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Iron Man 3 Heroes Fall: Music Inspired by the Motion Picture contains alternative rock music and hard rock inspired by Iron Man 3. Oddly none of the songs in the CD are in the film, with the exception of "Ready Aim Fire" and "Some Kind of Joke".

Track Listing

  1. Ready Aim Fire by Imagine Dragons
  2. Some Kind of Joke by AWOLNATION
  3. Some Kind of Monster by Neon Trees
  4. American Blood by Passion Pit
  5. No Time by Rogue Wave
  6. One Minute More by Capital Cities
  7. Back To The Start by Mr Little Jeans
  8. Keep Moving by Andrew Stockdale
  9. Redemption by Redlight King
  10. Big Bad Wolves by WALK THE MOON
  11. Bad Guy by 3OH!3
  12. Let's Go All The Way by The Wondergirls featuring Ashley Hamilton and Robbie Williams

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