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"I've seen the future."
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"I am The Iron Fist."
―Danny Rand[src]

Daniel Thomas "Danny" Rand, better known as Iron Fist, is a superpowered crime-fighter operating out of New York City.


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Powers and Abilities


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Danny Shatters Ground


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Appearances for Danny Rand

In chronological order:


"Pepper, call Danny Rand. Tell him I'll be able to make our golf game."
Iron Man[src]

Behind the Scenes

  • Prior to the casting of Finn Jones, many people expressed hope that Iron Fist would be portrayed by an East Asian actor. When the Caucasian Jones was cast, the decision was criticized by, among others, Marvel writer Marjorie Liu[3] and actress Chloe Bennet.[4]
  • Before the casting of Finn Jones, many martial arts actors were considered for the role of Iron Fist:


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