The Mark VIII Armor was Tony Stark's eighth Iron Man suit and the first suit created after the Battle of New York. The Mark VIII was the first in a series of Iron Man suits created during a period of rapid development that led to the creation of the Iron Legion. It was destroyed by Pepper Potts.


Following the Battle of New York, during which Tony Stark helped repel alien invaders alongside the Avengers, Stark gained a greater awareness of the rising threats around him and began creating more Iron Man armors that could collectively help him respond to threats both on or beyond Earth. During this period, Stark prioritized developing and testing a variety of new features and components that would lead to specifically specialized suits that could more appropriately respond to any potential scenario. The Mark VIII introduced external design elements that were later used in the Mark XXX: Blue Steel, Mark XXXI: Piston, and Mark XXXIII: Silver Centurion Armors.

The Mark VIII was called, along with the rest of the Iron Legion, to help Tony Stark and James Rhodes during their fight against Aldrich Killian and his Extremis Soldiers. Near the end of the battle, after Tony Stark destroyed the Mark XLII in a failed attempt to kill Aldrich Killian, Mark VIII appeared and targeted Killian and Pepper Potts, since both of them showed Extremis heat signatures. Pepper managed to destroy the armor with a punch through its arc reactor, and used its arm repulsor to shoot at a rocket she kicked toward Killian, finally killing him in the explosion.[1]


The Mark VIII has more weapon systems than any of the past Iron Man suits. Tony Stark had biometric implants embedded under his skin to allow this suit to remotely connect and establish contact with him. Allowing him to become Iron Man from virtually anywhere in the world would be the most important upgrade of the Mark VIII.