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Reviews of Iron Man 3.

  • Writer/director Shane Black... brings sharp snarky humor and some welcome psychological depth to the Iron Man franchise, which faded in an exhausting second installment after the exhilarating original.
    - Seth Kubersky
  • Downey is a brilliant actor who somehow manages to portray Tony Stark as traumatised without losing the character's laidback and comedic quality.
    - Geoffrey Macnab
  • Marvel Studios lets director Black off the leash for this third installment, and while the result is edgier, sexier, and more dangerous than what has come before, you may not recognize Tony Stark as the man from the long-running comic.
    - John Gholson
  • Iron Man 3 is an decent movie that really should have been far better with this pedigree.
    - Rob Hunter
  • Iron Man 3 has good things in it, enough to please the series' fans -- and yet too many drawbacks to win many converts.
    - Mick LaSalle