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Iron Man 2: Original Motion Picture Score is the music from the film Iron Man 2 by John Debney.

Track Listing

  1. Ivan's Metamorphosis
  2. House Fight V1
  3. Making Pepper CEO
  4. Senate / Ivan Creates Drones
  5. Make Way for Tomorrow – Expo Version
  6. Rhodey Dons Suit
  7. Dying Hero
  8. Natalie Intro
  9. Monaco Drive
  10. Mayhem in Monaco
  11. Jailhouse Talk
  12. Ivan Escapes
  13. Gun Show
  14. Tony Discovers Dad's Secret
  15. Sledgehammer V2
  16. Nick Fury
  17. New Element / Particle Accelerator
  18. Sledgehammer
  19. New RT / To the Expo
  20. Black Widow Kicks Ass
  21. Iron Man Battles the Drones
  22. Ivan's Demise / The Kiss
  23. Thor
  24. I Am Iron Man
  25. Make Way for Tomorrow Today

Songs in the film but not the soundtrack

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