt, Rand had then worriedly asked if her friend was okay, Temple smiled and replied that he was probably better than Rand.[15]

Colleen Wing's Explanation

Danny wearing Lukes' shirt

Rand attempts to meditate on the rooftop

"He's building an army in there. How can you not see that?"
"He is empowering those kids. To become the kind of people who help make the world a better place. He's getting them jobs in hospitals and businesses."
"He's using them for his own means."
―Danny Rand and Colleen Wing[src]

Seeking to try and recharge all his Chi, Rand then went out onto the roof of Claire Temple's building as he performed several moves that he had been taught by the Order of the Crane Mother. However, Rand had still found himself with considerable pain due to the wound inflicted by Bakuto, as well as still feeling conflicted emotions as well as memories and pain, thinking back to guarding the pass of K'un-Lun alongside Davos when he had first become the Iron Fist, as these memories had only caused Rand considerably more emotional stress as he could not meditate.

As Rand struggled to meditate, he was visited by Colleen Wing, as Rand cautiously asked if Bakuto was with her, to which Wing said she was alone. As she tried to approach, Rand stepped away from her, noting that Temple stitched up his wound, but Wing noted that he did not look fine, urging Rand to go to Metro-General Hospital. Rand reminded her that her sensei stabbed him as Wing said that Bakuto told her that he attacked them first while Rand countered that was not what happened as he warned Wing that Bakuto was not a good person and he was building the Hand a new army.

Wing reasoned that Bakuto was helping and empowering the kids to make them better like Kevin Michener as well as Becca Yoo. Rand asked why Wing was even there as she answered she cared about him and she wanted to make things right. Unable to trust her, Rand asked if Bakuto told her to say that. When she could not find an easy answer, Rand took a breath as he declared that he was the Iron Fist and Sworn enemy of the Hand. Rand went back to his meditation. Before leaving, Wing sorrowfully apologized for what happened, an apology that Rand silently acknowledged when she left.

Rand had then rejoined Davos and Temple, who were enjoying pizza together. Knowing that Harold Meachum was the only one who can help them fight against Bakuto, Rand suggested that they should go over to his Penthouse, although Temple had cautioned Rand not to charge in blindly, although Rand told Temple that he only want to see the Hand destroyed. Temple asked Davos to let them speak privately and, once they were alone, Temple then expressed her worry about Rand's state of mind following everything that had happened. Rand however had reassured her that he finally knew true purpose.

Temple then explained that she believed that Rand was more than a destroyer as she told Rand that while she did not know why he left K'un-Lun, whatever he was looking for would not be back there. She further reasoned that his Traumatic Experience as a ten year old was the cause of all of his rage and emotions, warning if he did not get it under control, then destroying would be the only thing that he would be capable of. After taking a short moment to consider all Temple's words, Rand thanked her for her help. He then asked for one more favor, which is to borrow her car, a favor that Temple agreed.[15]

Retaliation against Bakuto


Rand and Davos meet with the Meachums

"No more traps. No more interrogations. This has to be done the way it should have been from the start."
"You're talking about murder."
"We cut off the head and the snake will die."
―Danny Rand and Joy Meachum[src]

Returning to Harold Meachum's Penthouse, Rand was first greeted by Harold with a hug before Rand turned to Joy Meachum, who was not too pleased for having been kept out of loop about her father's resurrection, however Harold defended Rand, saying that he simply followed his wishes. When Harold had then asked about him, Rand had introduced the Meachums to Davos, explaining that Davos was another warrior who was originally from K'un-Lun who was willing and ready to fight alongside them, much to Harold's delight.

They began discussing how to take on Bakuto, as Rand noted that his Hand Compound was like a fortress, with Davos noting that there were too many guards for them to go in alone, to which Harold then devised a plan to draw Bakuto out. Since Bakuto was draining the money from Madame Gao's Heroin deals back into his accounts and since the Meachums had regained control of Rand Enterprises, they could close the transfer and use that to lure Bakuto out of hiding, as Harold claimed that the Hand were nothing more than mere criminals seeking financial gain and therefore would be easier to predict.

Harold suggested Rand and Davos would stay near the compound and strike when Bakuto left to take back his money. Davos however had remained concerned that Bakuto was still a skilled warrior to take on by themselves, although Harold had insisted that Bakuto would be no match for the Order of the Crane Mother's most skilled warriors, including the Iron Fist. Joy meanwhile was disturbed by Rand's willingness to use lethal force on Bakuto, having assumed that they would simply capture him and hand him over to the New York City Police Department to face his justice within jail.

Rand talks to Davos

Rand explains to Davos why he left K'un-Lun

At night, Rand and Davos waited outside Bakuto's compound, while bickering about who could drive Claire Temple's car, as Davos then reminded Rand of when Rand wrecked Brother Kuo's cart when they went to watch girls bathing only for them to find Lei Kung meditating naked. Rand told Davos about how he got flashes of anger which made his Chi harder to control making him question his right for the Iron Fist, as Davos said he should have followed Kung's teaching as none of the recent events would have happened if Rand had simply remained stationed at K'un-Lun as was the duty of the Iron Fist.

Davos confessed that he struggled with his anger, admitting that he thought the Trial of Shou-Lao was his birthright. Davos questioned Rand over leaving K'un-Lun for New York City, questioning why he would abandon his friends and family. Rand could only explain that ever since his Plane Crash he had felt an emptiness that not even the Iron Fist could fix, explaining how while looking for a sign for what to do, he saw a hawk flying which allowed him to know that the way out of K'un-Lun was open, although Davos argued that it was a sign that the way was open and K'un-Lun had now needed protection.

As Davos had questioned what was keeping Rand in New York, they had then spotted Colleen Wing just as she was making her escape from the Hand Compound. Upon seeing this, Rand then followed her much to Davos' protest. Rand had worriedly approached Wing who, having been traumatized following being betrayed by Bakuto and being forced to fight her former students, her faith in the Hand was shaken and destroyed, Wing grabbed a metal pipe and swung it at Rand. Having calmed down since their last encounter, Rand told the clearly terrified Wing that he was not trying to do her harm.

In her suicidal state of mind, Wing tried to provoke Rand to kill her but Rand managed to grab the metal pipe and held Wing as he then pleaded for Wing to calm down. She bemoaned that everything she believed in the Hand was false as Rand comforted Wing, noting how he had understood how it felt to have everything one believed in only to be pulled away as Rand told Wing that they had to stop running and destroy everything. Finally forgiving her, Rand pulled Wing into a hug and consoled her. Meanwhile, Davos watched them from behind, disappointed and highly concerned about Rand's decision.[15]

Tension between Brothers

"Look, I'm not gonna let them die."
"Who cares about them? Wait for Bakuto to leave the building, then we take him down."
"I'm not losing my family to the Hand again. I'm the Iron Fist. You don't tell me what to do."
―Danny Rand and Davos[src]

Making their way back towards New York City, Rand had then calmly comforted Colleen Wing who was still shaken by the knowledge that her own beloved Sensei, Bakuto, had tried to kill her. However they were interrupted when Davos warned Rand not to believe Wing since she was a part of the Hand, although Wing stated that she was not. Rand urged Davos to relax but, still mistrusting Wing's intentions, Davos refused to believe anything Wing said, becoming angered when Wing recognized him as being from K'un-Lun as Davos realized that Rand had told her about him.

Rand defended Wing, reminding Davos that she helped them escape the Hand Compound, however Davos believed that she simply faked defection to spy on them. Rand maintained that Wing was on their side, so Davos then suggested that Wing could help them blow up the compound with Bakuto and his soldiers inside it, however Wing refused, stating that her students from Chikara Dojo were all still in there. When Davos taunted that he brutally defeated her students during their escape, Wing punched him as Rand quickly intervened to then keep the fight from escalating as the tensions rose.

Davos took that as proof that Wing was still with the Hand as Wing made her disapproval of Davos known. Rand pleaded both of his friends to calm down as Davos insisted that he was the only rational one. He reminded Rand that as Iron Fist, it was his duty to destroy the Hand. Davos then taunted and asked when Rand had become a coward but Rand ignored him and tried to reason with Wing that he was simply taught in one way by the Order of the Crane Mother back at K'un-Lun. His friend countered that the place confused Rand and ruined his Chi and with that said, the trio had tensely continued.

They finally regrouped at Chikara Dojo where Rand cleaned Wing's bruises in her room while he had praised her for being brave during the Escape from the Hand Compound while Wing stressed that she was foolish as everything Bakuto told her was a lie and she believed him, although Rand told Wing that Bakuto was a piece of garbage while she was still human. Rand then told Wing he would use his own influence at Rand Enterprises to arrange a hotel for her, so she can be safe from another attack by the Hand, however Wing refused and said that she would not hide as she wanted Bakuto dead.

Davos entered the room and noted that they were losing their focus, just when Ward Meachum video-called Rand. Answering the call, Rand discovered to his great horror that Bakuto was calling him as he showed the Meachums taken hostage as Bakuto told Rand that he left him a few options and that he should take it as a compliment as it showed how much the Iron Fist meant to him. Without another word, Bakuto shot Joy Meachum into the stomach, much to Rand's horror as Bakuto told Rand that if he did not come in thirty minutes, Joy would bleed out and Harold Meachum would get beheaded.

As Bakuto drew his Katana and held it to Harold's neck, Bakuto then warned that he would soon lose another family if he did not obey him, while Ward Meachum cared for his sister's gunshot wound. Left with no other option, Rand prepared to go to the Penthouse to the Meachum's rescue, however Davos suggested that they should wait for Bakuto to leave the building and take him down. Rand told Davos that he would not lose his family to the Hand again as Rand furiously told Davos that as the Iron Fist, he did not have to listen to whatever Davos had said to him, as Rand had then stormed outside.[17]

Fighting Bakuto

"I kind of got this feeling you're not allowed to kill me."
"That doesn't mean I won't do what it takes to subdue you. We have some of the best doctors in the world. You'd be amazed at what they can stitch back together."
―Iron Fist and Bakuto[src]

Making his way across New York City as fast as he could, Rand just reached the Penthouse in time to prevent Bakuto decapitating Harold Meachum in front of his children. As Bakuto joked that Rand had cut it a little close, Rand demanded that the Meachums be let go, while walking past the bodies of Kevin Singleton and Gary who had been gunned down by Bakuto's men. Taking Joy Meachum's hand, Rand insisted that she needed a doctor, as Bakuto promised she would get medical attention once they had left the building.


Rand surrendering himself over to Bakuto

After exchanging a few words with Joy, Bakuto's men put Rand into handcuffs despite Rand insisting that he was surrendering under his own free will as Bakuto noted that with or without the Iron Fist, Rand was still a dangerous enemy who needed to be controlled. Rand then learned that Ward Meachum was the one who called Bakuto there as Bakuto apologised that he would not live up to his end of the deal in which Ward had attempted to have his father killed, as Rand looked at Ward in disgust while Ward could only remorsefully apologize onto Rand while Bakuto and his men left with the captured Rand

Bar the Big Boss - Rand and Bakuto in the elevator

Rand questions Bakuto's true plans for him

In the elevator, Bakuto called the Meachums a pit of vipers and that Rand should be thankful that he helped Rand get away from them. Rand asked Bakuto what he was planning to do with the Iron Fist as Bakuto simply smiled and said that someone in the Organization had wanted work with Rand while Bakuto also said that they were going to change the world. Bakuto vowed he would keep the promise he made back at the Hand Compound to complete Rand's training as the Iron Fist, although Rand had replied that he did not even what he wanted to be himself and questioned how Bakuto would help.

Episode12 The Fist

Iron Fist breaking free from his handcuffs

As they reached the bottom floor, Rand calmed himself and slowly regained a semblance of his Chi without Bakuto or any of the other guards noticing. Having calmed his mind, Rand had then succeeded in summoning the Iron Fist and Broke his Chains with a single strong movement. Wishing to take advantage of the element of surprise, Rand attempted to strike at Bakuto but quickly lost his powers again. While Bakuto and all of his men were distracted by Rand's sudden escape, Colleen Wing and Davos had then sprung out from their own hiding places and had then furiously attacked Bakuto's soldiers.

Iron Fist quickly dispatched one guard before he faced Bakuto while Iron Fist had taunted that he had gotten the feeling that Bakuto was not actually allowed to kill him. However Bakuto had simply drawn his own Katana and answered that he was allowed to subdue him by means necessary. Bakuto immediately managed to slash at the Iron Fist's chest, cutting him as Bakuto noted that the Hand had some of the best doctors in the world who could put him back together. Iron Fist and Bakuto entered into their fierce struggle as Bakuto prepared and more aggressive this time, keeping the Iron Fist on the edge.


Rand trying to get the upper hand on Bakuto

As Bakuto furiously swung his Katana at Iron Fist, he attempted to land a deadly blow, only for Iron Fist to catch the blade with his bare hands and keep Bakuto at bay while Wing and Davos continued their own brutal duels. As they became distracted by Wing screaming in pain at being cut by her own Katana, Rand pushed Bakuto away as they continued their fight. When all his guards were defeated by the combined forces of Wing and Davos, Bakuto was forced to make a run for it out of the Building with Iron Fist chasing after him, followed by Wing and Davos who would not allow him to escape.


Rand and Davos watching Bakuto's final duel

They followed Bakuto through New York City until Bakuto eventually reached Central Park and stopped to face them. He berated Wing for betraying the Hand as he stated that he should have recognized that she was too weak for the Hand as he called her nothing more than a teacher of children at Chikara Dojo. Wing told them that she would take him on alone as Rand was forced to watch as Wing duel against her former master, fearing for Wing's safety against the formidable Bakuto. Following their Intense Duel, Wing emerged as the victor as she had finally stabbed Bakuto straight through the stomach.

Davos urged for Bakuto to be killed, reminding him of his duty as the Iron Fist by the Order of the Crane Mother, however Wing stated that they should instead hand Bakuto over onto the New York City Police Department. While bleeding out, Bakuto then taunted Rand, asking if this was what his father's intentions were when he had raised him as Danny Rand, as Bakuto said that if he killed him, then Rand will only be another one in a long line of the Immortal Weapons to be used by others. Furious by Rand's inaction and indecision, Davos murdered Bakuto himself by plunging his dagger into Bakuto's heart.[17]

Fight Between Brothers

"I hurt you. I get it. It was selfish and wrong of me to leave without telling you. But coming here has taught me that the Iron Fist isn't just for K'un-Lun. Others before me may have felt it was their destiny but I am Danny Rand. And I'm the Iron Fist. I'm sorry. I wish you could understand."
―Iron Fist to Davos[src]

In horror, Rand had then admonished Davos for his action in having just murdered Bakuto, as Davos strongly reminded Rand that he was the Iron Fist and his duty was to kill the Hand while Rand argued that the rules were different in New York City as there were consequences for killing but Davos still disagreed and stated that Rand simply could not commit the act as he was not a warrior and further denounced him as a failure. Colleen Wing had defended Rand, to which Davos loudly told her that due to her past actions she had no say in this while Rand had still stood by Wing.

Aggravated, Davos told Rand that K'un-Lun would have been better off if neither Chodak nor Tashi had not saved him from the wreckage of his Plane Crash. Enraged, Rand had charged at Davos as the two former friends furiously began to fight each other. While they fought, Davos still castigated Rand's decision to stay in New York over the people who raised him while Rand countered this had nothing to do with K'un-Lun, he stated that Davos was angry because Rand left him. They continued their fight and Rand managed to force Davos to the ground, demanding that Davos yield and offered a hand.

Full of resentment and rage, Davos refused and attacked him again but Rand had quickly forced Davos to the ground again and held him down. Angered, Rand used his Chi and summoned the Iron Fist once again, demanding Davos to yield. Rand admitted and acknowledged that he hurt Davos and it was selfish to leave without telling him, but Rand further explained that ever since he returned to New York, he had learned that his powers were not just meant for K'un-Lun. While the others before him were content with being guardians, he declared that he was of both worlds, as Danny Rand and Iron Fist.


Rand apologises to Davos following their fight

Dismayed for what he almost did, Rand apologized to his friend while Davos got back onto his feet and stepped away from him. Rand then pleaded for Davos to understand his reasoning, however Davos sadly replied that he would never understand why he would ever choose to abandon the Order of the Crane Mother to return to the United States of America, noting that all that he had understood now was that now K'un-Lun's passage was opened and that Rand was putting them all in danger by leaving it unguarded. Before leaving, Davos warned his former brother that there would soon be consequences.

While Davos had walked away from Central Park and left them alone, Wing had then asked if Rand was okay, to which he replied that he would get through it. When they turned to look at Bakuto, they found to their complete shock that his corpse was gone. They deduced that Bakuto's men must have taken him as they would not want anyone getting ahold of the corpse of a Hand leader. Although they affirmed that Bakuto died when Davos stabbed him through the heart, they remained worried as Rand noted Harold Meachum had managed to return from the dead as well with the assistance of the Hand.[17]

Meachum's Betrayal

Calm Before the Storm

"I really screwed things up with him. I don't want the same thing to happen with you. When my parents died, I always felt this need to find a family. At first, I thought it could be in K'un-Lun. And then, I thought it could be with the Meachums, but what I found in you is, it's new. It's different."
―Danny Rand to Colleen Wing[src]

Driving Colleen Wing back towards the Chikara Dojo, Rand had then called up Harold Meachum to update him on the situation and to also inform him about the death of Bakuto which had relived Harold. After learning about Joy Meachum's current condition following her being shot by Bakuto in the stomach, Rand asked which hospital they were at by Harold insisted that he instead get some rest. As they ended their conversation, Rand had told Harold that he would be staying with Wing at the Dojo for the time being, as Harold then thanked him for finally setting him free.

They started walking back to the dojo. Rand informed Wing that he had no idea that his Chi powers would work again when Bakuto had handcuffed him, as Wing asked if this meant that Rand is recovering but he said not to get too excited about it. Taking a moment to talk, Rand told Wing about his misgivings with his fight with Davos as he had greatly regretted ruining his friendship over their different views on the Iron Fist's responsibilities. Rand admitted that he did not want his relationship with Wing also breaking apart. He told Wing that ever since the Plane Crash, he always felt the need to find a family.

Rand went on to explain hoped that he had hoped to fill the void left by the deaths of his mother and father within the monks who had saved him at K'un-Lun or later on with the Meachums when he had finally returned back to New York City, but he had found that neither of them did and had just left him feeling more confused about his place in life. Rand confessed that what he found in his relationship with Wing filled the emptiness in way that he could only describe as new and different. Wing smiled and admitted her feelings for Rand were mutual as happily, they kissed and retired to the dojo.

Bar the Big Boss - Wing and Rand training

Rand and Colleen Wing training side by side

The next morning, Rand turned on some of his music and meditated, practising his martial arts as he did. Wing eventually woke up and went to join him, as they then stood side by side and practised their moves. After spending some time meditating together, the music stopped when Rand's phone received a message. When Rand went to check the message, he learned that Ward Meachum texted and warned Rand to immediately get out of the dojo and someone was after him. After quickly asking who, Ward replied and warned that Harold betrayed him and again demanded that Rand escape.

Rand and Wing on the run

Rand and Colleen Wing escape from the DEA

Immediately heading towards the window to investigate, Rand had then spotted several armed guards entering the dojo. Believing them to be the Hand, Rand and Wing immediately faced them when they broke in, preparing themselves for a fight as they believed they were sent by either Madame Gao or Bakuto. After dispatching them with considerable ease however, they realized that they were DEA, as one of the agents demanded that Rand get down on the ground before he was then knocked unconcious by Rand's kick. Knowing they were now hunted, Rand and Wing had immediately fled the dojo.[17]

Framed and Hunted


Rand and Colleen Wing hiding together

"As an officer of the court, I'm obliged to tell you to turn yourself in."
"You really think that's a good idea?"
"No, of course not. You're a billionaire facing federal drug charges. You might as well have the words "Flight Risk" stamped on your forehead. You surrender, and you will end up in a jail cell for six to twelve months minimum before this even goes to trial."
Jeri Hogarth and Danny Rand[src]

Hiding in Central Park, Rand hid behind a tree as he saw a few New York City Police Department cops passed by. With Rand still highly on edge, he was alerted when Colleen Wing had arrived with the New York Bulletin which had stated that Rand was wanted for drug trafficking and money laundering. Baffled, Rand reasoned that he shut down Madame Gao's operation and got the drugs out of Rand Enterprises, however Wing had simply stated that it did not change what the news was currently reporting.

Angered and confused about what was happened, Rand questioned what had made Harold Meachum betray him since he had freed him from the Hand. Wing urged Rand not to overthink, as she noted that this would not help their situation before Rand then asked how Wing was dealing with the situation following everything that happened with Bakuto and their escape from Chikara Dojo. Calming down a bit, Rand planned that they need to find evidence of his innocence and that they need to get in touch with Jeri Hogarth. They enlisted Claire Temple's assistance to help get them in contact with Hogarth.

RWHT Episode 13

Rand secretly meeting with Jeri Hogarth

While hiding in a secluded alleyway, Temple had managed to bring Hogarth to Rand and Wing. Hogarth updated Rand on what was happening, advising them not to hand themselves in as it would not end well. She warned Rand and Wing that the DEA considered them both dangerous and thus they would not hesitate to shoot, noting that now Wing was also a target. Hogarth gave Rand documents which Rand recognized them as being from the Hand tablet, except they were changed. Hogarth informed Rand that Harold had made his appearance and was currently based in Rand Enterprises.

Hogarth noted how early in her career she had learned never to trust Harold, as Rand noted how Ward Meachum had warned him about trusting him. Hogarth then listed the three options that Rand could take, he could return back to K'un-Lun and stay away from New York City, turn himself in but given the evidence against Rand, Hogarth can only help him with a plea deal or Rand could prove his innocence as the documents are digital and they could have been easily copied somewhere. Knowing that he had no other option except one, Rand decided to look for the one person he trusted less than Harold.[14]

The Hard Truth

"If what you're saying is true then why haven't I killed you already?"
"Because you know I didn't kill your parents. Why would I have gone to such trouble to hide it with a plane crash? It was someone much more treacherous than I. In fact, I tried to talk him out of it, I thought it would draw too much unwanted attention."
―Danny Rand and Madame Gao[src]

Rand and Colleen Wing headed back to the Hand Compound. While they ventured deeper inside, they found the place deserted, as Wing noted that there were at least fifty teenagers who had lived there, so it should not be as silent as it currently was. Rand questioned if, as they had killed Bakuto during the Duel at Bethesda Terrace, maybe the students had abandoned the Compound, although Wing noted that they would soon find out, while commenting on how little she understood while they made their way through the Compound.

They eventually reached Madame Gao's cell, finding her still in her room seemingly abandoned by Bakuto's men without food or water, although Gao noted that she had survived worse. Rand noted that Gao could easily used her Chi to have escaped from her own room, however Gao had simply laughed and stated that she wouldn't miss Rand's visit, having foreseen that he would return. Rand asked for access to her files, Gao replied that she had purged all information from her computer. Wing stated that she was lying only for the old woman to insist that she never lied to Rand, unlike Wing.

They then entered Gao's cell as Rand demanded she tell him what he needed to know, however Gao had still ridiculed Rand for being a poor Iron Fist as he did not understand his own path and his chi was so polluted with guilt. Rand asked what he should feel guilty of as Gao answered the Death of his Parents. Gao quietly stated that Rand must have wondered why he had survived, noting the reason that Rand left K'un-Lun was his guilt with anger and rage. Rand insisted that he had not been seeking revenge, although Gao noted that even when young, Rand knew something had caused the crash.

Gao-reveals the truth

Rand has a conversation with Madame Gao

Rand questioned why, if what she was saying was the truth, why he had not killed Gao already, to which Gao laughed and said that he knew deep down that she did not kill his parents. Gao explained that it was someone far more treacherous, claiming that she tried to talk him out of it. Wing warned Rand that Gao was playing mind games and tried to get him on her side but Gao claimed that she was trying to get him on the side of truth and honesty. When Rand asked who would want to kill his parents, Gao told Rand to stop thinking like a child and consider who would benefit from his family's death.

Rand noted that Harold Meachum was his father's best friend and would not have him killed, Gao sharply reminded Rand that Harold had no trouble hurting him now. Forced to acknowledge the truth of Gao's word, Rand listened as Gao explained that Harold accepted his resurrection and that he set up their Heroin deals in China. She further explained that Wendell was close to discovering Harold's new dealings, so he asked Gao for the poison. Gao had then claimed that Rand would only achieve the true strength of the Iron Fist if he killed Harold as Wing took Rand away and led him out of Gao's cell.[14]

Turmoil from Betrayals

DannyTalkingAboutParents DPWF

Rand considering Harold Meachum's betrayal

"Why are you helping me?"
"I'm helping me. I want Dad put away just as much as you do."
"I seriously doubt that."
"You think your being on the run for one day can compare to my lifetime of abuse?"
―Danny Rand and Ward Meachum[src]

Regrouping again with Claire Temple, Rand was still reeling from the knowledge that Harold Meachum had lied to him all this time. Feeling utterly betrayed by the man he considered a friend and father figure, Rand made his opinion about vengeance known to his companions while Colleen Wing had pledged that she will help him and Temple stated that all they needed was to get the Hand tablet to prove his innocence. Rand had then told his friends about how he used to believe his mother was still alive and she was waiting for Rand to find her. The thought filled Rand with guilt.

Temple tried to comfort Rand. She told him about her other friends who had special abilities like him like Daredevil and Luke Cage, as Temple noted that when she first met him, she noticed that Rand had the sweet innocence to him compared to her friends who were dark and haunted people. Temple told Rand that the more he kept fighting the anguish of his past, the more Rand would end up just like them. Temple told Rand that he knew that he was not given his powers just to be a murderer as she further told Rand that killing Meachum would still not make him feel any better about his parent's deaths.

Despite Temple's words, Rand remained insisted on killing Meachum. Wing noted she had been raised on the Bushido Code but wanted to kill Bakuto, only to be glad that Davos was the one who finished him off, otherwise, she would have spent the rest of her life wondering if she killed the man for the wrong reason. Wing reasoned that if Rand killed Meachum motivated by vengeance, his Chi would be corrupted and leaving him unable to access the Iron Fist. Wing told Rand, that she would kill Meachum for him, much to Temple's dismay as Temple urged them to start planning without ever killing anybody.

Wing remembered Ward Meachum, since had he warned Rand about the DEA, he was an ally. At night, Rand secretly met up with Ward in a secluded alley inside New York City. Getting straight to business, Ward had informed Rand that the tablet had just been put in a safe box within the Rand Enterprises Building and only Harold knew the combination of it. Rand suggested that Ward should get Harold away from his office so Rand could get to the safe, but Ward warned Rand that Harold had hired and posted many guards outside the building making it impossible to get inside without being captured.

Rand asked why Ward was helping him and Ward replied that he was helping himself, as he wanted Harold taken care of as much as Rand, but Rand did not believe Ward's intention. Ward reasoned that one day on the run was nothing compared to a lifetime of abuse from his own father, to which Rand had then finally told Ward that Harold was responsible for the Plane Crash that killed his parents, as Ward was shocked and gave his sincere sympathies to Rand. When his trauma caused Rand severe stress again, Rand declared Ward that he would finally put an end to Harold once and for all before heading off.[14]

Battle at Rand Enterprises

"The plan stays the same. We can't just leave Ward up there."
"The plan was to go up if it's clear. Maybe that means something different in K'un-Lun, but in New York, guys with guns is the opposite of clear. If Ward needs help, let's call the police."
"We can't wait for the police. Harold is dangerous."
―Danny Rand and Claire Temple[src]

Outside the Rand Enterprises Building, Rand waited with both Claire Temple and Colleen Wing inside a car, as Rand then handed Temple the paper bag filled with all of the money which had been given to them by Jeri Hogarth to help complete their plan. They were then interrupted when Ward Meachum had called to warn Rand that they would have to enact their plan another night as Harold Meachum had posted guards on his office floor as well as downstairs. Before he could continue however, the call was cut off as Harold had discovered Ward's collaboration with Rand.

Concerned for Ward, Rand insisted that they should continue with the plan, however Temple noted that their plan was to wait until it was clear, jokingly noting that while it may be different in K'un-Lun, the opposite of clear in New York City was men with guns, insisting they should call the New York City Police Department. Temple told Rand that he should not pretend that he cared about Ward because she knew that Rand was only thinking about his vengeance against Harold. Determined, Rand told them that he was going in and then got out the car and went into the building, followed by Wing.

While Temple caused a distraction by using the cash to by a Peanut Vendor's car and blowing it up, causing a massive fire to start, Rand then managed to get past the first guards who went to investigate. Entering the building, Rand then quickly dispatched the guards with considerable ease before they even had a chance to react, knocking them both unconcious. Rand then took their cards and entered the elevator where he calmed his Chi, however instead of heading to the office floor where Harold was waiting for him, Rand went to the roof in order to catch Harold and his guards by complete surprise.

As they had assumed he was still in the elevator waiting to ambush them, Harold ordered his guards to surround the elevator with their guns drawn, ready to shot down Rand as soon as the doors opened. Using this to his advantage, Rand had then summoned the Iron Fist, as Rand then used a rope to then swing towards the building and ambushed Harold in his office by smashing through the window. A furious fight had then ensued throughout the office floor as all the guards took Harold away towards safety and fought Rand. He was forced to take cover when they all started shooting at him.

Amidst the fight, Iron Fist found himself exposed when the guard he was fighting against was gunned down in the crossfire, so attempted to regain the advantage as Iron Fist had then darkened the room by smashing the on-button to the lights. As he took cover, Rand spotted Wing was on the floor as well, as she fought against Harold's guards with her Katana. Unable to get out from under the table as the guards had still continued shooting at him, Iron Fist had seen Wing ready to ambush Harold from behind only for Harold to then turn himself back around and point his gun directly at Wing, ready to shoot.

Danny Shatters Ground

Iron Fist hits the ground to save Colleen Wing

Fueled by his love for Wing and his desperate need to save her, Iron Fist jumped out of his cover and summoned all the power he could muster into one fist. He smacked the floor and forced everyone up into the air in a powerful shock-wave of force that wiped the entire office floor, causing glass to fall out over New York City. Recovering from the shockwave, Harold had then quickly got back onto his feet and made his escape towards the roof. Rand made sure that Wing was okay before he headed off to follow and confront Harold, while Ward had also managed to get the Hand's tablet for Rand.[14]

Showdown with Meachum

"You're wrong Harold, the funny part is that now I'm gonna kill you. You destroyed everything! My family! Your family!"
"All I wanted was to have my family beside me. But you turned them against me. Now vengeance is the only thing I'm interested in. I won't eat, I won't sleep, I won't stop until you've paid the price."
―Iron Fist and Harold Meachum[src]

Giving chase to Harold Meachum, Rand realized that he had gone upstairs and continued following him until he had reached the roof of the Rand Enterprises Building. Rand looked for Meachum, who he knew was still armed with his gun and waiting for the perfect chance to shoot him, as Rand knew he was at a disadvantage as long as he could not get close. Opening the door careful, Rand charged across the roof, fast enough that Meachum did not have a clear shot.

As he tried to take cover, Meachum then shot his gun and the bullet had pierced straight through Rand's fist, causing Rand considerable pain. While bandaging his hand with a cloth, Meachum then began taunting Rand, noting how the last time he had been on the roof was with Wendell Rand as they had overlooked New York City together, as Meachum had then admitted that he had always wanted to kill his closest friend and had desired to push him off the roof. Tormented by Harold's words and Rand's own conflict over his desire to kill him or take him to custody, Rand had tried hard to focus himself.

Taking advantage of the shadows, Rand had managed to land a kick against Meachum, but then ran into the shadows to prepare for his neck assault. Getting back onto his feet, Meachum expressed his regret at not killing Wendell and had blamed Rand for destroying his family. Enraged, Rand then told Meachum that he was wrong, as he affirmed that Meachum was the only one to blame for destroying his own family as well as the Rand's by causing the Plane Crash, while Meachum vowed that he would be focused on nothing else for the rest of his life, but getting his own vengeance against Rand.

Getting the high ground, Rand had managed to get above Meachum as he leaped down and knocked him over, disarming Meachum as they two entered a fight, as Rand pinned Meachum onto the ground, only to discover that due to the gunshot wound he was unable to use the Iron Fist against Meachum. Seeing this, Meachum had mocked Rand, claiming that without the fist, Rand was nothing more than another screwed up kid. Meachum then took advantage of Rand's emotions to land a hard punch against him, which allowed Meachum to then get back onto his feet as he prepared himself to fight.

While Meachum armed himself with a steel pole, Rand noted that he would rather die than live a life like Meachum's, noting how he was now utterly hated by everybody who was supposed to love him, like both Ward and Joy Meachum. These comments enraged Meachum as he furiously swung his steel pole at Rand who, only able to use one hand, had found himself at a sudden disadvantage as Meachum landed several strikes against him during their furious clash. While still being pushed back, Rand insisted that it was time for Meachum to face the truth, only to be struck in the face by Meachum.

The hit to the face caused Rand to recall Madame Gao's words to him about his need to kill Meachum, while also recalling his training by the Order of the Crane Mother to become the Iron Fist, following the deaths of his mother and father. With a new sense of purpose, Rand got back up and landed several hits in quick succession, which resulted in Meachum getting impaled on a metal spike. While he was still heavily bleeding Meachum taunted Rand by asking for a hug and then urged him to finish him off, looking down at the spike which was now covered in his blood, as Rand still struggled emotionally.

Rand defends from Harold final Attack Episode 13

Iron Fist blocking Harold Meachum's bullet

Following an intense emotional conflict within himself, Rand had then remembered his own trial against Shou-Lao, Rand finally understood that he would be no better than Meachum if he killed him. Regaining his conviction and making peace within himself, Rand declared that Meachum would soon be finally arrested by the New York City Police Department. As Rand turned away from him to leave, Meachum had managed to get off his impalement and had then attempted to shoot him. Colleen Wing appeared with Ward and warned Rand, so he had turned around and then deflected the bullet with the Iron Fist.

Dragons Play with Fire

Rand witnesses the death of Harold Meachum

As Rand had looked closely at his hand, he discovered that not only had his Chi allowed him to block the bullet, but it had also healed the previous gunshot wound, however Meachum had prepared himself to shoot at Rand once again. However, before Harold could continue shooting, Ward finished Harold off by shooting him repeatedly in the chest, which had resulted in Harold tumbling off the roof the building and fell several floors down to his death, as Rand and Wing watched on in horror, while Ward breathed a sigh of relief as he was finally free of his abusive father while also having saved the life of Rand.[14]

New Goal

Return to K'un-Lun

Danny and Ward Final 13

Rand attending Harold Meachum's cremation

"I've been giving it a lot of thought and I think I'm gonna go back to K'un-Lun. Look, I need to explain to Lei Kung why I left. It was wrong for me to leave the way that I did. I also need to complete my training. There's still so much I don't know about being an Iron Fist."
―Danny Rand to Colleen Wing[src]

The next day Rand and Ward Meachum had then prepared for Harold Meachum to get cremated to prevent his resurrection. Ward thanked Rand for being there, claiming that despite everything, it was still his father's body and he did not want to do it alone. Rand had asked if there had been news from Joy Meachum but Ward replied that there was not. They were interrupted as Jeri Hogarth entered to inform Rand that in light of his innocence and his donation which he had recently made, the DEA agreed to drop all charges against him.

Ward congratulated Rand but, feeling empty, Rand asked Hogarth what he should do now, to which Hogarth told Rand that he was free now. Ward offered Rand to return back to Rand Enterprises and run it together like their fathers should had done, however Rand smiled and admitted that he was not a good businessman. Ward confessed that he would miss Harold since he had no one to blame for all his failures and weaknesses. Rand had consoled Ward and admitted he understood what he felt as he had experience it himself, before they both watched as Harold's body finally getting cremated.

Later in the day, Rand visited Chikara Dojo where he found Colleen Wing was training Claire Temple and Rand announced that he had brought pizza while Temple jokingly pointed out it wasn't like the last takeout, Rand said that he needed to learn something beyond what his father had taught him. Rand noted that Temple was keeping up with her training, Wing responded that Temple was her only student left. Rand had assured that Wing had a gift with trouble kids and he could get his company to sort a scholarship for her, which Wing had then promised that she would the idea some serious thought.

Temple asked what Rand's plans were and he told them that after thinking about it, he planned to go back to K'un-Lun as he told them that he needed to explain to Lei Kung why he left to return to New York City, finally noting that it was wrong of him to leave the way he did as he had been told by Davos. Rand also said that he needed to complete his training, since Rand had realized that there was still so much he did not know about the Iron Fist. Before leaving, Temple told Rand and Wing that they shared a lot in common and they both needed some psychological help before walking out the dojo.

Wing was saddened that Rand was heading back to K'un-Lun, while Rand had told her that he needed to figure out who he was going to be as the Iron Fist, noting how Kung had always told him that he was a weapon against his enemies such as the Hand, but Rand had come to believe that he could be something else, perhaps a light for those trapped in darkness. Wing told Rand that she would miss him while he was gone, however Rand had then revealed that he hoped that Wing would come with him. Awkwardly awaiting her answer, Rand was overjoyed as Wing agreed to go and then hugged him.[14]

K'un-Lun's Disappearance

I Should Have Been Here

Rand discovers K'un-Lun has vanished.

"It's gone."
"Gone? Gone where?"
"I don't know. But I should have been here. It's all my fault."
―Iron Fist and Colleen Wing[src]

Sometime later, Rand and Colleen Wing had reached the Himalaya Mountains, while together they had carefully made their way through the deadly trek towards K'un-Lun. While Wing questioned how much further they had to travel until they reached K'un-Lun, Rand had then promised that it was not much further, noting that it would be much warmer in the city, and that he could almost smell to stew that Brother Rabten would keep going day and night. Reassuring Wing that she would love it there at K'un-Lun, Rand had also explained that they should arrive just in time for the afternoon kung-fu practice.

When they reached the passage, Rand discovered that the mountain walls were now stained with blood as Rand realized to his complete horror that the Hand attacked the passage while he was still in New York City, finding to members of the Order of the Crane Mother lying dead before them, with the Hand's weapons lying around the frozen corpses. Rand and Wing went further and they found that the portal to K'un-Lun had disappeared. Angered over the realization that he has failed his duty, Rand gathered his Chi as the Iron Fist glowed in anger while Rand prepared to get his revenge on the Hand.[14]

Duel of Phnom Penh


Iron Fist comes to save Shaft from Black Sky

"My name is Danny. I'm hunting members of the Hand. I think you're the man we're looking for."
"Iron Fist. Go home."
"You know who I am?"
"The war you're fighting it's not here. It's in New York City."
―Iron Fist and Shaft[src]

Months later, Rand and Colleen Wing had been following the Hand across many countries, hoping to gain a lead on what had happened to K'un-Lun, however every lead they followed would almost immediately turn up dead. Their journey eventually led them over to Cambodia where they got the lead about Shaft, the member of the Chaste who had seemingly possessed information on the Hand. They then located Shaft inside the sewer where he was currently defending himself as he had been attacked by the Black Sky who was quickly gaining the advantage during the fight.


Iron Fist manages to subdue the Black Sky

Although Rand was then able to push the Black Sky away from the wounded Shaft, she continued to furiously attack him, managing to get past Rand and succeeded with mortally wounding Shaft before Rand and Wing could prevent it. While Wing tended to Shaft, Rand gave chase to the Black Sky, following her through the tunnels until he was ambushed by the Black Sky. Although she proved herself to be a deadly opponent and was briefly able to gain the advantage over him, Rand then used his Chi to summon the Iron Fist, striking her hard, which caused her to disappear into the shadows.


Iron Fist watches Shaft dying from his wound

With the Black Sky defeated for the time being, Rand had returned to Wing's side as attempted to assist Shaft, however the wound proved to be fatal. Upon learning about Iron Fist's title, Shaft spoke with his would be rescuers and, with his dying breath, Shaft urged Rand to immediately return to New York City, as the war he was fighting was not in Cambodia. With this, Shaft succumbed to his injuries and died, as Rand cursed his frustration at another lead in their investigation having been lost before they get any real information, also frustrated that he had allowed the Black Sky to escape during the fight.[18]

Return to New York


Rand examines his latest wound in the mirror

"We've been chasing the Hand for months. We finally get a lead on a guy who can supposedly help us, and we get there just in time to watch him die."
"It is not your fault."
"I let that woman escape."
―Danny Rand and Colleen Wing[src]

With no other option, Rand and Colleen Wing had then headed back towards New York City to see if what Shaft had claimed could indeed be true, knowing that with Shaft's death they had currently run out of leads with their investigation. During their flight on the Rand Enterprises Private Jet, Rand fell asleep and dreamed of looking in the mirror, examining the wound he gained during his clash with the Black Sky, touching the cut that ran across the Mark of Shou-Lao.


Rand is haunted by some more horrific visions

However, during his dream, Rand was also haunted by his failure to protect K'un-Lun, as he had a vision of stepping into a hallway where he was surrounded by the many bloodied corpses of the Order of the Crane Mother monks who he had failed to protect. When Rand then attempted to get away from the horror that surrounded him, he found himself blocked by a vision of himself, who openly blamed Rand for the fall of K'un-Lun and the deaths of his adoptive family whose own blood had painted the walls around him, much to the complete horror of Rand who then desperately begged for the visions to stop.


Rand being finally woken up by Colleen Wing

Finally Rand was awoken from his horrifying dream by Wing who had seen how much he was currently in distress, although Rand claimed that it was merely the turbulence which was disturbing him, claiming that he might never get used to the feeling following the Air Crash in the Himalayas. Although Rand tried to dismiss Wing's concerns, she noted that she heard Rand screaming in his sleep and demanded that he finally tell her what was on his mind. Sitting down, Rand then explained his frustration at finally getting a lead on the Hand, only to find him moments before Shaft was murdered before them.


Rand discusses the Hand's current schemes

Rand also expressed his annoyance at him allowing the Black Sky to get away, although Wing noted that whoever the Black Sky was, she moved faster and hit harder than anyone they had ever encountered before. Rand confirmed his belief that the Hand was responsible for killing the members of the Chaste, although Wing noted that could not be certain as Bakuto had kept a lot of secrets from her, claiming that the Hand would not just disappear without a fight. Rand then questioned what the Hand could possibly want in New York, but still Wing was unable to give any kind of answer to this question.


Rand and Colleen Wing returning in New York.

Eventually Rand and Wing had arrived back in New York at night in a helicopter with the intention of continuing to go track down the Hand based on what Shaft had said to them moments before his demise. While onboard the helicopter, they discussed New York's reputation as the greatest city in the world, as Wing claimed it was a place that could be whatever they needed it to be. However just as Rand and Wing got off the helicopter, they witnessed an Earthquake seemingly striking the City, causing the entire city to shake including several of the skyscrapers while Rand looked on in horror, suspecting that there was more to the Earthquake than a simply natural disaster.[18]

War for New York

Encountering Luke Cage

"You never fought someone to protect someone else?"
"Of course I have."
"Okay, so what's the difference?"
"The difference is I live on their block. The difference is I'm not some billionaire white boy who takes justice into his own hands and slams a black kid against the wall because of his personal vendetta."
―Danny Rand and Luke Cage[src]

They returned back to Chikara Dojo. Rand and Wing began planning on what to do. Having seen the Tsukamoto that Shaft used, Wing suggested that they go to a weapon workshop in New York to look for leads. At night they went to the workshop and found all of the occupants killed.

Defenders 01

Rand furiously interrogating Cole Miller.

A short while later a group of men entered the building. They hide themselves and observed as the men began cleaning the room and destroying the bodies. Rand and Wing attacked the men. One of the men attempted to escape. Rand went after him. He caught Miller and interrogate him. Before he could continue, he was stopped by a new arrival.

Iron Glow

Iron Fist prepares to punch Luke Cage.

Cage forcefully pulled Rand off Miller. A fight ensued in the alleyway. Despite Rand's attempts, he wasn't able to damage his new opponent due to his bulletproof skin. Rand was only able to damage him with the Iron Fist. Cops arrived and interrupted their fight. Rand made his escape as the cops arrested Miller.[19]


Rand has a conversation with Luke Cage.

In the morning, Claire Temple arranged a meeting between Rand and Cage. There was hostility between them. Temple urged them to make peace and work together. Rand and Cage talked. Both managed to find some common ground with their pasts and their powers. Their conversation turned back to hostility when their conversation turned to Miller. Another argument ensued which caused Cage to leave the dojo. [20]

Defenders United

During his argument with Cage, Rand realized that he could use his privileges as owner of Rand Enterprises to fight the Hand's leadership instead of targeting their agents. Rand and Wing went Rand Enterprises Building to investigate the Hand's business transaction through the company. Eventually learning that the transaction ended at Midland Circle Financial.


Rand and Luke Cage team up to fight the Hand

With a new lead, Rand went to Midland Circle to confront them. During the board meeting, he confronted their leader, Alexandra Reid. He declared his intention to expose them and revealed himself as Iron Fist. Reid ordered her troops to capture Iron Fist. A fight started in the meeting room. During the fight, Cage appeared and came to Iron Fist's assistance.


Iron Fist manages to just overpower Elektra

They defeated their opponents and moved to the hallway where they meet Daredevil and Jessica Jones. Before they could make their escape, they were attacked by Elektra and more Hand fighters. While Daredevil fought Elektra, Rand, Cage and Jones worked to secure their escape. Once their escape path was secured, Rand went back to assist Daredevil and managed to prevent Elektra from killing him. They all made their escape from Midland Circle.[20]

Hunted by the Hand


Rand is confronted by Alexandra Reid.

"You are the dumbest Iron Fist yet."
"Tell me what you want with me."
"We want the Fist. You are nothing. Danny Rand failed an entire city. The place he was sworn to protect."
Sowande and Danny Rand[src]

Rand and the Defenders escaped from Midland Circle. They chose the Royal Dragon restaurant to hide. Rand convinced the owner to let them stay, in return for paying for six months of rent and ordering food. Once they solved their initial distrust, the Defenders began sharing information with one another. Eventually a member of the Chaste arrived. Stick explained the situation to the Defenders.


Rand and Matt Murdock fighting Murakami

The Hand eventually learned about their location. Reid appeared to speak to the Defenders. She tried to persuade Rand to join them in return for letting his allies escape. An offer that Rand refused. The Hand led by Murakami, Sowande and Madame Gao attacked the Defenders in Red Dragon Restaurant. During the fight, Rand personally fought against Murakami and Gao. Eventually the Defenders were forced to retreat.[21]

Retreating back to Chikara Dojo, Rand reunited with Wing. During the battle at Red Dragon Restaurant, Cage got separated from the group. He managed to return and capture Sowande. The Defenders brought Sowande to an abandoned warehouse. They interrogated him. During his attempt to escape, he held a knife to Rand's throat and revealed their plan. They needed the Iron Fist to destroy an indestructible stone that prevented them from reaching their goals. Stick killed Sowande and prevented his escape.[22]

IF Frustrated

Rand is held captive by the Defenders

The revelation caused tension in the group. Rand opposed their plan to keep him away. Their disagreement led Rand to fight his teammates. The fight ended when Jones knocked him out. The Defenders tied him to a chair to keep him from escaping. Cage and Stick stayed behind to watch over him while Murdock and Jones left to investigate the Hand. Rand woke up not long after and attempted to escape by gathering his chi to summon the Iron Fist.

Stick decided to kill Iron Fist to prevent him from getting captured by the Hand. He weakened Cage by tricking him into inhaling a poisoned smoke. Before the old man could kill Rand, Elektra attacked. During the battle, Rand fell unconscious due to inhaling the smoke. While he was unconscious, Elektra killed Stick, defeated the rest of the Defenders and then brought him back to the Hand.[23]

Final Battle beneath Midland Circle

"The only way out of here is together. Danny, light it up."
Luke Cage[src]

Rand woke to find himself in the Hand's headquarter and faced Alexandra Reid. He stubbornly refused to aid them. He was then taken away to be brought down to the depths of the headquarter. Not long after, Elektra took him to the indestructible stone. Elektra explained that since an Iron Fist sealed the place with the stone and his Chi, only another Iron Fist can open it. Rand refused to open it, but Elektra tried to convince him by letting him off his tires. Rand used this opportunity to fight Elektra.

They fought fiercely against one another. Eventually Elektra angered Rand to the point that he summoned the Iron Fist. Elektra managed to led Rand to inadvertently opened the sealed door. They both crashed through the opened way and Rand found himself amidst the Dragon's bones.[24]


Iron Fist and the Defenders prepare to fight.

Rand tried to keep the Hand from mining the dragon bones. During his attempt, he was found by Madame Gao and was captured. The Defenders arrived to battle the Hand. Rand escaped his capture and rejoined his teammates and quickly informed them about the situation. The bones of the dragon acted as a support for New York City, and if disturbed, would unleash catastrophic destruction on the city and surrounding areas, killing millions.

IF stops Hand

Rand using his Iron Fist against the Hand

The Defenders fought against the remaining Hand. They managed to defeat the Hand and Elektra. Daredevil chose to stay behind to save Elektra and urged his teammates to leave. Before they left, Daredevil took Iron Fist aside and asked him to protect New York. Rand made his escape with Luke Cage and Jessica Jones. They fought the Hands who attempted to prevent them from escaping.

Returning back to the surface, Rand reunited with Colleen Wing. He wanted to go back and help Daredevil, but with the bomb about to explode, the Defenders were forced to flee the building. Rand and the team watched as the Midland Circle Building crumbled. With their ally presumed dead, Rand revealed to Cage and Jones about what Daredevil told him before they left. Rand returned back to the precinct with Wing and witnessed Matt Murdock's closest friends, Karen Page and Foggy Nelson mourn for their lost friend.[3]

New York's Protector

Avenging Matt Murdock

Iron Fist Profile

Rand becomes a vigilante in New York City

"He had no intention of making it out alive. Matt said something before he told us to leave. He said "Protect my city"."
―Danny Rand[src]

During the days after the battle against the Hand, Rand made sure to provide a good hospital for Misty Knight due to her lost of arm in the fight against Bakuto. Rand mediated on what happened in the battle and Matt Murdock's sacrifice. Blaming himself for Murdock's death and deeply inspired by his example as Daredevil, and his sacrifice, Rand decided to follow his example to protect the city at night from all those who wished it harm. One night, Iron Fist watched over New York City from the rooftop, ready to honor his fallen ally's wish to defend the city.[3]

Helping Misty Knight

After the conflict with the Hand, Rand spent his time protecting the streets and looking after his friends. He and Wing helped Misty Knight recover after she lost her right arm saving Wing. Rand financed for the development of Knight's prosthetic arm which helped her recover from her handicap.[25]

Assisting Luke Cage

When Luke Cage needed a safe place to hide from Bushmaster, Rand provided an unoccupied Rand Enterprises pharmaceutical building for his comrade.[26]

Power Man and Iron Fist

LCS2 - Iron Fist in Pops Barber

Rand is greeted at Pop's Barber Shop

"So what's up Danny? What's good?"
"Yeah. That's my fight, not yours."
"Well. When someone comes after my friends, I make it my fight."
Luke Cage and Danny Rand[src]

The day after Cage's battle against Bushmaster, under the request of Claire Temple, Rand went to visit his friend at Pop's Barber Shop. Rand entered the barber shop with his shoes taken off and greets Luke Cage. Dave Griffith welcomes Danny and offers a hand, as Rand gives him a high five, Griffith was telling him about offering money for his merchandising.

LCS2 - Iron Fist Helps Luke

Rand offers Luke Cage help with Bushmaster

Cage asked Rand how he found him to which he replied with following him through Harlem's Hero app. Rand offered his assistance in his quest to stop Bushmaster. Cage declined his help but Rand insisted into helping him. Griffith appreciated his confidence and Cage assured him that was reason he is called the Immortal Iron Fist. Rand told Griffith about his adventure into getting his title as the Fist when he fought Shou-Lao. Griffith was surprised that he fought Bruce Lee, however, Rand quickly corrected him by saying it was a real dragon but was interrupted by Cage.

Power Man & Iron Fist (Meditation)

Rand and Luke Cage spend time meditating

Cage insisted if Rand will stay and help him, he'll must play by his rules. Rand politely told Cage that he'll do just that with no problem as he likes to put up a good fight. After Rand put up a handshake, the two Defenders agreed to work together. Through meditation, Rand and Cage focused on the idea to take down Bushmaster by using silence. Cage wondered if it would have solved the problem. Rand told Cage that while he might be invulnerable, Bushmaster doesn't seem to have the same level of endurance as Cage and thus he must have been injured and seek out for medical aid.

LCS2 - Power Man & Iron Fist (Walking Down the Streets)

Rand and Luke Cage walk down in the streets of Harlem

Cage has the idea to get to place where the Bushmaster has been getting Nightshade for his strength. Rand agreed with his idea and they proceeded to move out of the barber shop and into their target's current location. Rand and Cage walked into the streets of Harlem, Cage comments on how Rand has changed. Rand explains that it all has to do with staying still, Cage only excepts that the only thing he does is getting things done.[27]

Discovering Nightshade

LCS2 - Iron Fist & Luke Cage (Mother's Touch)

Rand and Luke Cage try to find any ingredients for Nightshade

"Bad-Kan. You need more, more frequently, and it's less effective."
"Like heroin. Chasing the dragon."
―Danny Rand and Luke Cage[src]

Agreeing with Rand's theory and knowing that their adversary must have sought someone unregistered, Cage brought him to Mother's Touch. When they arrived at the building, they found it wrecked and Tilda Johnson missing. Rand looks over the place and began discussing about the Chronic 2001, his favorite song, Cage wonders why is that his favorite, to which expresses that he downloaded it while boarding on the plane. Rand looks over to a poster to which reminded him of the teaches of self balance from the mind of the person. As they searched for clues, Rand theorized that since Bushmaster's powers come from Nightshade, he must be addicted to it. The two teammates concluded that Bushmaster must have sought for a way to keep growing more nightshades in order to maintain his powers and addiction. They both headed to Harlem's Paradise to search for Tilda's whereabouts.[27]

Entering Harlem's Paradise

LC Iron Fist & Luke Cage (Harlems Paradise)

Rand and Luke Cage enter Harlem's Paradise

"I'm sorry, Mr. Rand. May I offer you something to drink?"
"I'm good. Thanks."
Mariah Dillard and Danny Rand[src]

Rand and Cage arrived at Harlem's Paradise to question Mariah Dillard. While Rand was slightly worried about Dillard's goons, Cage assured that they wouldn't dare to harm him due to his status as a billionaire. Rand rebuttals that he no longer has kind of cash lying around him anymore and only resorts in his business. Cage told him that it doesn't matter as long as he had money, it only gets him respect and not just power. Dillard entered the room and looked both of them down. Mariah wondered why Cage decides to come back to Harlem's Paradise, Cage questioned Dillard about her daughter and found no answer. Mariah then noticed Rand and offers him a drink, Rand rejects her offer. Cage proceeded that if she sees her, she better care for her. During the talk, Rand noticed Cage's lack of focus and once they headed out, he suggested a place to visit.[27]

Teaching About Stillness

Power Man & Iron Fist (Hanging Out)

Rand talks about his experience in Columbia

"We got a job to do, man."
"Yeah, don't you see? We're doing it. You gotta rebalance your chi."
"Oh, come on, Danny."
"Power is stillness. And stillness comes from effortless flow."
Luke Cage and Danny Rand[src]

Arriving at the location, Rand and Luke Cage stood near a balcony. Rand told him about his father who studied at Columbia University and brought him here at his childhood. Rand then attacked Cage with a strike and was impressed how calm he took the hit. Cage walked away and expressed that he did not had any time to spar with him.

LCS2 - Iron Fist & Power Man (Stillness)

Rand tests Luke Cage's focus on the job

Rand then jumped in front of him and told him that actually they had. They had a brief spar and Rand proved his point when Cage's anger made him unfocused and keeping his perspective narrowed. Rand expressed that in order to focus on the job in hand, he must stand still and try to find a perfect plan to figure out in the most logical way. Cage then realized that they need to find someone who knows what was happening in the streets. Knowing the right person to talk to, Cage and Rand searched for Turk Barrett.[27]

Locating the Warehouse

Luke Cage & Iron Fist Meet Turk

Rand and Luke Cage meet Turk Barrett at his shop

"You're right, though. Money is power. I hate to admit it, but it's true."
"Yeah, well, real power comes from someplace else, right?"
"You said it, not me."
―Danny Rand and Luke Cage[src]

After some difficulty finding him, they eventually managed to locate Turk Barrett at his pot shop. Rand allowed Cage to confront Barrett about how he has gotten into any criminal activities to which he replied that he hasn't been in for awhile. Barrett noticed Rand who introduced himself, however, Barrett already knew about him since Madame Gao's men was reportedly scared off from Barrett's business. Cage wondered if he noticed any new drug that has ever been seen but Barrett decided not to tell him. Rand noticed a dragon pipe that is used to smoke marijuana and expressed that he likes it. Cage asked does he smoke but Barrett interrupted him with asking about the certain drug he's talking about.

Iron Fist Talks to Turk

Rand talks to Turk Barrett about his Chi

Breaking one of his products, Cage proceeded to tell Barrett where this new drug is growing. Barrett confessesd that a certain activities were happening at an abandoned warehouse near Rucker Park which was cited by the Stylers. Rand and Cage headed to the warehouse and Barrett angrily asked Cage will he pay for damages for the broken bong, Cage replied to bill him. Barrett commented how Rand learned how to fight, complimenting the aura he uses. Rand almost replied his question but Cage interrupted and called Rand to come along with him.[27]

LCS2 - Fist & Cage (Looking After)

Rand and Luke Cage watch over the warehouse

Stylers arrived at the warehouse in a van and brought out the supplies for the plant they were about to make. Rand and Cage looked over the men at a distance. Rand proceeded to ask Cage about being calm and focused but Cage replied that he is already focused. The group of Stylers were in the warehouse with weapons as the plant was ready to be shipped. They then noticed noises coming out of the door. As the noises stop, Rand uses his fist to punch open the steel door and enter the warehouse ready to fight alongside with Cage.

LCS2 - Iron Fist Enters the Room with Cage

Rand breaks into the abandoned warehouse

Rand and Cage found heavy resistance amongst the Stylers and proceeded to take them down and splitting up. Fighting together, both of them managed to defeat all of Stylers in the side-by-side hallways and striking each one. As they reach each other again, Stylers began to outmatch them by surrounding Rand and Cage. Cage had the idea of patty-cake, Rand replied in questioned. Cage explained by telling to fire up his fist and hit his hands. Rand summoned his Chi and hit Cage's hands, the force blast each one of the Stylers in one blow.

LCS2 - Glowing Fist (Takedown)

Rand takes down all of Bushmaster's men

Rand and Cage noticed two men confronting them and one of them pulled out a rocket launcher. Cage had an idea of using Rand to knock both of them out. Rand proceeded to be picked up and thrown while using his chi to knock out both of them. Successfully taken down all Stylers, Rand and Cage and locate the drug through the door. Cage was willingly about to open with his fist but Rand suggested to keep himself still. Cage agreed and opened the door properly. Rand and Cage found a purple-lit house and proceeded walk towards it and found an abundance of plants growing.

LCS2 - Danny Rand & Luke Cage (Money is Power)

Rand and Luke Cage burned the warehouse

Entering in the growth house, Cage asked a man what are they trying to do with the Nightshades they were growing. The man answered his question and Rand picks up one of the plants and touches them to see if they died out. The man explained that in order to make the plant grow in needed to be planted in Jamaican soil or sunlight to have full effect or else it withers. Cage concluded that what they're doing won't work as long and preceded to let go of the man go. Rand dropped the plant and made a call for investigation. Burning down the building, Rand informed Cage that he purchased the building, commented on how Cage was focused, agreed that money is power replied, only Cage to tell that power comes from somewhere else.[27]

Having Each Other's Back

LCS2 - Iron Fist Talks to Luke 1

Rand talks to Luke Cage about being a hero

"You're downtown. I'm uptown."
"Same island. Same city. We're just defending different neighborhoods, together."
"You're on that Matt Murdock shit."
Luke Cage and Danny Rand[src]

Rand and Cage went to Genghis Connie's Too to eat. Connie Lin went to check up on Cage and see if he is any hungry as he is been eating for too long. Rand then asked for more food and asks for more mu shu pork, Lin then proceeded with the order. After Lin offers a place to stay at the restaurant, Cage refused and notices Rand is making a face that he wants to talk but Rand would rather eat and rest. As they relaxed, they both discussed what happened during the day and about being a hero.

LCS2 - Iron Fist (Stubborn)

Rand talks to Luke Cage about Claire Temple

Rand proposed the idea of being a hero is follow the sirens instead of running away from them to which Cage replied that maybe the sirens are different from what he is looking for. Rand ponders on the idea that he focus on a different parts of the city as he did for Harlem. As Cage began to look down upon himself, Rand told Luke that Harlem will stand forever as he would too. Rand admitted that Claire Temple was asked to look after Cage. Cage asked why did she call Rand and he replied with making him sure that doesn't get too angry and how she is worried about him. He assured his friend that he was not alone in his struggle to defend New York City, as he got Misty Knight, Jessica Jones, and Temple to talk to about his inner self into protecting the city.

Power Man & Iron Fist (Genghis Connie's)

Rand talks to Luke Cage about Shou-Lao

Cage then told Rand that he doesn't need anyone as somethings are better to figure out in your own. Rand began to realize that Cage sounded like him, calling himself stubborn. Cage replied that he is focused and the two began to share a laugh. Cage began to express his issue with Rand, telling him that fighting a dragon was only metaphorical and not real. Rand retorted his statement and told that if he could believe that he is bulletproof and his hand glows then surely he would believe in a dragon. Rand promises Cage that one day he would meet Shou-Lao back at K'un-Lun.[27]

Life as a Vigilante

Fighting Against The Triads

Marvel’s IF S2 Trailer2 1

Rand confronting the Yangsi Gonshi's truck

"A moving company? When will this "value of a dollar" thing be over? You have a corner office at Rand with your name on it."
"It's been good for me to step away from Rand learn to be self-sufficient. It's given me a new perspective."
"Because lifting other people's furniture is a crucial learning experience."
"I enjoy it. It's a hard day's work."
Ward Meachum and Danny Rand[src]

Rand punching the Yangsi Gonshi's truck

Rand established a home to himself in New York. He lived together with Colleen Wing in her dojo and got a job at Royal Al Moving, a moving company. Rand has also set up surveillance equipment in his new home in order to keep watch over the streets. Ever since the Hand's defeat, a power vacuum was created and the two largest Triad Gangs, Yangsi Gonshi and Golden Tigers were fighting to fill the void left by the Hand. The threat of the gang war threatened Chinatown and Rand patrolled the streets every night to keep the peace. One night, Iron Fist stopped two armored Yangsi Gonsi trucks that were hijacked by the Golden Tigers. Iron Fight stopped them and promptly defeated his opponents before leaving them to be arrested by the police.

One day, while at work, Rand met a woman named Mary Walker. After having a friendly encounter with her, Rand soon received a phone call from Ward Meachum who wanted to have a meeting. Meeting up with Ward, they briefly conversed about Rand's current lifestyle and his absence from Rand Enterprises, Rand remained adamant about staying away from the company and being self-sufficient. He soon learned that Ward wasn't the one who called for them to meet but rather Joy Meachum. They had a tense meeting. Joy told them of her intent to sell her share of the company and she made it clear that she still has not fully forgiven them for lying about Harold Meachum. While Ward refused to sign the papers, Rand signed them, understanding Joy's desire to get away from the company.

Returning home, Rand learned that Wing had received a box with her family's crest. Inside the box were a comb and a brush, the same ones that Wing's mother used. She informed Rand that she sought information at Silver Lotus, a restaurant owned by Henry Yip but she was turned away. Rand suggested that they go to the restaurant and look for an opportunity to talk to Yip. Wing agreed to the suggestion.[28]

Battle at the Silver Lotus

Rand in Restaurant

Rand being stopped in time by Colleen Wing

"All right, okay. Let's just step outside, and we can talk about this."
"No more talk."
Golden Tiger Soldier and Danny Rand[src]

Going to the restaurant, Rand and Wing enjoyed their meal and discussed about the owner. Rand informed Wing about the upcoming gang war in Chinatown. Not long after, a young gang of delinquents entered the restaurant, searching for Yip. Rand and Wing followed them into the kitchen and tried to make them leave. Meanwhile, members of the Golden Tigers arrived. Rand went to confront them while Wing dealt with the gang in the kitchen. Despite, Rand's attempt to make them leave. a fight soon broke out in the restaurant. While Wing fought the gang in the kitchen, Rand fought against the Tigers. After defeating the gang and persuading the Tigers to leave, Yip informed Wing that the man she is seeking, Frank Choi was currently hiding from the Tigers.[28]

Confronted by Davos


Rand being personally confronted by Davos

"There is no changing what happened. To either of us."
"And what if there was a way? For you to give me back my birthright? I mean it. Would you do that, little brother?"
"The Fist... It gives me purpose."
"You don't know what it is or how to use it."
"The fact is, it's my duty to carry it."
―Danny Rand and Davos[src]

As they began heading home, Rand encountered his old friend, Davos. His old friend informed him that he had been in New York ever since discovering that K'un-Lun was gone. Davos wanted to talk to Rand alone. Agreeing, they went to a disclosed place where they could talk privately. They argued about Rand's decision. Rand retorted that he defeated the Hand, but Davos countered that K'un-Lun paid the price for it. They argument escalated into a brief fight which Rand quickly managed to win. Davos claimed that Rand would have never won the Iron Fist if Lei Kung never aided him. Rand defended that he won the fight fairly. Davos asked if Rand was willing to give him the Iron Fist if the option was available. Rand maintained that the fist gives him purpose and that it was his duty to carry it.

Rand returned home after his talk with Davos. After checking briefly on Wing, he went down to East Broadaway and into a maintenance room where he began training with his Iron Fist.[28]

Making Peace

Danny Colleen Mary

Rand introduces Colleen Wing to Mary Walker

"Your husband is organizing a big move against the Golden Tigers. We'd like you to convince him to consider negotiation instead of war. A parley. Each side sitting across the same table."
―Danny Rand to Sherry Yang[src]

The mounting tension between the Triads had continued to escalate as Rand tried to save a member of the Yangsi Gonshi who was violently attacked by the Golden Tigers on the streets. Knowing that the war will include causalities among the bystanders, Rand resolved to face the Triads to make peace. On his way home, he found Mary Walker drawing inside a cafe and sat with her as they continued their conversation. Rand learned that Mary was new to New York City and offered to take her to the train station near his home so she could get to the flower market. As they approached Chikara Dojo, Mary began to show some discomfort so Rand invited her back to his home to recuperate. Inside the dojo, Rand introduce Mary to Colleen Wing as they talked for a brief moment with Mary showing her drawings to the couple. However, suddenly Mary's mood changed and she asked to use their bathroom. Not long after, Walker promptly left the dojo, leaving both Rand and Wing confused. Not long after, Wing left to continued her investigation on Frank Choi while Rand stayed at home and thought about his past duel against Davos back in K'un-Lun, which ended with Rand becoming the Iron Fist.

Rand headed to search for Hai-Qing Yang, he managed to arrange a meeting with the Triad leader. Rand urged Yang to make peace and negotiate with the Golden Tigers but he replied that it could not be stopped, as Yang explained that the Golden Tigers killed his nephew when they hijacked the armored trucks nights before. After briefly losing his temper and smashing Yang's table with the Iron Fist, Rand left the meeting.

Once back at the dojo, Rand learned from Wing that Yang's wife, Sherry Yang, is funding the Bayard Community Center, Wing's workplace. Heading to the place, they talked to Sherry and managed to convince her to tell her husband to negotiate with the Tigers in order to stop innocent lives being put in harms way. Satisfied that they have managed to avoid a war, Rand and Wing returned home and retired for the night.[13]

The Dinner

"Danny, you have not been home in days. You barely sleep when you are home. How many times a night you light that fist up? It's not just this parley. It's ever since Matt Murdock asked you to keep his torch burning."
"He told me to protect his city. There's no torch."
Colleen Wing and Danny Rand[src]

Despite Rand's effort to create peace between the Hatchets and the Golden Tigers, conflicts still took place. Rand hoped that the upcoming parley will solve the issue and continued to make sure that the hostility didn't spill over the community. One day after returning home after another night of outside, Wing expressed her worries to Rand about his behavior and vigilantism. Rand reasoned that he was following Matt Murdock's final request to protect New York City, but Wing countered that Rand's vigilantism was motivated by the disappearance of K'un-Lun and the destruction of the Hand.

Meanwhile, on the same day, Rand received a visit from Ward who wanted to talk about a personal problem. Ward informed Rand that he has been partaking in an NA meeting to deal with his addiction. He further told Rand that Joy had knowledge about his meetings and suspected that they come from the company. Rand learned from Ward that Joy was working together with Davos. Ward suggested that they should have a dinner at the dojo and talk things through in order to solve the tension. After some initial hesitation, Rand agreed to the idea, although Ward insisted that Joy mustn't know about his presence.

As Rand prepared for the dinner, he received a mysterious envelop by someone who pushed it under his door. Giving chase, he discovered the person was Mary. He learned from Mary that someone named Walker has been following him and taking photos on him and Wing. Before Rand could inquiry further, Mary made her escape during a moment of distraction. Once Wing returned home, he informed her about this situation. While Wing was suspicious of Mary, Rand believed that she was innocent given how frightened she was. Despite some hesitation, Rand and Wing decided to continue preparing for the dinner.

Davos & Rand Roof

Rand and Davos talking on a rooftop

At night, before Davos and Joy arrived, Rand informed Wing about Ward's intent to make a surprise visit which to her displeasure about the underhanded nature of it. Soon their guest arrived and they welcomed them. Tension was high between them. Joy continued to make remarks that bothered Wing and Davos remained distant and stoic despite Rand's attempts to make conversation. Ward stayed absent despite Rand's repeated calling. Eventually, they had to start the dinner without him. The tension erupted when Wing had enough of the false pleasantries and confronted Joy and Davos about their animosity toward Rand. While Davos left the tables, Joy confronted Rand about how he and Ward kept the secret about Harold Meachum's survival. Rand defended that they only did it to protect her from the Hand. Davos appeared and demanded that they leave the dojo. Rand tried to make them stay by telling Joy that he and Ward planned the dinner. The revelation only angered Joy. Despite Rand's plead and desire to make peace, Joy and Davos left the dinner in anger.[29]

The Hatchets-Golden Tigers Negotiation

"Is your husband meeting the Tigers tonight?"
"The meeting is to begin in a few moments. I'm taking his place at the table, and I'd like you two to accompany me."
―Danny Rand and Sherry Yang[src]

While they cleaned up after the ruined dinner, Wing received a call from Mrs. Yang who informed them that she wanted to meet them outside their home. Meeting her outside the dojo, Yang informed them that her husband was away on urgent business and that she was taking her place in the meeting. They agreed and accompanied her.

Marvel’s IF S2 Trailer2 14

Rand fighting The Golden Tigers

Heading toward a disclosed warehouse, Iron Fist and Wing went with Yang to the meeting. They stood by as Yang negotiated with the Golden Tiger leader. As the negotiation went on, Iron Fist noticed that some activity was happening outside the building. Fearing that the entire meeting was an ambush, Iron Fist called for Wing and Yang to leave the meeting. This sparked hostilities between the two parties and the Golden Tigers attempted to capture them. While Wing made her escape with Yang, Iron Fist held the Golden Tigers at bay. Summoning his powers, he easily defeated his opponents and began interrogating one of the Golden Tigers but learned nothing. When he heard police sirens, Iron Fist made his escape from the warehouse.[29]

Losing the Iron Fist

Discovering Davos' Activities

"I found Davos' shipment. It's a coffin with a very old dead body in it. Someone's cut a piece out of it."
"Why is it that every time I'm with you two, some weird shit happens?"
―Danny Rand and Misty Knight[src]

Reeling from the failed parley, Rand blamed himself for recklessly causing the negotiation to fail. Not giving up, Colleen Wing suggested that they go and speak to Sherry Yang again and hopefully begin another negotiation. Seeing no other options, Rand agreed and went to the Hatchet's compound to speak to them. They were allowed into the Yangsi Gonshi's compound and met with Sherry. They learned that the situation between the two triads has gotten worse and war was inevitable. They further learned that Hai-Qing Yang was not in Hong Kong but was, in fact, bedridden after suffering a stroke.


Rand finds Hai-Qing Yang recovering in bed

Believing that the timing was too coincidental, Rand began asking Sherry more questions but Wing urged him to give them a moment before he angers Sherry. Once outside the meeting room, Rand used the opportunity to sneak into Hai-Qing's bedroom. As he examined him, Rand recognized the marks on his throats. Remembering that it is a technique used in K'un-Lun called Devil's Claw, Rand began asking the now-conscious Hai-Qing for questions. He learned that it was Davos who caused him to have a stroke and that he sought a shipment called Hancock 212. Unfortunately, in his haste, Rand caused Hai-Qing's condition to worsen and when he was discovered by Sherry, he and Wing were thrown out of the compound.

Once outside, Rand told Wing about his discovering and that Davos was involved. Before they could investigate further, they were approached by Misty Knight who wanted to talk to them. Returning back to Chikara Dojo, Knight explained that the cops had been trying to apprehend the triads and that they had undercover cops among the Golden Tigers. The people that Rand saw last night were cops who were attempting to apprehend the Triads. Knight requested that he stopped with his vigilante activities and let the cops deal with the situation. Rand agreed but he also needed to learn about Davos' activities. Once he shared the information about Hancock 212, Knight suggested that this could mean Hancock Transport which was the largest shipping maritime in the world and that the number could be a shipment. While Rand wanted to head out, Knight firmly told him to stay put which Wing agreed. Using an excuse to take a moment, Rand left the dojo without their knowledge.

Heading to the docks and arriving at late evening, Rand found the area filled with corpses of slain men. Rand managed to locate Hancock 212 but found only an unidentifiable corpse with its skin cut off. He was soon joined by Wing and Knight. Once again, Knight urged Rand to stay put and Wing intervened before they got into a scuffle. Wing had a private talk with Rand, while Knight investigates the area. The couple had a brief argument. Wing disapproved of Rand's headstrong behaviour and that his action injured a police officer. Rand countered that if he stopped, more people will die. Furthermore, Rand could not believe that Davos was capable of manslaughter and wanted to stop him before he caused more damage. Wing reluctantly allowed Rand to leave the crime scene.[29]

Capture of Iron Fist


Rand is suddenly ambushed by Mary Walker

"It was Davos."
"And Mary is a part of this?"
"She took me to Davos."
"He did a ceremony on me, and now my fist is gone."
―Danny Rand and Colleen Wing[src]

Heading toward the subway station, Rand called Joy to warn her about Davos. As he continued to pass through the station, Rand was attacked by Mary Walker. Surprised and shocked to discover that Walker was attacking, Rand questioned her intention as she furiously attacked him. Using his hesitation to her advantage, Walker took the chance to inject Rand with a syringe. They continued their battle underneath the metro station. Rand was reluctant to fight someone he considered to be a friend while at the same time trying to defend himself from an unexpected foe. Despite Rand's best attempt, he was ultimately defeated when the drug weakened his senses and allowed Walker to knock him unconscious. Before he was defeated, Rand answered a phone call from Wing and told her about Walker before his opponent destroyed his phone.


Rand being forced to undergo Davos' rituals

Rand was taken to an undisclosed location in the city. Once he regained consciously, Rand saw that Davos has prepared for a ritual. He watched as three women burned a skin with a tattoo of Shou-Lao and then they used Rand's blood to mix it into an ink which they began tattooing on Davos' back. Once the tattoo of a serpent has been tattooed on Davos' back, his former friend approached and used a technique to steal the Iron Fist from Rand.[29]

Captured by Ryhno's Gang

"Yo, look what we found. This is the guy from the restaurant. The one that pissed the Tigers off. Dude's messed up. Maybe we offer him up to them. We could make some bank off his sorry ass."
Ryhno to his gang[src]

Next day, Walker, on Davos' order, brought the wounded and unconscious Rand underneath a bridge. After taking a video of him, Walker injected him with adrenaline to wake him up. Disoriented and still gravely injured, Rand began trying to look for him. On the way, he encountered Ryhno's gang who recognized Rand and promptly captured him, believing that they could get a reward by handling him over to the Golden Tigers. Ignoring Rand's plead or not believing his claim of wealth, the gang brought him to their hideout where he remained captured. Rand tried to break the chains but realized that his powers were gone. While the gang tried to contact the triad, Rand's condition kept worsening. While BB tried to treat him, Rand recognized him and asked him to call Wing and tell him where he was. Despite his hesitation, after witnessing Rand's suffering, BB relented and called Wing and informed her about their location.

While in captive, Rand learned that the Golden Tiger leader was killed. Rand attempted to escape but in his weakened state was overpowered by the gang. Pyhno was about to punish him by cutting one of his fingers off when Wing and Knight arrived at the gang's location and saved Rand from the gang. Bringing him back to the dojo, Rand was treated by Bethany who was called by Ward. After some difficulty, Bethany managed to treat his wounds and stabilize Rand's condition.[30]

Attack on Davos

Danny and Ward Dojo

Rand and Ward confronting by Walker

"You've lost your way. I know what you think you're doing. But the police won't. No one will. And if you resist, they will come after you and they will kill you. If you come with me now, you can hand yourself in."
―Danny Rand to Davos[src]
While Rand recovered from his injuries, Ward informed the group about what he has learned about Walker. He explained that Walker used to be a Special Ops and left on a medical discharged. Knowing that she is connected to Davos, Wing and Knight left the dojo to question Joy, while Ward stayed behind to look after Rand. As Ward watched over him, Rand shared his lamentation of the loss of his power. He explained to Ward that he went out every night to fight criminals and during his nightly patrol he began to feel Shou-Lao and his power. Rand explained that he felt the surge of the power and became addicted to it. Being able to relate due to his meetings with NA and his own problem with addiction, Ward was sympathetic and understanding to Rand's problems. Eventually, Knights and Wing returned back to the dojo with Walker and Joy. Rand was shocked to learn that Joy planned with Davos to steal the Iron Fist.[30]

Rand and his allies began to discussion on how to deal with Davos and his mad crusade against crime in Chinatown. Rand believed that he could still convince his former brother to surrounded and wishes to keep him from being killed. Rand proposed that they figure out a way to get the power back from him using the same ritual done on him. Wing and Knight decided to search for the Crane Sisters who helped Davos with the ritual, while Rand and Ward stayed back in the dojo.

Not long after, Walker broke free from her ties and approached them with a plan to talk to Davos. Despite Ward's protest, Rand agreed to Walker's suggestion and followed her. They headed over to Walker's apartment to get the equipment she needed. While there, Rand learned about Walker's DID condition and that him meeting Mary was an accident. He also learned what triggers Walker's shift into Mary.

They arrived at the warehouse where the ritual was conducted. As they waited, Rand learned that Walker had an alternative motive to help Rand which was to kill Davos for Joy. Rand talked to Walker and managed to convince her to let him talk to Davos. Soon after, Davos returned to the warehouse and Rand went to greet him. Rand questioned about Davos' crusade and his reckless murdering of people. Davos countered that what he was doing was justice. Rand criticized him for going against thousand of years of tradition but Davos retorted that Rand was in no right to speak about tradition given that he abandoned K'un-Lun. Rand urged his former friend to stop as the authorities will never understand Davos' action and will kill him. Davos remained determined in his quest, believing that he was helping the city by stopping the Triads from warring. Davos offered Rand a choice to fight alongside him, but Rand refused.

At this point, Walker got out of hiding and attacked Davos. She successfully managed to get an opening and inject Davos with a drug. But things turned, when Davos summoned the Iron Fists on both of his fists and caused a shock-wave by slamming the ground. Rand entered into a brief fight with his former friend. Rand managed to fully inject the drugs into Davos but he was quickly knocked to the ground. In retaliation and fury, Davos used his powers to break Rand's right leg before he fell unconscious due to the drug.

Walker went to Rand's assistance and provided first aid on Rand's broken leg before calling for an ambulance. Unfortunately, before they could fully capture Davos, it started raining. Combining with the approaching ambulance's light blinking, Walker shifted into her alter, Mary. With no memories of their previous deal and having no desire to follow Walker's wishes, Mary left the scene as Rand pleaded for her to get Davos as he gets taken into the ambulance.[31]

Trained by Colleen Wing

"I have to be ready to face Davos and take back the power. I can't do that alone. I have to find a way to fight and get around this injury, you know? A physical therapist isn't gonna help."
"You want me to train you?"
"Look, I... I know it's asking a lot."
"It's not a lot. It's everything. I made a decision to stop teaching. I can't just walk that back."
"You're a great teacher, Colleen. Finding out about the Hand, it messed you up. I get it. But I need that side of you, even if it hurts."
―Danny Rand and Colleen Wing[src]

Rand was taken to the hospital and treatment for his broken leg began. Thanks to Rand Enterprises, they provided him with a high-tech compression brace that quickens Rand's recovery and allowed him to start walk with some difficulty. Eventually, Rand was able to leave the hospital and return home to the dojo. Wing and Knight was there when he arrived. They began discussing on how to deal with Davos who was still killing Triads and maintained their plan to remove his powers. Knight told Rand that the ritual needed an ancient bowl and Rand provided the information he learned from Ward that Joy and Davos had been to an auction where they might have gained the bowl. While Knight headed out to talk to Joy, Rand and Knight decided to go to Bayard to spread the word about Davos.

Returning home after a day in Bayard, Knight returned to the dojo to tell the couple about her discovery. She showed them photos of the ancient scroll that she has taken. Being able to read the Ancient Tibetan, Rand was able to decipher that the scroll is an instruction on how to use the ritual. He also learned about a warning if the ritual is disrupted. After Knight left, Rand asked Wing to help train him and rehabilitate him. Having sworn not to be a teacher again, Wing refused Rand's request, to which, he began training by himself.

As Rand began training aggressively and sometimes injuring himself in the process, eventually, Wing was convinced to help train him. Before they began their training, Wing warned Rand that she needed to mentally separate herself from him, meaning that she cannot treat him as her boyfriend. Knowing that he has no other option, Rand agreed and Wing began training him. Their training immediately began.[32]

Saving the Hatchets

Motivated and having a trainer to help him improve, Rand began to quickly recover from his broken leg and remaster his skills. As they trained, Wing also advised Rand on how to fight Davos using his patience and exploiting his openings. While recovering from his training, Rand learned more about Wing's family's history. Soon, they received news about the whereabouts of Sherry Yang and the remaining Hatchets. They headed out to get the Hatchets to safety from Davos.

Arriving at their hideout, Rand and Wing convinced the Yang and the surviving Hatchets to flee from Davos. As they made their escape, Rand briefly felt tempted to confront his old friend but listening to Wing's advice convinced him to continue with their escape. Once outside the building, they were confronted by Chen Wu. While Wing confronted Wu, Rand escorted the Hatchets to their escape vehicle. They then went to rejoin Wing and left the scene before Davos could get to them.

Relocating the Hatchets at Bayards, they were soon joined by the surviving Tigers who wishes to form an alliance. Knowing that the Triads will try to hunt down Davos, Rand and Wing tried to convince them to wait and let them execute their own plan. Despite saving them, the Triads refused and the couple was let out of their meetings. Returning back home, Rand and Wing discussed about what happened the previous night and Rand's newfound patience. Rand also talked to Wing about their emotional distance from one another due to recent circumstances. Wing decided to take Rand to where she used to cage fight so they can finally complete Rand's training.[33]


"You asked me to remember what I was fighting for. Truth is, it isn't Matt Murdock's mission, or our neighborhood. It isn't Davos. It's not even you, Colleen. All I've been fighting for is the power of the Iron Fist. The heart of the dragon. I can feel it calling me. And because of that, it will always make me a danger to the people I care about the most. Physically, I'm ready to face Davos. We can stop him. But when he's subdued and we perform the ceremony I can't take the power back."
"If we take the power out of Davos it has to go somewhere. Someone has to hold the Fist."
"I know. I think it should be you."
―Danny Rand and Colleen Wing[src]

Arriving at the empty fighting ring at night, Wing prepared the stage for Rand. She told Rand that in order to be able to face Davos, Rand needed to learn how to fight someone he cares about. They will be fighting kumite, a point match where they will each wear three ribbons and the one who rips most ribbons is the winner. The lesson for Rand is to learn how to control his emotions. Despite some hesitation, Rand readied himself for the fight.

They began their match. Rand's hesitation to hurt Wing and difficulty focusing allowed Wing to take the lead in the match. As they fought, Wing taunted and challenged Rand about his duty as the Iron Fist, the power of being one and his inability to separate his love for Davos and her. However, Rand was able to focus and quickly turned the tide. However, when Wing asked him what he was fighting for, a realization hit Rand. Even though he won the match, he refused to take off Wing's last remaining ribbon to complete it.

Leaving the fighting ring to cool his head, Rand was joined by Wing soon after. He explained to Wing about his epiphany. Having grown up with privileges only to have it all taken away from him, Rand set his goal to become the Iron Fist in order to cope with the trauma. Rand admitted that his desire to fight has not been because of Matt Murdock's final wish or for their neighbor and neither has it been for Davos or Wing. He explained that his only motivation to fight has been to feel the power of the Iron Fist. Realizing that as long as he was addicted to the power and the desire to keep fighting in order to keep feeling it, he could not take back the Iron Fist. Instead, Rand urged for Wing to take the power instead. [33]

Attack on Bayard Community Center

Rand against Davos S2

Rand finally manages to bring down Davos

"If I could go back and do it all differently, would I? Well, the answer is yes, I would. I abandoned our home. I abandoned our family. But worst of all, I abandoned you. I'm sorry. I'm sorry for everything."
"You should never have borne the Fist."
"Maybe you're right. But neither should you."
―Danny Rand and Davos[src]

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Battle at Eden Towers

"I have my faults, and I'm learning to wear my mistakes. But you brought this on yourself."
"I grasped at a glory that you can't even begin to comprehend."
"Of course I can. But I know the cost is too high. It took a lot of effort to convince people to save you. Give you another chance. I hope you can honor that."
―Danny Rand and Davos[src]

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Regaining the Iron Fist

"I want to be the brother you and Joy need, the man Colleen deserves, the son who would have made my parents proud. I want to be worthy of the Iron Fist. But until I truly know what I stand for, I can't trust myself with that responsibility. I've gotta do this."
―Danny Rand to Ward Meachum[src]

Rand returned to the Chikara Dojo to leave Colleen a letter saying that he would be heading to Asia to search for Orson Randall. Danny arrived at his private jet with Ward Meachum waiting for him to try and stop Rand from leaving. Rand asked Meachum to come with him in his journey to find Randall and to be worthy of the Iron Fist. At some point in his journey across Asia, Rand managed to regain the power of the Iron Fist, and was able to manifest them in both hands simultaneously.[7]

Searching for Orson Randall

IFS2x10 Danny Rand Uses Chi Bullets

Rand fires chi bullets at a bullet

"Our employer wants his property back."
"Well, friend, I'll let you field that one."
"You mean these? Don't try that again."
―Shady Guy, Ward Meachum and Danny Rand[src]

Months later, Rand and Meachum arrived in a bar in Hokkaido, Japan where Meachum would ask a man about Orson Randall. The man threatened Meachum to which he responded by telling him that he wouldn’t want to mess with Rand. As Meachum left, Rand confronted the man showing him two twin guns which startled the man causing him to fire at Rand. Rand stopped the bullet by pulling out two guns and imbuing the bullets with chi, destroying the other man's bullet.[7]


"I didn't want it to end this way. Did everything I could to avoid it."
"After all I've done to you, you still approach me with compassion."
"My compassion is a choice. It doesn't come easy."
―Danny Rand and Davos[src]

Stranded in K'un-Lun for fifteen years, Danny Rand has suppressed his emotions most of his life and trained as a living weapon among his strict teachers at K'un-Lun. This has led him to never fully accept or emotionally vent over his grief surrounding his parents death. Despite obtaining the prestige title of the Iron Fist and his own tremendous martial art abilities, Rand suffers from an identity crisis; whilst he feels bound to his duty to protect and serve K'un-Lun as previous Iron Fist's have done before him and destroy the Hand, Rand also sought to discover who he was outside of K'un-Lun's walls yet leaving without telling his masters and friends plagues his guilt and inner conflict. It's this that occasionally prevents him from unlocking the true power of the Iron Fist. Rand's Survivor's Guilt causes flashes back to the plane crash which causes him to act more reckless, angered and sporadic in blocking the Iron Fist. It is these memory flashes and the constant hostility that he received when trying to convince his former friends of his identity that caused him to become more threatening and unstable. In his fits of frustration, Rand aimed a gun at Ward Meachum after disarming the latter and almost drove both of them off the roof of a parking lot building due to Meachum's hostility.

Being the youngest of the Defenders and never spending a day outside of K'un-Lun in fifteen years, Rand has a childish and immature personality, causing him to be ignorant to how modern society works and incredibly naive. After fifteen years of being thought dead, Rand did not see the illogic that by returning to New York City, shoeless and unshaven, he would have been confused for a homeless or delusional person except after when he was submitted to a mental institution. His only connection to modern day New York are the several locations he knew when he was young, such as the restaurant his father ate at is where he got takeout for Colleen Wing and him. Whilst his youth, lack of intelligence and forethought makes him easy to be manipulated as well his tendency to act on anger or impulse, Rand's innocence is also his greatest strength as Claire Temple noted that, on account of having met people with powers beforehand, he has a heart and kindness that they all lacked.

Despite, or maybe because of his naïveté, Rand is extremely compassionate. He made sure that, even as a factory payload were all being laid off, they were all compensated at great financial loss to Rand Enterprises. Rand had never killed anyone; even though the Order of the Crane Mother expected him to to defeat the Hand, he only incapacitated most Hand warriors he thought, willingly surrendered from the Da Jue Zhan in order to save Sabina Bernivig's life even though it would have caused the Hand to fled New York and refused to kill Madame Gao in China even after it was revealed she murdered his parents, though he threatened her life when Colleen was close to death by the Hand's poisoned weapons. In his anger towards the Hand's manipulations, he was motivated to work on killing Bakuto and the Hand. The closest he ever came to truly wanting to murder someone was Harold Meachum over his betrayal and murder of his parents but was eventually saved from this by Ward Meachum killing Harold.

After Matt Murdock's death and the destruction of Midland Circle, Danny decides to honor his fallen comrade by becoming a vigilante like him. He retains his compassion for others as both he and Colleen helped Misty through her physical therapy and provided Luke a place to stay while hiding from Bushmaster. Since then, upon meeting Luke at Pop's, Danny has become far more relaxed, laid-back and mature in personality. He has also displayed far more emotional wisdom and control than before, noting how Luke was at war with himself. He explains that 'Stillness is power', stopping to look and understand the situation. He also shown some humility, having both acknowledged his past behavior and the advantage he has by being wealthy. This new emotional development has allowed Danny to properly control and summon the Iron Fist at will, something he wasn't able to do in the past.

Powers and Abilities


"If I can summon my chi, I can focus my energy into my hand, creating a powerful weapon."
―Danny Rand[src]
I F Powers

Iron Fist summoning chi energy to his fist

Chi Manipulation: Under the tutelage of the Order of the Crane Mother, Danny Rand gain deep knowledge and understanding of chi. After gaining the power of the Iron Fist, Danny Rand can harness his own chi to augment his physical and mental capabilities. Through the use of his chi, Rand is capable of generating an "internal force" that removes the need for charging momentum.[5] The special chi of the Iron Fist bestowed by Shou-Lao also grants Rand many abilities that he has not yet learned, due to him leaving K'un-Lun before his Iron Fist training started.

"He's a little off in the head, but he packs a mean right hook when it counts."
Luke Cage to Jessica Jones[src]
Marvel’s IF S2 Trailer2 3

Iron Fist shatters the ground with his punch

  • Iron Fist Punch: By channeling the chi of Shou-Lao and focusing it into his hand and wrist, Rand can make his fist super-humanly powerful and resistant to injury and pain. With his fist in this state, Rand can exert superhuman strength and force with which he can smash through steel doors, break out of restraints, and punch his opponents with tremendous concussive force without sustaining injury to himself. When Rand uses the Iron Fist, his fist's density and durability is seemingly on the level of Luke Cage's extremely durable skin, as he can use his fist to deflect bullets and blades while sustaining no harm. He could even injure Luke and send him flying with a single punch to the face. Luke himself described Rand's punching power as hard as a sledgehammer. Using chi in such fashion takes time and effort to build up, meaning he cannot access it effortlessly and at all times, as he is sometimes unable to repeat the act for hours or even an entire day in certain instances due to it draining his own chi. Also, Rand's emotional, mental and physical state are essential to him using his powers, with drugs being able to suppress his abilities and emotional conflict removing his ability to use the fist.
  • Chi Absorption: Studying the ancient scrolls of the ritual, Danny Rand learned how to absorb chi. While he have not used the technique on anyone yet, he has enough understanding to instruct Colleen Wing on how to use it.
  • Empathy: Danny Rand has the ability to sense the emotions of people and animals, and can broadcast his own feelings into others. After breaking into Joy Meachum's home, Rand was able to stop her dog from attacking him by sending his own calm emotions into the dog, causing it to lay down and become uninterested. While helping Luke Cage in his fight against Bushmaster, Rand was able to feel the turmoil in Cage, how he was at war with himself and how it was putting his mind and body off balance.
  • Chi Blast: Danny Rand's fist is able to release powerful waves of concussive force upon impact, sending not only his opponent flying backwards, but all those around them. Rand first used this during his fight with his fellow Defenders, he punched Luke Cage but ended up knocking back everyone in the entire room, including himself. The impact also sent all the objects in the room flying up in the air. He later used this during the fight under Midland Circle, he was able to knock down not just Madame Gao, but all the Hand members around her, with a single blow. With enough effort and motivation,the Iron Fist's chi could also send objects and people flying, as he was able to eject several poison needles the Bride of Nine Spiders from his body, causing them to shoot out in multiple directions and shatter the glass around him. When several Hand operatives where piling around him and Davos, Rand knocked them all off with a forceful shove, some of them he did not even touch while doing so, leaving the men incapacitated.
  • Chi Sense: By focusing on the living body of another, Danny Rand can feel that person's inherent life force, as well as sense impurities infecting the body. By using this practice, Rand was able to hold his hand and use his chi to sense the poison that was affecting Colleen Wing.
  • Chi Healing: Danny Rand is capable of healing his wounds by channeling his chi. When a bullet pierced his hand, he was able to regenerate the wound in a matter of seconds by summoning the Iron Fist. Also, by holding his hand over her body, Rand was able to use his chi to burn the poison that was killing Colleen Wing.
  • Chi Channeling: Danny Rand has the power to channel his chi into his dual pistols, making the bullets glow and aimed directly to other objects in order to destroy them completely.
  • Enhanced Agility: Channeling his chi allows Danny Rand to perform athletic feats that should be impossible for a human, such as effortlessly flipping over a taxi cab, or taking two jumps to get up to a second-story balcony.
  • Enhanced Reflexes: Channeling his chi allows Danny Rand to enhance his focus and perception. This allows him to react to danger in mid-combat at a superhuman rate. He was able to react to and easily dodge a bullet, as well as effortlessly, one-handedly block the attacks from one of the Hand's best warriors, without looking.
  • Enhanced Endurance: Channeling his chi enhances Danny Rand's resilience and stamina, which allows him to not only not tire from fighting multiple opponents, but also withstand being hit in the back of the head by brass knuckles, which merely left him stunned for a few moments, only being knocked unconscious by falling unto a ledge from two stories and defeating multiple opponents with Davos despite being stabbed in the side by Bakuto. In fact, being struck multiple times with wooden batons allowed him to overcome the effects of drugs used to keep him weak at Birch Psychiatric Hospital and subsequently summon the powers of the Iron Fist that was previously blocked from him by the drugs.


"The way he fights... not just his body, but... but his heart. It's like a second language to him."
Colleen Wing[src]
  • Master Martial Artist: Under Lei Kung's tutelage, Danny Rand has underwent rigorous training in ancient Chinese martial arts since childhood, thus he has exceptional mastery of Kung Fu. His martial arts prowess, combined with his mystical power of the Iron Fist, allows him to overpower most of his enemies effortlessly, shown when he fought three-to-one while wearing a straitjacket. His fighting style is comprised of Wushu, Tai Chi, and Tiger and Leopard-style Kung Fu. Rand has also demonstrated proficiency with multiple weapons, including swords and nun-chucks. Even without the Iron Fist, Rand is able to take down well trained security guards including a large man taller than him with sheer skill and dexterity. Throughout the series Rand was able to almost effortlessly defeat the Hand's best fighters, as well as Hand leaders, Bakuto and Murakami.
  • Sword Mastery: Danny Rand's mastery of ancient Chinese martial arts also extend to swordsmanship, as shown by him wielding a wooden practice sword in a manner similar to a Jian and was able to effortlessly bring down Colleen's student by striking him in the leg. He managed to fight equally against the skilled weapon expert, Mary Walker, using Colleen Wing's Katana.
"He... he stepped out onto the street, right in front of a car, but then he just sorta put his hand out and jumped over it like it was nothing."
Joy Meachum[src]
  • Master Acrobat: Danny Rand is extremely agile and has great skill in parkour and free-running, which are combined with his chi to give him the ability to perform stunts that should be impossible for a human. As such, Rand demonstrated being able to climb and leap onto the second floor of a building and enter the room through the window. He also managed to effortlessly leap over a taxi cab that was seconds away from running him over, to cling to the rafters of Chikara Dojo to hide from Ward Meachum's thugs and to climb and leap over a wall it in a matter of seconds to elude pursuers. His extraordinary athletic prowess is incorporated into fighting style, making full use of his incredible agility to disarm enemies off their firearms and subdue them with lighting quick reflexes giving them no time at all to retaliate.
  • Multilingualism: Rand is fluent both in his native English and Chinese Mandarin. In addition, he was able to read an ancient Tibean language that is considered dead to the rest of the world outside Kun'Lun
  • Meditation: Rand had practiced meditation to recharge his chi, as well as to calm his mind.
  • Expert Marksman: Rand was able to shoot with dual handguns that he used to channel his chi with excellent marksmanship.



"I know, but you are a fighter. A warrior. That's what you know. That's... that's what's in your heart."
"And a good warrior uses every tool at his disposal."
Colleen Wing and Danny Rand[src]

Despite being referred to as a "Living Weapon," Danny Rand has shown skill in wielding weapons.

  • Colleen Wing's Katana: While going through Colleen Wing's possessions in Chikara Dojo, Rand had soon found and practiced with her Katana, although Wing insisted that his skills were not good enough. Upon losing the power of the Iron Fist to Davos, Rand was forced to defend himself from Davos' rage with the Katana. He was later given it again by Wing to fight against Davos and Mary Walker, using both the Blade and Scabbard during the clash.
IFS2x10 Chi Guns

Rand using his dual pistols while using his chi

  • Colt M1911A1: During his journey to learn about the Iron Fist, Rand acquired duel pistols, which fire bullets that are infused with his Chi in order to shoot another bullet in keen accuracy.
  • Nunchaku: While showing off his skills, Rand picked up Wing's Nunchaku before doing a demonstration with them.
  • Kimber Pro CDPII: Danny Rand confronted Ward Meachum at a parking lot by forcefully getting into the driver's seat and taking off. Meachum pulled out this gun and pointed it at and told him to stop the car. Rand stopped the car and disarmed Meachum. He threatened Meachum with it before throwing it in the backseat as he only wanted to talk to him.

Other Equipment

Rand Tattoo

Rand's Mark of Shou-Lao burned on his chest

  • Mark of Shou-Lao: Upon defeating Shou-Lao in order to gain the power of the Iron Fist, Rand then had the mark of the Dragon burned onto his chest, which allowed him to channel his Chi into his fist to turn it into a powerful weapon, making him the Immortal Iron Fist.
  • Leg Brace: Rand acquired a high-tech leg brace built by his company to save his leg after being shattered by Davos.
  • Tibetan Singing Bowl: To be added
  • iPod Classic: To be added



  • Rand Residence: Rand grew up with his parents in their home within New York City, however following his parent's death and his own disappearance for years, the house was then sold to Joy Meachum. Once he had returned to New York, Rand briefly visited the house and discovered for himself that Meachum now lived there. Rand made two more visits to the home to try and speak to Meachum, once being turned away and the second time being offered a buy out from Rand Enterprises, which Rand turned down.
  • Danny Rand's Penthouse: Seeking help to reclaim his name, Rand turned to Jeri Hogarth for legal help, as Hogarth gave Rand a Penthouse to live in while they worked on their case, although Rand struggled to relax there as he missed the floors of K'un-Lun and refused to sleep in his bed. While there with Meachum, Rand witnessed the Yangsi Gonshi attempting to kidnap Meachum, only for Rand to fight them off and save her, later before given Steel Serpent as a clue from the Yangsi Gonshi.
  • Rand Enterprises Building: Upon regaining his name and his position within Rand Enterprises, Rand was given back his father's office in their main building, where he attempted to gain an understanding of how their business worked and used their resources to continue his own investigations into the Hand.
  • Chikara Dojo: Seeing that Colleen Wing was one of the only people willing to help him, Rand stayed on her floor for several days before moving to his Penthouse. Upon regaining his money, Rand had bought the Dojo in order to ensure that Wing no longer had to worry about paying rent. As their relationship had grown stronger, Rand and Wing converted the Dojo into an apartment for them both, where Rand could then also monitor crime in New York in case he needed to protect innocent lives as the Iron Fist.
"Until we can be sure it isn't causing illness, we're shutting down the Staten Island plant. We're also gonna keep everyone on payroll. That way no one loses their job."
―Danny Rand[src]
  • Rand Enterprises Chemical Plant: While working for his company, Rand heard of a serious situation from the Chemical Plants which had caused Regina Fitzgerald's son to get cancer, as a result Rand then shut down the Plants until the situation could be resolved.
  • Red Hook Pier: Rand learned that Ward Meachum had taken over possession of a Pier under the orders of the Hand, which had been previously owned by Raj Patel and would be used by Hai-Qing Yang, who had ordered that Joy Meachum be captured so she would then hand them back control of the Pier. Rand however scared Yang off by mention of the Hand before he and Colleen Wing went to the Pier themselves, finding Radovan Bernivig was being kept hostage there as they rescued him from the Hand.
  • Rand Enterprises Research Facility: When Rand had been contacted by Luke Cage that a situation was unfolding and they needed somewhere to hide out, Rand gave Cage the keys to one of his company's Research Facilities to get away from Bushmaster. However their fight still took place in which much of the facility was damaged, although Rand was not bothered by this.






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