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"While I'm happy to make the world a better place with my technology and all... there are times when you gotta save the best gadgets for yourself."
Tony Stark[src]

The Iron Man Gauntlet is a piece of technology used by Tony Stark, activated from a custom wrist watch.



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Berlin Facility Incident

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After Bucky Barnes was captured in Budapest by the United Nations, as well as T'ChallaSteve Rogers, Sam Wilson, and James Rhodes, he was placed in an isolation cell, and transported to a U.N holding facility in Berlin. There, he was scheduled to be examined by Theo Broussard. However, Helmut Zemo killed and impersonated Broussard, and gained access to Barnes. Using Hydra trigger keywords he acquired from Vasily Karpov, Zemo acquired the location of five other Winter Soldiers like him, and caused him to go on a rampage through the facility. After beating through Wilson and Rogers, Barnes escaped the lower levels, and was intercepted by Tony Stark, Natasha Romanoff, and Sharon Carter. Stark attacked first, getting Barnes attention with an Ultrasonic pulse. Next, he disoriented him with a Flash Beam. Barnes quickly recovered and aimed a handgun at Stark, who countered by wrapping his hand with the gauntlet over the muzzle, blocking the barrel. When Barnes pulls the trigger of the gun, the bullet is blocked and Stark uses his other hand to pull the slide off of the lower reciever of the weapon, disabling it. Barnes then punches Stark several feet backwards into a table, defeating him.[1]


  • Flash Beam: The armor can release a blast of blinding light out of the repulsor nodes on the hands to disorient an enemy.
  • Ultrasonic Pulse: Similar to the blinding maneuver, this attack can disorient a target by unleashing an ultrasonic pulse to disrupt the eardrums. It is also fired out of the hands using a clenched fist.
  • Bulletproof Construction: The Gauntlet was able to stop a bullet at point-blank range without suffering damage or causing any injury to the user.


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