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Reviews of Iron Man.

  • Iron Man is the Best-Reviewed Movie of 2008.
    - Jen Yamato
  • Iron Man reviews make it top movie in 2008, sequel 2010.
    - Peter Chubb
  • Robert Downey Jr. gives a nicely sardonic performance as Tony Stark, a rich playboy and the brilliant heir to his father's weapons manufacturing dynasty.
    - J. R. Jones
  • With its first self-financed production, Marvel has produced one of the best superhero movies ever made, pure popcorn pleasure for its special effects, its story, its villain, and its hero
    - Nell Minow
  • If anyone doubted Marvel's ability to make the leap to full fledged studio, their first effort, Iron Man, should be enough to erase all doubts.
    - Ian Buckwalter
  • A slickly-attractive, well-cast and solidly-constructed piece of mainstream action-adventure entertainment.
    - Brent Simon
  • Intriguing for its meta-narrative of celebrity redemption.
    - Fernando F. Croce
  • A supremely confident, well-tooled entertainment. It's bound to be the early pace-maker for the oncoming glut of summer blockbusters.
    - Tom Charity
  • Visual sizzle, top actors and a witty script, yet it could have been so much better if only it didn't try to cobble together a pacifist warrior.
    - Kyle Smith
  • Director Jon Favreau displays the same wonderment and control over visual effects as he did in 2005's underrated "Zathura." Excepting a clunky prologue and escape sequence, it's a flawlessly paced origin story with humor, smarts and soul.
    - Nick Rogers

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