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Iron Fist S1 Title Card

Full Credits for Iron Fist.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Special Guest Stars

Minor Cast

Guest Cast

Episode 1.01: Snow Gives Way

Episode 1.02: Shadow Hawk Takes Flight

Episode 1.03: Rolling Thunder Cannon Punch

Episode 1.04: Eight Diagram Dragon Palm

Episode 1.05: Under Leaf Pluck Lotus

Episode 1.06: Immortal Emerges from Cave

Episode 1.07: Felling Tree with Roots

Episode 1.08: The Blessing of Many Fractures

Episode 1.09: The Mistress of All Agonies

Episode 1.10: Black Tiger Steals Heart

Episode 1.11: Lead Horse Back to Stable

Episode 1.12: Bar the Big Boss

Episode 1.13: Dragon Plays with Fire

Other Cast


Created By


Executive Producers

Supervising Producer



Director of Photography

Production Designer




Art Directors

Set Decoration

Stunt Coordinator


David Armstrong
Morgan Benoit
Tamiko Brownlee
Scott Burik
Mariusz Kubicki
Hiroo Minami
Shane Yan
Johnny Yang
Jason Ng
Brian Burik
Brett Chan
Malay Kim
Aaron Vexler
Jared Burke
Alex Huynh
Shane Geraghty
Jim Ng
Aja Frary
Aaron Joshua
Rick Kain
Brandon McClary
Mark Musashi
Corey Pierno
Thomas Place
Simon Rhee
Hannah Scott
Federico Berte
Nitasha Bhambree
Dan Dargan Carter
David Lavallee Jr.
Luke Lesko
Jean Claude Leuyer
Mitchell L. Mack
Hans Marrero
Braxton McAllister
Mounir Quazzani
James Ralph
Dennis Ruel
Sonny Sison
Sam Slater
Robbie P Smith
Kenny Wong
Calvin Ahn
Gee Alexander
Frank Alfano
Max Daniels
Robert Dill
Zoli Dora
Jake Eavey
Peter Epstein
Robert Lee Harvey
Jay Hieron
Anthony Hoang
James Hutchison III
Lauren Mary Kim
Steve Kim
Grant Koo
Tim Lajcik
Michael Lehr
Cheryl Lewis
Terence Lorino
Curtis Lyons
Dave Macomber
Julia Maggio
Alexa Marcigliano
Michaela McAllister
Anthony Mecca
Gregory Mikell
Malcolm C. Murray
Tadahiro Nakamura
Panuvat Anthony Nanakornpanom
Dean Neistat
James Newman
Dan B. Norris
Christopher Place
Victor Plajas
Tony Repinski
Roxanne Roca
Bob Roseman
Akos Schenek
Tony Sre
Jénel Stevens
Evan Dane Taylor
Kent Thomson
Vesselin Todorov-Vinnie
Jean Tree
Tony Vittorioso
PaiSen Wang

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