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The Mark XLVI Armor is Tony Stark's forty-sixth Iron Man suit. It was built after Mark XLV was damaged during the Battle of Sokovia and is the most advanced suit Tony has made, so far.



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This suit, created by Tony Stark shortly before the proposal of the Sokovia Accords, was the one he used when manipulated into fighting against his fellow Avengers by Helmut Zemo's machinations.[1]

Clash of the Avengers

Team Iron Man

Iron Man's faction.

Stark used this armor throughout the Clash of the Avengers, its left Repulsor was disabled by Ant-Man, when the latter shrunk and went inside the suit to disable it completely. Further damage was prevented when the suit's fire-suppressant systems forced Ant-Man to leave. The suit sustained some damage when Scarlet Witch telkinetically hurled cars at Stark.

Captain America Civil War 76

While Iron Man and War Machine were chasing Captain America and Winter Soldier in the Quinjet they had taken, Vision accidentally disabled the armor trying to fire a beam at Falcon, causing War Machine to plummet helplessly to the ground. Neither Iron Man nor Falcon were able to reach War Machine in time, and he hit the ground hard. Rhodes survived the accident, but suffered severe spinal injuries that left him almost paralysed. When Sam attempted to apologise for what happened, a distraught Stark blasted him with the suit's remaining repulsor, ending the fight.

Battle of the HYDRA Siberian Facility

Captain America Civil War 146

Stark initially used this to follow Rogers and Barnes in an attempt to help them in the fight against the Other winter soldiers. Both Rodgers and Barnes, who were already at the HYDRA Siberian Facility in Siberia heard something behind the elevator doors, which are pried open to reveal the Mark XLVI. They find the main room where Zemo draws them over to a computer showing video footage of the assassination of Maria and Howard Stark by Barnes on December 16th, 1991. Upon seeing this, Tony asks Steve if he knew about it and upon that conformations, Tony snaps and attacks Rodgers. Despite Steve's attempts to talk to Stark, Tony refuses to listen. In the resulting fight, Stark attacks Rogers using both his repulsors and his experience throwing armor-clad punches.

Defeated Iron Man

Steve is momentarily disabled and Bucky goes after the arc reactor. Pinning Tony against a wall, he digs his metal fingers into the armor, and is moments from tearing it out, which would render the armor useless. Tony fires the Unibeam and it goes straight through Barnes' metal arm, cutting it clean off. Steve, having now recovered, goes after Tony with an increased fury. Before it was defensive, now it is all about attack.

During Zemo's confrontation with the Black Pather (T'Challa), there are interspersed clips of Tony and Cap fighting in slow motion, beating the crap out of each other.

Back in the main action, Tony is getting shield-bashed by Captain America, and F.R.I.D.A.Y. tells Stark that he cannot defeat Rogers in hand-to-hand combat. Realizing the truth of this, He tell F.R.I.D.A.Y. to "analyze his fight pattern". In seconds F.R.I.D.A.Y has calculated it and tells Stark "Countermeasures ready" and Tony reaches out and stops the shield from hitting him with one hand. A quick counter-attack follows, each one outdoing the other constantly until Tony knocks Rodgers down, shield-less, and tells him to "Stay down, final warning." To which Steve responds "I could do this all day." Stark charges up his repulsor aimed at Cap's head, (probably intended to incapacitate him, not to kill but we will never know) but Bucky grabs Tony's leg, distracting him for a moment.

Tony turns around and kicks Barnes in the head, knocking him out, and allowing Steve a second to grab the suit and lift him off the ground. Activating the boot jets Tony tries to fly out of Cap's grip, but Steve is too strong and slams the suit on to the ground, and the back of the helmet hits the corner of a concrete pillar, dazing Tony. Taking advantage of his opponent's dazed moment, Rodgers takes to punching the armor as hard and fast as he can. After several hits, Steve grabs his shield nearby and proceeds to slam the edge onto the helmet at the mouth line twice. The helmet seal breaks and Rodgers rips it off Tony's head one handed, then he raises the shield one last time like he is going to kill Stark with it. Tony, seeing this react and throws his armored hands above his face, repulsors up, to protect his head. Steve brings the shield down as hard as he can and crushes the front of the arc reactor, leaving it implanted in the armor, the stars and stripes facing Tony.

With a whine the reactor dies and Steve and Tony, both bruised, bloody, emotional and exhausted, look at each other. The emotions are a big mix: anger, sadness, fear, pain (physical and emotional), dissapointment but mostly exhaustion. Steve rolls away and then to his feet a moment later. We zoom out to see Tony on his back and the shield in his chest, then Rodgers gets up, rips teh shield out and goes to help his friend get up after being knocked out and probably concussed. Tony rolls over and Says to Rodger as he is walking away with Bucky "That shield doesn't belong to you; you don't deserve it. My father made that shield!" as the final nail in the coffin. Steve sighs and drops the shield face-up near Tony, the scratches from Black Panther's claws at the airport fight are very obvious. He then slings Bucky Barnes' good arm over his shoulder and they escape the facility together.[1]


  • Enhanced Durability: The armor gives an enhanced durability. With this armor, Stark can take damages from Captain America's Shield and Barnes' Prosthetic arm.
  • Flight: Like previous versions of the armor, this one allows for flight via jets in his back torso, boots, and his repulsors.
  • Repulsors: Iron Man's primary mode of attack is his repulsor beams, which are launched from the nodes of the armor's palms.
  • Lasers: The armor can fire a laser from the back of each of its hands similar to armors after the Mark VI.
  • Missiles: This armor has six mini-missile launchers on each shoulder, along with one on the back of each forearm.
  • EMP projectiles: Fired from the forearm is capable of neutralizing the electrical systems.
  • F.R.I.D.A.Y.: Provides suit feedback, tactical analysis and tactical countermeasures. It was able to analyze Captain America's fight pattern and provide a programmed countermeasure tactic.
  • Unibeam: A powerful repulsor beam emitted from the chest Arc Reactor. Radius varying intensity.
  • Powered clamp: Two disc like projectiles launched consecutively with retractable metal fibers that can form a powered clamp to bind enemies. It is launched from the upper right hand of the armor. It is powerful enough to bind the legs of Captain America.
  • Collapsible Helmet: Unlike prior variations on the armor, which had at most a removable faceplate, this armor has a fully-collapsible helmet.


  • The Mark 46 resembles the Bleeding Edge armor from the comics. Unlike the majority of Iron Man armors, the suit is visibly sculpted to resemble human musculature, creating a more sleek design.
  • Unlike previous suits, it has multiple R.T. reactors throughout the armor's body.


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